Fall Mini Haul 2015 ♥

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Hello beauties, hope you’re having a wonderful week, so before Eid, i went shopping for last minute pieces and i ended up getting a collection of stuff from the mall, not much of stuff, cause basically most stores were pure chaos (such as Forever 21) ever since they moved the store out of its usual place.

all of these stuff i got before Eid, so you’ve seen a piece in my outfit posts pre-Eid.

let’s get started with fashion..

DSC_2827 (1024x681)

The first store i went to was Forever 21 and the only thing i got is this sports bra, cause basically the store was an absolute mess, and i couldn’t get anything but this.

i honestly don’t workout, but i might sign up to a gym membership next month, or week, and i need a sport bra in my life, plus, this bra got some cool details at the back, and i’m totally in love with it.

DSC_2825 (1024x681)

and then i went to Stradivarius, i love this store, like, i’m not even kidding.

I got this beautiful statement necklace, which is in black and gold ~Spirit colors~ and i felt that it has this unique feel to it, and i absolutely LOVE iiittt…

you’ve seen this necklace in my eid outfit post right here.

DSC_2831 (1024x681) DSC_2832 (1024x681)

the next thing that i got is fur vest; now, ever since last winter, and i’ve been craving a good fur vest, now i got this from Stradivarius, and then i went to Zara, and i saw the perfect fur vest, but the one in Zara is much more expensive, plus this one from Stradivarius got a cool woolen back (trying to convince myself </3 )

moving on to beauty product..

DSC_2840 (1024x681) DSC_2841 (1024x681)

i got this ( i don’t know what to call it in English) but it’s saturated perfume oil, you can use it on your hair, mix it with your lotion, and i got it in a floral scent, there’s musk scents, amber scents, oud scents, but i got a floral scent. And it’s from Abdul Samad Al Qurashi.

DSC_2834 (1024x681) DSC_2835 (1024x681)

and then i went to the Make up Forever pro store, and i got this awesome bronzer, and i liked that it got some shimmers in it, which adds a glow, and i got it in the color 151, which is less of an orange and more of a reddish brown undertone. because i don’t contour, but at least i’ll get a glow and dimension.

DSC_2844 (1024x681)

here’s a swatch for you.

DSC_2839 (1024x681) DSC_2838 (1024x681)

and something i didn’t get from the mall, is this ColourPop quad, it’s the ColourPop x Shaaanxo quad. and it contains 4 colors: Selfie (a matte peanut butter color) *my personal favorite*, Rebel (a matte khaki green), Deluxe (pearlized warm bronze), XO (pearlized light champagne).

i got it from a site, if you live in Saudi Arabia you probably already know it by now, cause it’s well-known it’s Vanillaeshop.com you can get it from there.

بدون عنوان

i was so excited, that i actually swatched them right away when i got them.

DSC_2842 (1024x681)


and that was it for the haul, i really hope you liked it, thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shd..///


Shahad’s Wishlist: Missguided Edition. .

بدون عنوان

Hello again beauties, if you’re reading this now, i’ll probably be on family Eid getaway for 3 days, and hopefully i’m having a good time, and i might do haul about it, maybe i’ll take photos of the trip, we’ll see what i can do..

anyways, so a little fact about me, i am obsessed with Missguided, it’s like my daily routine to log on their website, and see what they have on there, yet i never bought a thing from there… so, i happen to do a wishlist for you..


the first thing is this royal blue 2 piece set, i love royal blue so much, it is such a beautiful color, and i think it looks great on anyone, basically. (tap on the picture to take you to the shopping page)


another 2 piece set, but this time is in camel, i love, love, love camel colors, and i feel like it’s the perfect nude for women with olive, or dark, or even medium colors.. i am personally having a hard time finding the perfect nude of everything, and camel seems to be speaking to my soul. (tap on the picture to take to a similar shopping page)


I love capes, and this white cape dress just spoke to my soul, and i fell in love with it, if you a leftover tan, it will make it POP! (tap on the pic to take you to the shopping page)


this top, i saw the first time in the new arrivals section, and it’s just love at first sight to me, it’s just perfect; Burgundy, off-shoulder, flow-y, you know all the good stuff.


I dream about this skirt, every single day of my life, and it’s just the perfect skirt of life, and it looks quite short on the model because she’s mega tall, and i saw a girl on Instagram wearing it and she’s shorter than the model but taller than me, and i’m kinda short, so it won’t be as revealing on me, so thank god for being short for once, and i feel quite comfortable in conservative clothing that’s just who i am, plus i’m young, i still have time to reveal more skin in the future, but you need a little skin showing thru every now and then.


This style of shoes remind me so much of famous designer shoe, i don’t remember who it is, it’s a beautiful shoe, and i’m in love with it..


You know (maybe you don’t) that i’ve been wanting this style of sandal for so long, and i finally got a similar one from Steve Madden, and i totally love it, but i wanted it in white also, so this one as usual spoke to my soul right away..


These beauties caught my eye because of the chunky gold bar on the top of it all, instant love.


White with a gold chunky bar, ab absolute love for this clutch ❤


You probably know by now that i am obsessed with statement necklaces, and this one is so amazing, because it got the navy blue and royal blue rhinestones and the light pink and the white ones, and it’s just a beautiful combination of colors.

and that was it for my wishlist, Missguided edition, thank you so much for reading this post and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shd..//

Eid Outfit No.3 ♥


DSC_2822 (1024x681) DSC_2825 (1024x681)

Top// Garage, Skirt// New Look, Shoes// Steve Madden, Necklace// Stradivarius, Tights// any socks store.

So, this look is quite classic, and i did a similar outfit right here. it’s just a little different, darker look, mostly black, a little gold accent, and i love a statement necklace underneath collars, it’s just so gorgeous on, and adds something to the look.

So, that is (I think) the last installment to my Eid outfit series that i do every Eid i believe..

Thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time..

Love, Shd..//

Eid Outfit No.1 ♥


this is the actual dress color; it's more rustic, and the dress in the set is more of a true orange, although it says to be a rust color !

this is the actual dress color; it’s more rustic, and the dress in the set is more of a true orange, although it says to be a rust color !

DSC_2823 (1024x681)

Dress// Stradivarius, Shoes// Zara (bought years ago) alternative here, Necklace// Stradivarius.

Hello again, since there’s only 4 days left ’til Eid, i thought i should show what i’m going to wear during this Eid.

and i wanted to wear something simple, bohemian, something that would capture the fall sense and stuff.

and i’ve seen a lot of rustic colors, and swing/ shirt dresses that people have been wearing a lot.

*I’m more of a blogger, street-style kind of girl rather than a runway girl when it comes to fashion; I do take some timeless trends of the runway sometimes, but i’m mostly feeling the streets style, blogger type o’ thing. 

That was it for today’s post, i’m really excited to show you all the stuff that i’m going to wear this Eid.

hope you’re excited too,, Thank you so much for reading this post and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shd..//

Shahad’s Fashion Rack: The LBS (How to style The Pencil).

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Hello again beauties,, welcome back,,.

In the previous post, i introduced the pencil skirt, the ways you can wear them, when you can wear them, and where..

so, this post, i will give you a fool proof ways you can style the pencil skirt.


This is probably one of my favorites, it’s amazing for work, and you can also wear it for a classy, fancy lunch. the the palette is quite simple and minimalistic, and the mix between the gold and silver accent will give you a hint of sophistication.


this is quite casual and perfect for the fall and winter, because the baggy sweater and black leggings will give warmth, and the shoes are quite comfy, so you can walk around all day, comfortable and girly.


this outfit i don’t know what to call it, it’s also great for fall and winter, and it’s all neutrals with a pop of blue to add something to the look. now the black leather jacket will give you a hint of edge, and pairing it with a light (not bulky like the previous outfit) will make it easy for you to wear, now the long hem at the back will give off a cool look similar to these..

c3954d5e7eba7f71cb7c2aada3018381 ee4051fdfced45f19c6364ef574a6545


let’s talk party looks, this is the ultimate bold party look, you can wear it to a party, a night out, anywhere that you feel like standing out..

the mix of black, white and gold, is the ultimate party color palette.. if you wanted an added bling go for a simple but sparkly earrings cause the top itself is a bling.

this outfit is definitely a statement.

ps5Now, i believe that this is the easiest outfit to recreate, because it contains the staples of every girl’s closet, the black bandeau, the black skirt, and the black cardigan.

you can wear the skirt with the bandeau alone, but i believe that it would look classier with the long cardigan, plus, it wouldn’t look as plain.

adding the body chain, will definitely add something interesting to your look.

the neon shoes, will add a pop of statement, instead of making it a plain, all black look.

the bag is white to break the color palette + matches the pump’s back and heel 🙂

that was it for today’s post, and the pencil; we still have a few skirts left to talk about, but until then..

Love, Shahad../

Shahad’s Fashion Rack : The LBS (The Pencil) .

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Hello again, almost feel like long time, no see.. see, i’ve been busy with school and stuff, and things have been getting hectic with basically everything..

but i got journals (basically plain, cool looking notebooks) Just to write down my thoughts a bit…post ideas in a way.

If you want a photo of them i’ll give it to ya. but since i am not organized person, i have to organize at least a part of my life, even that, i have a hard time organizing it 🙂

But, it’s Eid days, means no school on holidays (Obviously) and now, i can write every other day, or even everyday.. ’til September 29th, then i’ll have to go back to school ’til December. the never ending school cycle 🙂









Let’s move on to the real stuff, the pencil skirt, you know pencil skirt is know for being formal and office appropriate, and for being classy, chic, sophisticated and all. basically, pencil skirts need no presentation..


The most fashionable for a fancy lunch ❤ 


Pencil & stripes, The classically beautiful office attire !


The denim adds a different texture to the look !



The thing about the pencil is that it can be in a multiple ways, High-waisted, shirt tucked in, pulled out, and it will look good.


Going plain with colors and statement necklaces..

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

since they’re form fitted, they look flattering with baggy sweaters for the winter.


amazing for parties ❤

See, Pencils can be worn casually, to work, to a fancy dinner/ lunch, and also parties..

and as i said before can be worn multiple ways.

so, that was the short unhelpful intro of the pencil skirt, and the next post will be about a fool proof way of styling the pencil skirt in a multiple ways, all occasions, all seasons.

Love, Shahad../

Shahad’s Fashion Rack: The LBS (How to style the Faux Leather Skater)

DSC_2807 (1024x681)

So, as I told you before, i will do an intro post for a specific type of skirt, then the next post, it’ll be about how to style it.

Basically, this post (or most of my styling posts) will mostly be a fool proof ways of how to style…stuff ?!

anyways, here’s some tips on how to style the Faux Leather Skater, in a fool proof way..

-don’t wear any shirts that are going to sag around the waistline, this will make you look like a double-level circus tent, so make sure you wear a top that will hold onto your body and won’t sag anywhere..

-don’t wear anything with frills. 

-always wear neutrals and dark colors; like burgundies, jades. and neutrals like, black, white, grey; not nudes and beige. And denim would work. 

I’ve put together some outfits and i hope you like them….

fl1340328533a5c154be01d4eadb21bf905large (1)So, the first outfit is the most common of them all. faux leather skater, a denim shirt, and a statement necklace.

this is one of the most fool proof outfits of them all.


Black and gold are my spirit colors, but a black and silver is a beautiful combo and definitely gives a rock ‘n’ roll feel to the look.

An all black with silver accent, beautiful for a summer night out.


While the skirt and the plaid shirt may look casual, but the gypsy statement with the wedges will add that “Something” to the look, a more glamour i could say?


this is definitely an accessories look, meaning that without the jewelry and bag and boots; it’s a plain outfit.

so, it’s your turn to be creative and accessorize an outfit like this. Be creative.

that was it for the post thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad../

Shahad’s Fashion Rack: The LBS (Faux Leather Skater)

DSC_2807 (1024x681)

Hello fashionistas! welcome back to the blog !! so, today i have an introduction, for the faux leather skater skirt, this is the first type i’m going to talk about, and i’m really excited to, because i love the faux leather skirts..

large (4)

The Faux Leather Skater, represent multiple style, basically you shape them however you want, if you want a totally edgy style, you can do it, and if you want a cute, almost Tumblr-y kind of style, you can do it.

also, you can wear it for multiple occasions, make it casual or make it a little semi formal, you can totally do that !

large (5)

And what i also love about it, is that the fabric is most of the time quite light. So, you can get away with wearing it on a summer night or a winter day, by layering a couple of pieces together. 

I basically love wearing it all year round, because i basically love Black !


There’s multiple styles to the Black Faux Leather Skater, some of them are laser-cut at the bottom, some of them are laser-cut all over (pictured) and some of them are plain black, like the one we are talking about 🙂 

I wanted to talk about the plain black, because it’s plain and our job is to spice it up ! !

large (2)

In a time where i was looking for the faux leather black skater, i noticed that some stores have them online and others have them in store. some of the brands they sell them.. 


but it's not that pretty, but basically holds the same idea of it all.

but it’s not that pretty, but basically holds the same idea of it all.

and it’s 129 SAR, i think it’s way too much for that !



they have multiple versions of the faux leather skater,

13 23 56 98

and they have a longer version, which i found as the prettiest of them all..


which is part of the contemporary line.

I didn’t find any Faux Leather Skater on the NEW LOOK website, but i have one and i got it from they’re store, so you might find it in store of NEW LOOK. mine is part of the Cameo Rose (i think) sub-brand. 

large (6)

So, i got you three stores that are well-known internationally, because i have viewers from everywhere, so i need to add universal options, to please the majority.

that was it for today’s post, the introduction of the Faux Leather Skater, my next post will be about some fool-proof ways to style your Faux Leather Skater Skirt. until then.. see you next time.

Love, Shahad../

Shahad’s Wishlist: Beauty Edition.

بدون عنوان

Hello beauties welcome back, now these days; you’ll probably notice that i’m not really consistent with the posting schedule, so i might be posting 2 days in a row, or maybe only posting on Friday, or even posting every other day, because i haven’t been set to one schedule, because it’s just the first weekend of school, and i haven’t even made up my mind about my life yet.

but, let’s leave that aside, and talk about something we love, makeup, and not any makeup, the makeup i wish i had !! (wow, what an interesting topic to talk about !).

starting off with the face products..




The first thing i wanna talk about, is the Josie Maran Argan Oil highlighter, basically i wanted for 2 things, A.because it got mostly natural ingredients, B. it shines like nothing else + it’s liquid, so you can mix it with your foundation.

@makeupbydanii_ (pictured) mix it with her foundation all the time, you can see for yourself what gorgeous glow it gives.

0b6021222887bf7b734cf70ea9b06f6d 717356a0bb26d29ac0f5b5012ce1955d

the second thing is Becca x Jaclyn Hill Highlighter in Champagne Pop, it’s just that beautiful white gold, with a hint of peach, now; i love me some Mary- Lou, but a little hint of peach never killed nobody! in other words, Champagne Pop is the peachier version of Mary- Lou by TheBalm.

i was actually ordering it from Sephora.com, but they always cancel my order, so now all i got is wishing </3 🙂


Let’s talk blushes, this blush (Tarte Exposed) is so beautiful, like a nude pink color, i feel like it goes with almost every look possible, i don’t know why, but it just does.

i have put it on my list, thinking that i might find it in Sephora Champs – Élysées, only to find out that Tarte is only available in US and Canada </3 🙂

but, Oh well !


Hourglass Ambient Blush in Diffused Heat, this is the “hot” blush as Estelle (from essiebutton) say. it’s a beautiful mix of orange, coral, and a hint of pink, it’s gorgeous for the summer, i can get it from net- a -porter, but it’s way too expensive, i need to achieve something to reward myself with it.

Let’s talk eye product..

e9e61bc4862ef92586271f04d3ba0e63 fcb40d9b4d94caa8f17034c1f913a9e5

This is the most luxurious everyday palette you could think of, like i might buy this as my High school graduation gift, because i could wear this everyday to university, and so as the weekend, but it’s way too luxurious for now, high school years, (Thank god only a year left !). Ladies & gentlemen it’s the Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette.

cae1f31fc0c6e8b57a35d81f26292fc5 fcd7d0e674d7fccab29f8cebb74edbd7

The Tarte Tartelette Palette, this palette have been captivating me since day one, it’s all matte, gorgeousness, and it’s the perfect palette for brown eyes (at least i believe that!), you know, it’s just so perfect, i can’t take it anymore, i even ordered it from Sephora.com, but they cancelled the order (Sephora have crashed my dreams </3)

moving it to individuals,

3a94830b67f6cde3c188b12d8273ccee 9f50271c47679a4e69cbf2a721e4fb96 175fcbe89cf80362d8bb977c14a30923

MAC Amberlights, it’s the most beautiful gold, my eyes have witnessed. i have no other words, it’s just so perfect !

I even got you a dupe; so, you’re welcome darlings 🙂


MAC Satin Taupe, well i don’t need to say anything it’s a best seller at MAC. so yeah.

66b71f0fe5cb97556853dc10ce67271e 1b124293042ecc38955bacc84d9dc4a4

I don’t why, but i feel like MAC’s Coppering, would look beautiful on Green and Brown eyes, because it’s red-based, and red is the opposite of green on the color wheel, so it will make the green POP!!  and for brown eyes, well… i just feel like it would look good.


Not only is a great brow color for blondes, but MAC’s Omega would make a beautiful, unique crease color. it would spice up your crease work, imagine having Omega as one shadow for the crease, on an everyday look. that would look hella good !


@makeupbydanii_ used it   on the lid and crease.

@makeupbydanii_ used it on the lid and crease.

MAC Woodwinked.

Ever since  i watched Tanya Burr when she applied it and it turned in this lid and crease color, i knew this is love, like it’s just a brilliant color for this I-only-use-one-shadow-but-it-looks-like-i-used-2 look !

Pigments, pigments..


MAC Tan Pigment, everyone raves about it, i don’t know what’s the deal with this color, but it’s beautiful. i think that i would look great for a addition in your makeup collection.

18f892ca5bdb42e3d7396b4f99f8d107 92d7ef9cacef87ded1993fbf0cae6aa8

MAC Vanilla Pigment.

this is an incredible pigment for the eyes, as a highlighter, because it works on light to medium skin tones, kind of most of the skin tones. because it got this hint of white, gold, and rose gold all together, so it’s a total winner.

let’s move on to the lip products !!>> AKA Obsession 🙂

2ff1fe381cfe4c2b53e39289a65513cc 284e432ddb00377823352e561b825245

Kat Von D Lolita liquid lipstick. I don’t know what i love more, the packaging, the color, or the fact that i have a thing for Lolitas !! but this color was sold out for the longest time, and when they restocked it, i went to order it, but obviously the sweet Sephora.com cancelled my order already 🙂 but, positive Shahad thought that NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in Cannes, would make a great dupe for Lolita 🙂

fdaeedbb9ef54b98e2dc80707a2170e6 7678d9c88d2e2d38f837b6567e6da721

Before the whole Kylie Jenner shenanigans, i was on the hunt for the perfect nude for olive skin, and i stumbled across MAC Velvet Teddy, and ever since, it was on my list for so long, but i haven’t been to MAC that while, until the KJ thing became.. well, a thing!! and it was sold out ever since 🙂 (lost lovers !)

2d2cb3875e6c975a81375cd2f48ce6da f663d623820e02744bbb7837fd92860f

This is probably the perfect burgundy, dark lip color. MAC Media, i don’t see it a lot on the social media sites, as much as Rebel, Diva, Cyber, and etc. but it’s an absolute beautiful color for the fall and the winter.

i have a feeling this is the end of the post, thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad../