Shahad’s Fashion Rack: Khaki & Camo


Hello angels. Welcome back! Long time, no see. I’ve been really busy these past month that I couldn’t write a blog post. Plus, I felt unmotivated and uninspired to write one. and with school keeping me busy, I sort of neglected the blog; being a senior is hard lol.

So, In this blog post; I’m going talk about my favorite color, and now that is a trend, it’s my favorite trend I would say.

I LOVE earth tones in general. but the green-y earth tones are my favorite: Olive, khaki. And we could say the khaki contains a pattern that is camo. I love khaki and olive for all seasons.

You know what Khaki symbolizes to me? It symbolizes strength! and kind of makes me feel like a badass in a way, you know!


Khaki and Nude is a win win! 



Her coat is fiiirrree *insert fire emoji*


Love an all khaki outfit (obviously gotta add the camo!) 


This is something I would totally wear (it’s pretty basic but with the camo; it just added a badass touch to it) 


This set is life tho! 


This is super glam with the necklace and the bralet! 

large (1).jpg

I love khaki on men too! it’s just suitable for everyone

Khaki in beauty  As much as I love khaki in fashion, I love it in beauty too, khaki or olive eye makeup, khaki nail polish, khaki highlighter, EVERYTHING!

So that was it for my simple blog post hope you liked it, more blog posts coming your way inshallah! Just wish me luck to graduate with my mental health in place lol. Thank you so much for reading this post and I’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad.



Hello beautiful people, I am kind of nervous to write this because, I don’t know what kind of feedback I might recieve, but a little disclaimer that, this my point of view, and if you feel like I have inspired you; that would make me the happiest person in this world.

Now, It’s been a long time since I wanted to write an inspirational post, basically one of the reasons I launched this blog. but I kind of lost my inspirational self along the years.

So, what made me write this post is a certain situations where it made me realize that some people get the idea of adventure wrong.

I love to travel, to experience different things, but being in a conservative family, of course that won’t happen a lot, since I only travel with my parents, plus I’m underage.

one time, I told my mom that my adventurous self is being held, and that I’m not free (as a joke of course!) and my sister laughed way too hard and said: “YOU?! adventurous?”. so, my sister’s definition of adventure is the life of a party, doing things your parents won’t approve to, smoking, doing all things wrong. whatever else is shit.. but it’s not.

and another time one of my older sisters, know a girl (personally) that (I am NOT judging here) lives the way that not many parents approve to. but she only talks to a certain type of people. like the good looking; men and women. and they called her as “fun” person. Although I also know this girl personally, and she’s kind of lovely, but being fun is not about doing all things wrong.

and did you know that I’ve had many failing experiences in trying to be rebellious, but as I told you; I failed. I wanted to be like my sisters and my cousins; rebellious, but I couldn’t, not because I’m coward or anything, because I like to have nothing to hide. plus, I’m really genuine. and like you might call me a goodie-goodie but I don’t care; I won’t try hard to be rebellious anymore. haha.

My point is, you don’t have to do something rebellious to call yourself Adventurous. You don’t have to do illegal things to call yourself Adventurous. You don’t have to live the life of a party (while you don’t like it) to call yourself Adventurous. You won’t believe how I felt so pressured because everyone my age and older, have done so many rebellious things, and I only did a few. I sort of felt like a grandma.

don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a saint, I’ve done countless of shitty things. like, you don’t even know! haha!

only 2 weeks ago I found out I’m not as rebellious as the rest, and I will never be. but that what makes me who I am; Shahad. Not to lie, I kind of felt bad to find that out about myself haha.

Now, I’ve been to parties, and I’ve done bad things, and I found out that this world is not for me.

If that is not the definition of adventure; what IS the definition of adventure?..

The definition of adventure (from my point of view) is living life with no limits; I’m not talking the wrong limits; no! I am talking about something that I always try to do.. Is to NEVER STOP LEARNING.. Even if it’s useless, something non-realistic, something that won’t help with real life, everything you learn will help you with your life, even the least piece of fact you know, might help you someday, so never stop learning.

The second point is, LOVE EVERYONE. we all feel some kind of relativity when we read those memes about hating people for no reason; I do that all the time. You don’t have to love as in LOVE people. just think positively towards people; people are much nicer now than years ago when you were in middle school, or high school, or even in elementary. If you see something nice about someone tell them, you’re making their day, YES there’s some people who mistake being nice for flirting, but who cares?! It’s what you feel afterwards that matters! the point is to BE NICE. Talk to everyone, not certain people. this is living the life with no limits. No limits to hobbies, no limits to learning, no limits to people. Travel as long as you can, go to countries that not many people no about, it’s fun! trust me.

This post is for the people who doesn’t like the rebellious life, and feels pressured to be one. and who doesn’t like the life of a party but feels pressured to live it.

If you like that life? Girl, you do what you love, love what you do. you do you, I’ll be doing me; and everyone will be happy. No judging, no hard feelings.

P.S. It’s okay to do something wrong every once in a while to add some Adrenaline in your life. I do that.

And also, try new things, like for example if never partied before, go ahead and try it; you may love it, you may hate it. no pressure.

So, that was it, I really hope you guys liked this post, it’s kind of new for me. please note that I’m not judging anyone here, everyone got a certain point of view. It’s just people who have a different opinion than me on being adventurous; sometimes they only think that doing something wrong is an adventure; SOME people. And as for people like me; who are not really much of a rebels, feel pressured sometimes; especially my age 16-17. where we want to grow up and be reasonable adults, but we still wanna have fun (any kind of it.)

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I’ll see you next time.

Please be nice, this is my first time. I could take the constructive criticism, but be nice.

Love, Shahad..//

DIY: A Brush Holder for short brushes..

‫‫DSC_0022 - نسخة (1024x681) - نسخة.jpg

Hello my beauties, welcome back, school is about to start and I am freaking ouuuttt!! I don’t know why, it’s my senior year of high school, and it’s sort of amazing but still scary af. like this is the last year of school, then it’s either university or staying at home, and I’m not planning on staying home doing nothing with my life, so inshallah I will go to college.

Anyways, so I had this Eco Tools brush kit for so long, and I’ve been keeping them in their cardboard casing for so long, because I don’t have a brush holder short enough for them.


The Fresh & Flawless complexion kit, they’re really tiny and pretty, but they’re really hard to store other than their casing.

DSC_0014 (1024x681).jpg

so I got this small candle from H&M (you can see it right here) it’s a rose gold color, and looks pretty so I took advantage of it and made it a short brush holder.

And I am going to tell how I did it..


First step: scrape out the excess wax, and remove the wick from the bottom of the candle, with a metal spoon.

DSC_0019 (1024x681).jpg It should end up looking like this from the inside.

DSC_0020 (1024x681).jpg

Next to take off the sticker without making any marks, rinse the sticker side underneath a very warm water. the warm water will dissolve any glue, making it easier to take off any sticker.


It will so easy to take off, and the result will be so clean and nice.

‫DSC_0022 - نسخة (1024x681).jpg

And voila! that’s the finished look, a beautiful and sleek rose gold, short brush holder, for all your beloved short brushes.

So, that was it for my mini DIY, hope you guys found it helpful and liked it. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad..///


Empties Vol.3 {P.2} Hair &Makeup + Perfumes and etc..


Hello beauties, welcome back. So, we have today the second part of my empties vol.3; which talks about all the hair, makeup and good smelling products I have finished up.

So let’s get into the details, shall we?

DSC_0016 ‫‬ (1024x681).jpg

  1. TRESemmé Heat Defence Hair Protector : I liked it, it’s great, it definitely made a difference; at least in my conscience. But it definitely my hair now faces less damage by the heat after using this. Now, I already opened another one, just cause it’s good basically. Will I repurchase this? Definitely!

2. Organix Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Butter : This can be used on wet hair as a mask, or can be used as a leave-in conditioner, either way it’s a really good product, but I have noticed one thing; it works better as a mask more than as a leave-in conditioner, so I prefer buying with the intention to use it as a mask, cause it works phenomenally as mask. this range is possibly the best range in all of Organix hair products; trust me on that. Will I repurchase it? YES!

3. Organix Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Conditioner : This also a great conditioner, it’s very hydrating and softening, it definitely soften my ends, plus it smells really good, the whole argan oil range smell really good, and gives a pleasant showers. Will I repurchase it? absolutely.

4. Organix Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Shampoo : The shampoo is great too. it cleanses the hair without drying it out, but this range it moisturizing so I wouldn’t recommend it for oily hair. and especially if you have fine hair. cause moisture is the purpose of this hair line.

5. Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo : this is an amazing, affordable dry shampoo, it smells great, it doesn’t leave any white residue, and it does not leave any oiliness in your hair. Will I repurchase it? Yes.

6. The Body Shop Brazilian Nut Define& No Frizz Styling Cream : If you like VERY lightweight product, this one is for you. but I didn’t notice anything while using it. It didn’t do any harm for my hair, but it was “meh” kind of product, wouldn’t bother buying it again. Will I repurchase it? No.

7. L’Oreal Elnett Satin Normal Hold Hairspray : I got this because I needed it for a hair emergency, and I couldn’t get out of the house, so I asked my uncle to get me one. and he got me the normal hold. normally, I don’t go for normal hold, I go straight to the extreme hold; the extremest that I got get. but I have tried the normal hold. it didn’t hold pretty well. I would say if you want a hairspray you gotta do it right and go EXTREME; Go big or go home. Will repurchase it? the product is great, but the hold is just no.

8. Garnier Ultra Doux Honey Treasures Hair Oil : It’s called “Ultra Doux” in the Middle East but in the US it’s called “Whole Blends”, and in the UK it’s called “Ultimate Blends”. anyways, this hair serum is great, this whole range of hair products is great, like Garnier really stepped up their game. but I am a sucker for packaging and the Garnier hair serum packaging is pretty ok. Will I repurchase it? Maybe.

9. TRESemmé Argan Hair Oil : Originally, my sister bought this herself, but then I used it up with her, and I feel like it’s a great product, it’s definitely a lightweight hair oil/serum, which is great for when I heat style my hair. Because; although I have normal to dry hair; my hair have the tendency to get oily when I use heat on it. For example, usually my hair starts to get oil on day 4, where if I heat style it, it will get pretty oily on day 3. so I always prevent applying so much moisture on my hair (I will do an updated hair care soon, haven’t decided when.. yet.) but yeah. Will I repurchase it? Probably.

DSC_0015 (1024x681)

  1. Beautyblender Pure Beauty Blender : Mine definitely does NOT look pure (lol!). But this is the white beauty blender (sorry for the color, it’s just I used it so much). And I got it cause of the color, it was my very first beauty blender, I didn’t really know a difference between all of the colors ((FYI: the black one is the “Pro Beauty Blender; which is the softest, the pink one is the “Original Beauty Blender”; which is a little harder, and finally the white one is the “Pure Beauty Blender”; which is the hardest of them all. They recently came out with “Nude Beauty Blender”; which is great it’s not too soft or too hard, right in the middle.)). But it was so hard to work with. Like, the beauty blender itself is pretty hard and just feels like you’re just punching yourself instead of pouncing a beauty blender on your face. and then I got the black (Pro) and I LOVE it so much. Will I repurchase it? NO.

2. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in 4 Deep : OMG, this bronzer is SO OLD! Even The Body Shop changed the packaging, but to be completely honest, I really liked this bronzer, although it had an orange undertone, but since I’m warm; I’m totally okay with that, it actually smells like honey, which is fantastic. the shade was perfect for me too. Will I repurchase it again? Why not.

3. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit : I was so excited when I got this back in Dubai 2014, cause I have to work hard to cover my dark circles, and I couldn’t find concealers that will do the job (that was before I bought my Benefit corrector). So when I got this, I was ready to face the world with new, well-covered under eyes. The Creamy Concealer: the shade was phenomenal ( I think my shade was Warm Beige). It had a nice peachy undertone, to combat the blue under my  eyes, everything was okay. But, let me tell you something; It doesn’t blend nicely without a beauty blender, I tried it with my fingers, it was okay, but as soon as apply some powder on it, completely ruined </3. But, if you use a beauty blender, everything will workout fine. The Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in Pale Yellow: This powder is SO GOOD, it’s very nice and brightening, it doesn’t look too yellow, and it adds some coverage. Like, I would only apply some BB cream with some of this on top, and BOOM! under eyes brightened! it is so good, and it’s also pretty thin under the eyes, I didn’t experience and dryness under my eyes and I have pretty dry under eye area. Will repurchase it? Not the kit, just the powder probably.

4. Bourjois Effet 3D Lipgloss in 52 Corail Idyllic : I honestly got this long ago, because I wanted a lipgloss that would tone down the vibrancy in a lipstick that I got (MAC Vegas Volt; super coral-y). and as I grew up, my love for lipglosses started to decrease (and along with that, the lip liner and liquid lipstick trend came out). And then the “hole where there’s the product inside of it” (hope you got that), broke slightly; which made it so messy and pretty unusable, so I had to throw it away. Will I repurchase it? No.

5. The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit in 3 Brown & Black : So many people recommended this, and I went right away and got it since it’s pretty affordable. It got 2 colors, a dark charcoal brown, and a dark charcoal grey (it’s not black), I used the brown for my brows for the most part, and used the black grey for smudging out black eyeliner or just add a tiny definition to the eyes. As a brow powder, it’s good; but it’s pretty powdery for a brow powder, and as for an eyeshadow, it works pretty well. Will I repurchase it? No, There’s a lot better brow products and eyeshadows on the market; won’t waste my time with it.

6. Benefit Go TropiCoral Kit : The kit contains:- High Beam (deluxe), Cha Cha Tint (deluxe), Coralista Blush (deluxe), and Coralista Lipgloss (deluxe). Now this kit is a great bargain if you want to try some products from Benefit, but you’re not sure about it, the concept of it is great, the size of the products is also pretty good. Let’s talk about the products inside.. High Beam:- gave it to my mom, cause my mom has a much lighter skin tone than me (she’s “Ivory”), her skin can handle the more silvery tones than me. the product itself is phenomenal, it gives a wonderful sheen and glow to the skin. Cha Cha Tint:- this product is also great, it gives a coral-y, peachy color to the cheeks, suits my olive skin more than any of the tints they have. but it turns out I’m not a tint kind of girl, but I could still use this product for some very natural looks. Coralista: Oh, the “famous” Coralista blush, even Katy Perry love this blush, but news flash; it doesn’t show up on me. Coralista Lipgloss: I have loved the formula of the Benefit lipglosses, very creamy and moisturizing, not so sticky, but the tube makes it kind of cheap in a way, I hate squeeze-y tube lipglosses, and the color is really pigmented. What Happened To These Products Now? Since I gave the High Beam to mama, I used it so much on that It has been used up and thrown away. As for Cha Cha Tint; still using it. And as for Coralista powder blush, you can see for yourself here . And finally; for the Coralista gloss, I tried to give it to my cousin cause she loves makeup, but she didn’t like it. So it’s in the back of my makeup drawer. Will I repurchase it? No.

7. NYX Round Lipstick in Narcissus : This lipstick came out so horrible on my skin tone, that I had to use it as a cream blush, plus it’s uncomfortably creamy and the smell is so bad. Will I repurchase it? NO.

8. Revlon Lip Butter in Cotton Candy : I don’t think they sell these anymore, but I used to love the formula, but this color is a slight fail for me, it was sheer and gave my lips a light, very sheer, cool-toned pink, with some golden sheen to it. Plus, it’s very moisturizing and it MUSHES! Will I repurchase it? Probably not since it’s discontinued, but overall; I didn’t like this product.

9. Maybelline Baby Lips in Fruit Punch : I got it because of Bethany Mota, I mean the product itself is great and hydrating. But the color, the color is pretty unflattering on me. Would I repurchase it? Maybe the one with no color in it.

10. The Body Shop All-in-One InstaBlur Eye Primer : My sister gave this to me, she said that it’s an “okay” kind of primer, I didn’t like it at all; it doesn’t help with creasing and when I try to blend it, it ends up rubbing off my eyelids. Will I repurchase it?No.

11. Benefit Gimme Brow : This product is great, as much as people loved it so much, I still prefer the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper; I find it much more effective than the Benefit. But this one adds texture, and it just looks natural and feels natural. But also one of its cons; that the bottle is so small, that you end up finishing it up way faster than you think. Will I repurchase it? Probably not.

12. Dior Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing Makeup : I got this foundation as a sample, I loved this unexpectedly; because it’s not really one of those raved about foundation, but then; it’s Dior. I usually use the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless foundation; and I absolutely love it, but it’s matte. whereas this one, it’s more of a satin finish. Will I repurchase it? I don’t know, maybe. It is something to think about.

13. Claire’s Blush Brush : This came in a brush kit, my mom got me when I was 11. this is probably my most used brush from the kit. but since it’s cheap, the bristles are not soft, and it sheds like crazy. Will I repurchase it? Absolutely NOT.

14. Victoria’s Secret Flirty Pinks On-The-Go Face Kit : This one also my mom got me when I was 11, along with the Pink perfume (it was soooo goood!) but yeah, this kit contains, a mirror, 1st row, 2nd row, and 3rd row… 1st row: a dark, bright pink lipgloss (cream finish), a shimmering light pink  gloss (shimmer finish), a light nude gloss (I don’t remember the finish)+ a mini lip brush. 2nd row: a satin very light pink eye shadow (satin), a silver-y taupe/ i feel like it has a green tint to it (metallic), and a pink gold shadow (shimmer)+ a double sided eyeshadow brush. 3rd row: a peachy pink blush (shimmer), and light bronzer-suits very light skintones (matte).

15. NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow : In the site it says the color is plummy pink, but it’s not. It’s peachy pink color; let’s talk about the the formula, the formula is great, it blends like a dream, and I use to use it all the time, I even hit pan on it, but then  the lid broke, and it started to get really gross, so I stopped using it, and to be honest, I grew over the color of it. Will I repurchase it? No, cause I’m over the cream blushes. but overall the product is amazing.

DSC_0014 ‫‬ (1024x681).jpg

  1. White Barn Japanese Cherry Blossom : I liked the scent, but not as much as Mahogany Teakwood, but I got the 3 wick one because my mom and my sister liked this one better than the Mahogany Teakwood, and I share rooms with my sister, so that’s why. Will I repurchase it? Not sure. probably not.

2. White Barn Mahogany Teakwood : I LOVE this scent, my mom and sister didn’t like it as much, but then they thought it burns better than the Japanese Cherry Blossom, (always happens to me). It says in the site that it has mahogany, oak, and frosted lavender. And OMG, there was a 3 wick, intense version which looked so much better than the original one, it was black and gold (I almost cried when I saw it, and I was like:”next time I am getting you”. Will I repurchase it? Hell yeah.

3. Chanel Coco Noir : “Magnetic and uncompromising, COCO NOIR reveals a black that is intimate, seductive and intensely brilliant. Striking top notes of Grapefruit and Bergamot accentuate the floral accord, with Rose and Jasmine, while Indonesian Patchouli and Sandalwood notes add warmth.” I definitely agree with the fact that it’s really attractive and sexy, but elegant, think of a woman in a black tie party, wearing a long, long sleeved gown, with a sleek low chignon, and simple eye makeup with red lipstick on, that’s how I would picture the woman who would wear it. It’s definitely a nighttime scent, and I love Jasmine and Sandalwood so much, I think both of them are the main notes in a sexy scent. and I live for warm and slightly floral scents. Will I repurchase it? YES!

4. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Teazzurra Fragrance (sample) : It’a very citrus-y, that’s for sure, but it’s not like casual citrus-y like Dolce & Gabbana Light blue, it’s very elegant, and the bottle is GORGEOUS! I don’t remember much of it, cause it’s a sample, but I do remember that I liked it, and it leaned towards the citrus scent. Will I repurchase it? Maybe, there are another fragrances on top of the list. And I think it was limited edition.

5. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire (sample) : It’s definitely warm and powdery. I liked it, cause as you know I love warm scents as much as I love fresh scents. and something I didn’t like about it is that it sort of had a little too sweet scent, and I HATE sweet scents. So that’s a downside of it, and you can tell that the sweetness came from the black cherries as the top notes, and the almonds with berries, and there’s some floral-y hint to it with the rose in the middle note and finally, the licorice which gives the sweetness and smokey black tea to give warmth. Will I repurchase it? I don’t think so, it’s way too sweet for me.


So, that was it for my empties vol.3; hope you guys liked, and I am sorry that I haven’t written through the whole month of August, but I was so busy, I went to Jordan (I didn’t take photos cause it came so surprisingly and I didn’t have the camera with me.) but Jordan was AMAZING! Definitely a new experience for me, and the people are so nice and gorgeous there. and Ohhhh! the weather is phenomenal in Jordan.

Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad..//



Empties vol.3 {P.1} Face & Body..


Hello my angels, welcome back.. So it’s been a very long time since I’ve done an Empties post, and I’ve been collecting a lot of Empties (even too much for my own good!) there’s so much products to talk about that I have to do 2 parts to finish my Empties vol.3 ..

cause there is so much to talk about let’s get started…

DSC_0013 (1024x681)

  1. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser (sample) : It’s didn’t do anything special, like it cleanses, but it doesn’t like deeply cleanses and brightens and all that special stuff. Will I repurchase it again? Nope. There’s much better products in drugstores.

2. Nivea Gentle Eye Makeup Remover : It’s okay, also didn’t do anything special, like I prefer micellar water for an all-over makeup removing. Will I repurchase? Nope.

3. Clean & Clear Morning Energy Cleanser : It’s amazing, I used it back when in school days, it used to instantly wake me up; making me feel fresh. And I love the smooth beads in it that slightly melts in your face while you massage your face in circular motion. Will I repurchase it ? Totally!

4. L’Oreal Hydra Total-5 Micellar Water : I am currently using up my second bottle; It is Ah-mazing.. It’s just so moisturizing, smells good (like, comfortably good!) and removes the makeup really well. And it’s not irritating to the eyes or the face or whatever. Will I repurchase it? Hell yeah!

5. Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub : I only used it up, because I wanna use it  and get rid of it. It didn’t any good for my skin, but it didn’t harm my skin either. Plus, it kind of left my skin feeling quit dry afterwards. Will repurchase it? Nope.

6. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè : It’s great. It’s very hydrating, but light-weight, and I loved it before makeup, but unfortunately;  it’s really hard to get it in the Middle East. Will I repurchase it? Yes!

7. L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil-Cream : I am currently using up my second jar of this. It is so BOMB!! like it’s very hydrating and gives you that all-year-round glow, you can use it for summer for that ultimate glow, and you can use for winter cause it’s really hydrating; yet it’s light-weight. Now, you guys know that I am a HUGE FAN of L’Oreal face products, especially their moisturizers. and this actually got some tiny, finely milled shimmer to it, that almost gives you a slight glow and sheen to the skin. and I have a feeling that it’s the ultimate dupe for Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream!! If it’s true; it’ll be really exciting!! Will I repurchase it again? Absolutely!!

8. VLCC Frangipani & Oatmeal Scrub : It’s okay, I have nothing more to say about it other than it’s okay; But there’s definitely a better scrubs on the market. Will I repurchase it? NO.

9. Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum : I got it because of Heidi Hamoud, I mean.. She has dark circle that almost the same shade as mine, and her dark circles have gone lighter; So I thought why not try it myself. And thankfully, I got the tiny size not the big one, because (uhm!) it didn’t do anything for me, my dark circles still dark.. </3 maybe that’s because I was only relying on the serum itself, I have so many unhealthy habits; such as not drinking enough water (at all), and sleeping in late. those two are probably the reason why I have such dark circles. Will I repurchase it? As much as I love Kiehl’s, I don’t think so.

10. H&M Coconut Water Mask for Dry Skin : It smells really good..! But it didn’t do anything for me. not hydrating at all. Will I repurchase it? Absolutely NOT.

11. H&M Argan Oil & Rosehip Oil Mask for Dry Skin : Same as product (No.1o)

12. Garnier Eye Roller : I bought it years ago as my first eye care product, it’s so bad, didn’t do anything at all. Waste of money, waste of time, and I don’t even know why I got it in the first place. I thought it was cool probably. glad that I finished it up; And now it’s out of my life for good. Will I repurchase it? Oh hell NO!

13. Evian Facial Spray : You guys.. This product is amazing. You probably gonna be like: It’s only water. Yeah, it’s only water, but I like to spray it on my face before makeup and sometime in the place of my MAC Fix+. regular water will melt your makeup off, or probably the water drops and splash will leave like a patchy mark on your face. but this doesn’t do it. Will I repurchase it? Probably.

14. Sephora Pomegranate Sleeping Mask : I loved this mask. It’s really good, makes my skin feel so soft when I wake up in the morning. Although the pomegranate is for Anti-fatigue & Energizing, I didn’t notice any energizing or anti-fatigue effect happened to me the next day I woke up. The only down side is the packaging, it’s just so hard to store for later, Answer me (Am I using it the wrong way? Is it a one- time kind of product? Or I can use it later on? If so, tell me how do store it for later?). Anyways, Will  I repurchase? Maybe.

15. Nivea Soothing Toner : I highly recommend it, but I won’t repurchase it. Why do I highly recommend it? cause it really balances out the moisture in the face, like one time I had a really flaky nose (cause by getting the flu) and I used to spray this on my face regularly everyday. and the flakiness is gone. Why I won’t repurchase it? Because I am currently satisfied with the result of using Rose water. Will I repurchase it? Maybe.

DSC_0012 (1024x681)

  1. Vaseline Spray&Go Lotion : I like this, I really do. It doesn’t waste time, it’s really good for school days. But, I don’t feel like it’s moisturizing enough, maybe because my skin is more on the drier side, but nonetheless, I would repurchase .

2. The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil : It’s for hair and body, I’ve tried it on both, my hair and body, I would say it’s good but not great, and it’s really unnecessary. it just adds some nice scent to your hair, and I remember the scent doesn’t last that much, I mean.. there’s much better stuff on the market. Will I repurchase it? Nope.

3. Rexona Bamboo Dry Deodorant Stick : As you can see, I love this product, it’s amazing. and it’s the best smelling one out of all the Rexona scents that they have, and I love Rexona products in general. Will I repurchase it? well, I want to purchase my third bottle but I couldn’t find it in the supermarket back then. so, I got the liquid deodorant version of the scent. Maybe I go now, I might find it. But it’s a big, thick YES!

4. L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Lotion : I LOVE this lotion, I couldn’t find it in Paris like the thicker butter, but I have found it near me back home, which is really exciting. So, aside from the “very” moisturizing formula; I kid you not, I use it on my legs and I can see the glow and shine like no other lotion, even the body butter didn’t give me such glow. I highly recommend it. Will I repurchase it? Definitely.

5. VLCC Shape Up Bust Firming Cream : I didn’t why I used it in the first place, but I assure you that I’m not the one who purchased it, probably one of my sister; I don’t what to say about this product. It didn’t do anything special, wouldn’t recommend it. Will I repurchase it? No.

6. Palmolive Thermal Spa Mineral Massage Body Wash : As you probably know, I love Palmolive body washes, I like the Thermal Spa and the Aroma Therapy line. the Mineral Massage have some exfoliating beads, plus; It smells really ocean-y, like a very nice smelling beach, which is a bonus. Makes showering really enjoyable! definitely recommending it. Will I repurchase it? YES!

7. L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Cream : I like this, I tried it in the winter; saved my skin, and what I like the most about it, is that it doesn’t have any scent. which is great because I have like red bumps on my forearm and sometimes they get irritated, and for some reason I don’t like putting anything with scents on, so this is the perfect product. Will I repurchase it? Yes.

8. Palmolive Aroma Therapy Absolute Relax Body Wash : I definitely enjoyed taking showers with this product (lol!) I wouldn’t say it made me relax in the shower, but it smells really good. Will I repurchase it? Maybe. Probably yes.

9. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Lotion : This is the mini version (maybe), but i got the biggest bottle of it, cause I love this product. It’s really hydrating, but absorbs fast, which is phenomenal. Will I repurchase it? Already did.

That was it for today’s post, so sorry it took me so long to finally post. I don’t really should watching so much movies and work more on my baby.

Anyways, I really hope you like this post; thank you so much for reading this post, and I will see you next time.

Love, Shahad..//

Eid Haul 2016

DSC_0033 (1024x681) ‫‬.jpg

Hello beautiful people welcome back!! Now I am really sorry for being away for most of Ramadan, but you know; getting ready for Eid, Ramadan stuff, like those things do take time! anyways, it’s that time of year again..where I will post an Eid Haul (yay!)

Okay, so all of these things are pretty collective, I’ve shopping for almost a month. And I also kind of shopped online this time (Only 2 sites) so, yeah! I’m just gonna go right into it, cause  I got nothing more to say..

Starting with clothes and accessories, moving on to beauty, and finally miscellaneous stuff.

Let’s start with things that I bought online..

Starting with Missguided..


So, I got this culotte jumpsuit for the first day of Eid, and I love this jumpsuit, it’s really chic. And I love that it has a vertical stripes which gives the illusion of added height (guys, I’m pretty short like “159 cm” short) So I definitely need some height. So yeah, I love everything about this jumpsuit, and it was a successful buy.


And I also got this choker top, and I love choker tops, but I can’t find store here where I live that could sell them. And they’re kind of in style right now. So I think this is an exclusive buy.

Okay, now onto Fashion Nova..

DSC_0021 (1024x681)DSC_0325_62533d9e-7b9f-4875-997b-521645f7d82e_1024x1024

I only got the Canopy jeans in Black and in White, and you guyssss, their jeans are to die for; The material is so soft, the fit is on point, and it’s just so good, they’re even better than Topshop (there, I said it..!). I highly recommend them. probably my go-to store for jeans from now on.

Okay, now onto real life stores..

Starting with Bershka..


I only got one thing from Bershka, and it is this long black top (I’m obsessed with long tops), with asymmetrical front to it. I think it’s a little unique having an asymmetrical front.

And then going to Jennyfer.. DSC_0012 (1024x681).jpg

And I only got a black crop top,  Jennyfer has the best basic, everyday, easy-to-style, easy-to-wear crop tops, my sister have this crop top in grey and peach. they run a little bigger, so you need to go a size down for a comfortable fit, not too tight, and not too big.

And I also went to Stradivarius..


I got this long crochet burgundy cardigan, and I know what you think “Isn’t it a little winter-y for July?” Well, I’m probably going to be indoors under the AC so no problem.


I also got this backpack in black, and I love the fringe details, and the gold hardware isn’t taking over much.

Next is H&M..


I got this (BEAUTIFUL) ribbed black cold shoulder top, and I am in love with it, I have so many outfits planned for this baby, and I can’t wait to wear it.

DSC_0024 (1024x681).jpg

And I got this top, which I also love so much, because it’s chill, but you can also dress it up to make it casual chic. so yea!

DSC_0025 (1024x681).jpg

Another chill top that I love, I don’t really have much things in this “RUST” color. So I thought why not.

DSC_0022 (1024x681).jpg

And for accessories, I got this awesome pair of round gold reflective sunglasses, I’ve never been into round sunglasses before, in fact I hated them, but now I’m really into them.

And  I also got a pair of silver rings, cause surprisingly (not-so-surprisingly for a girl who usually wear gold accessories) I don’t own any chic looking silver rings. Most of them are quite bohemian looking, so I needed to buy a pair chic looking, silver rings.

and I got a set of 3 rose gold earrings, cause i got none of rose gold earrings.

And finally I got a set of 9 pairs of silver, silver-crystal, and pearl earrings, cause (again!) I got none.

And finally for clothes and accessories, New Look..

DSC_0040 (681x1024).jpg

I only got these 2 pair of trousers from New Look, cause I love these trousers more than jeans, and I get the most wear out of them. I got them in 2 colors as you can see, khaki and a dusty rose kinda color. I may seem more of jeans kinda girl, but trust me; my closet is PACKED with this type of comfy trousers. and they’re kinda chic.I believe.

DSC_0038 (1024x681).jpg

And finally for clothes and accessories, I got this beautiful clutch, it’s fully packed with details (front and back!) and got some silver chain to hang it on your shoulder. LOVE!


OKAAAY, let’s move on to beauty products..

DSC_0033 (1024x681).jpg

The first thing i got is this Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Uber Beige.. I saw Amanda Ensing use this in a not-so-old tutorial, and I fell in love with the color, it looks almost as a true nude on my skin tone, but I bought it to pair it with a lip pencil, that’s why..


The next thing I got is the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow in Cosmic, I love, love, love the Urban Decay Moondust shadow, I have it in Space Cowboy, and this shade which is Cosmic, & I want it in the shade Diamond Dog & Solstice. But yeah, it’s an icy white color, with white and silver glitter (that’s what I personally see), and I feel like it got a slight pink to it, very slightly. And I’m VERY excited to use it.

DSC_0035 (1024x681).jpg

A swatch of the lipstick and the eyeshadow. 

DSC_0036 (1024x681).jpg

And finally for beauty, I got the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette. You guys, I’ve been looking for this everywhere, and one time I went to to check if it was discontinued or anything, and it turns out to limited edition (WHAT?!) and I felt like shit, and regretted every moment that I saw it and didn’t buy it (trust me, it happens!). But then finally, I found in one of the Sephoras near me. and so glad that I found it.

DSC_0029 (1024x681).jpg

I got the Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines, and Dew The Hoola, cause I wanted to have a bronze-y glow this Eid, cause it’s a summery Eid, and I wanted something washable, because like I’m only gonna use it in the places that I’d show. And what got me into being tan in the first place, Is an Indian-Australian actress; Lisa Haydon. Her skin is perfect, and so glow-y. And I feel like Indians and Aussie have such a beautiful glowing skin. although I’m Olive, and I owe it to my Indian-Arabic ancestry, but a little more bronze glow wouldn’t hurt anyone.

And then moving on to miscellaneous stuff..

DSC_0028 (1024x681).jpg

I got this LED lighting mirror, from a local makeup shop, and I really need this mirror, cause if one thing I  like it perfect in my life is; it’s my makeup. P.S. Sorry for the not-s0-clean mirror.

DSC_0026 (1024x681).jpg

And finally, I got 2 candles from H&M, Ambience (which is unscented), but I got it cause it’s rose gold and beautiful, and I have a DIY idea in mind using it. And I got the Mahogany, scented candle, which it smells great, the case or whatever is good looking.

So, that was it for Eid 2016 haul, hope you liked it, and also happy 2nd year anniversary, Being Shahad just turned 2 in June, thank you so much for sticking around since Day 1. and If you’re new, welcome to my blog, this is my baby, I love her, and I hope you love my blog as well.

Thank you so much for reading, have a nice and safe Eid if you celebrate it, and if not, have a nice and safe summer.

Love you all..

Love, Shahad..//

Eid Trends 2016

f52e696182cb2a00095ce414687f88f9.jpgHello beautiful people! Welcome back! I know I said that i’ll be back with so many posts, and I just have so many post ideas in mind but I never find the time to shoot the products, edit them, and write a post, so I got you this short, sweet, picture-full post of some the Eid trends here in Saudi Arabia, now this is what have been trending here, I’m not saying that every single girl in Saudi Arabia is wearing these in Eid, every girl have her own fashion sense, but some of these trends I’ve been following; well, basically all of them I surprisingly have been inspired by them to create my own Eid outfits.

Okay, so these trends are made for the average girl, some of them are inspired by runway trends, some of them are not, so it will make it easier for the average girl to style, and wear it for every day.

One of the most popular and trusted stores are ZARA (which is world-widely trusted) and H&M , (also Topshop, Bershka, Stradivarius,..). So sometimes, these kind of stores adapt the runway trends to fit their customer’s everyday wear. & sometimes, they set their own trends.

1. Blue & White stripes..

Blue and White stripes are very well known in Zara, and people seem to like them, so now they have every shape and form in this kind of pattern. But I think it’s chic, and girly.




2. Off-Shoulder tops.. (And sometimes ruffles are in the mix) 

I LOVE Off-shoulder tops, they give such a feminine, elegant, gorgeous look. And sometimes, with the right cut and material, they can be bohemian, and I love anything bohemian for the summer.

balqees off sh

A bestseller in Zara..probably. (Balqees.. A well-known Yemeni singer)



This one combines the two trends.. Very summery




3. Culottes (and sometimes, ribbed) 

Okay, seriously, I am obsessed with culottes, even I wrote a post about it here.




hande culottes

Hande Erçel, Turkish Actress

4. Ribbed culotte jumpsuits..

This is an amazing combination, cause I love culottes and jumpsuits, so this is match made in heaven.


this is exactly what every store have; Probably the perfect piece, ribbed, culotte, and it’s a jumpsuit.


5. Long tops & outerwear…

You all know I love long tops (I should totally name this “my favorite Eid trends” )

e4641fd9702a531db0aaa4a6a3b127bcm long


6. Sleepwear Fashion.. 

From slip dresses, to silk pyjama sets, this trend is inspired by the runway.

I have seen so many sleepwear inspired clothes in stores for Eid, and I’m telling ya; not everyone is in love with this trend, it’s not something EVERYONE will like. but I have seen a woman wore this to a Mother’s Day event, party thing almost black tie (probably a white tie, not a black tie event) back in March, and I kind of liked it, I wouldn’t wear it a lot, but yeah it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. but I feel like they are really high fashion, and kind of editorial. so i kind of like it.



So, that was it for today’s post, I really hope you liked it, and found something new, and interesting and helpful, this is what I’ve been seeing in stores, and I am NOT saying that all Saudi Arabia girls wear the same, everyone got their own style and fashion sense. this is what have been trending on Instagram, clothing stores, runways, everywhere.

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I’ll talk to you next time.

Love,  Shahad..//

An Inspirational Pinboard “with a twist” (DIY)

DSC_0485 (1024x681).jpg

Hello my beauties.. Welcome back, I have missed you guys so much, I know I’ve been away for so long, like for months, and I wanna thank you for your continuous support for me and my blog, and I am so sorry for leaving the blog for months; but school work have been taking most of my time lately, and it sucks.

but; today I have something for you, that I think it’s creative of me, and it’s a DIY!! (I am not a diy kind of person, but this would be cool; since I’ve always wanted to something related with fashion on a pinboard with a new twist. hopefully you like it and try it..

What you need.. 

DSC_0471 (1024x681)

So, everything in the pic is basically what you will need. Old magazines, small scissors (for making cutting papers much more precise), small flash tattoos (for making them fit and not overwhelm the board with stuff all over, hope you get me on that), and of course; pinboard and pins.

Let’s move on to the steps, shall we? 

DSC_0472 (1024x681)

Obviously you need to cut your favorite fashion pics from the magazines, and here’s a tip for remembering what you like and what you don’t, make sure you mark the page by flipping the corners of it, and mark the item by putting a check anywhere near the item “not the item itself”.

DSC_0473 (1024x681)DSC_0474 (1024x681)

Also, another tip is ” make sure you leave some space anywhere around the item so you have space to put the tattoos without covering the item itself”. 

DSC_0477 (1024x681).jpg

So, after you’ve cut all your fashion picks, grab your flash tattoos (that you don’t need), and start getting creative with your life.

Now you probably think that the water will ruin the magazine paper, but I’ll show you a method that you can do, in a way that you don’t ruin the paper.


1. cut your desired tattoo(s) and place them where you want them to be.

2. grab a q-tip, dip it in some water.

3. squeeze the excess water out, by pressing the q-tip gently between your fingers.

4.roll your q-tip on the tattoo paper (DO NOT rub or swipe).

5. press the paper so the tattoo can stick.

6. take the tattoo paper off, carefully.

DSC_0482 (1024x681)

And you should get something like this! P.S. you might get some patchiness, like not the full tattoo will transfer, but it will small and unnoticeable. 

DSC_0484 (1024x681)

& you can be extra creative and cut the tattoos and play with the shapes and stuff.

DSC_0488 (1024x681)

and this is the finished look to the entire board, tell me what you think. ❤

So, that was it for today’s post, I really hope you liked it, again I’m so sorry for leaving the blog for so long, but now it’s summer, and I’m back for good. & again thank you so much for your continuous support, and also; thank you for reading this post and i’ll see you next time..

Love, Shahad..//

Blush pots.

DSC_0438 (1024x681) (1024x681)

Hello gorgeous people, welcome back.. I might say that i’m finally back on track at the blog, because i got some diy for you today..

now, someday i felt like cleaning up my makeup drawer, and i felt like some things are taking up too much space, plus i don’t really use them that much because they’re way in the back. just like the benefit go TROPI-CORAL blush set. and they had a mini CORALista blush, and coralista doesn’t really show on my skin at all. so, i thought of making a loose blush.

DSC_0439 (1024x681) (1024x681).jpg

The first thing i did is that, i crushed the blush with a mini cosmetic spatula, and “poured it” into a cosmetic container.

DSC_0440 (1024x681) (1024x681)DSC_0441 (1024x681) (1024x681)

And because the blush was a little too light for me, i added my bronzer (which was crushed already) to add a bronzy glow to the mix.

DSC_0442 (1024x681) (1024x681).jpg

and finally, adding MAC Rose pigment for an added rose gold sheen to the mix. Plus, adding a pink hint of color..

DSC_0444 (1024x681) (1024x681).jpg

And voila! that is the final look, after shaking it and crushing it with a spatula.

that is it to the post, i really hope you liked it and found it helpful, now i haven’t tried it yet, but if i tried it i’ll tell my thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading this post and i’ll see you next time, very soon.

So much love, Shahad..,//

Recent collective haul..

DSC_0429 (1024x681).jpg

Hello my beauties, welcome back, i really missed you and also the blog and i miss talking to you. I’m really sorry for just cutting off the blog, just because I’ve been really busy, my final exams and then my sister’s wedding right after and then i had something similar to the SATs and school started right after. and I, basically, couldn’t get a hold of my life.

So, i collected some of my recent buys and show it to you in case you liked something, it’s still available (hopefully!)

starting off with clothing,,

the first store i wanna talk about is H&M..

DSC_0405 (1024x681).jpg

now, my obsession grew for high neck/turtle neck tops during this winter, and this top is one of my absolute favorites, because the neck isn’t too high, plus the sleeve have a subtle bell-sleeve cut to it, which makes it more unique than my other turtle neck tops.

DSC_0417 (1024x681).jpg

and socks??! Yes, my mom bought them and they ended up running a little bit small for her feet. so yeah, i like those and they really help when you wanna keep yo self warm 🙂

DSC_0428 (1024x681).jpg

i love this necklace and i love the fact that you can change the charm or whatever, really excites me, plus i love the marble look on the charms, especially the white one.

DSC_0410 (1024x681)

and i got their masks, now i’ve heard a fashion blogger (beauty isn’t much her thing) talk about them, saying that they’re good and all, recommending these. and i ended up getting the hydrating and moisturizing one, as you can most likely to see.

now, the smell of them is really good, and they are hydrating clay masks, so i felt like it’s kind of off, because usually clarifying masks are usually the clay ones, but maybe they know something we don’t. but i tried them, and i didn’t see a lot of hydration (especially i’ve needing some hydration lately) but they do make the texture of your skin really nice, so i don’t know about these..

P.S. Now that i looked back, that blogger was using the clarifying ones, maybe the clarifying ones are much better than the hydrating ones.

and then i went to a store called Jennyfer. (with a Y)

DSC_0416 (1024x681).jpg

& and I only got this top; i liked the details on the side, and the fact that is a crop top but not too cropped, and it’s quite loose. plus, i love the color palette of it.

I also went for the first time and bought something from a store called Springfield..

DSC_0407 (1024x681).jpg

I don’t know why, but i love this top, i love the peachy colors and it all written in French, it kind reminds me of the French 70’s style, bangs, flowers, peachy color palette, freckles, and all that, and a really important thing, fringes..!

DSC_0419 (1024x681).jpg

and i also got these pants, but they ended up being too big for me (which is surprising tbh) but i’ve been loving to wear comfy trousers more than wearing jeans, i mean i’ve been loving comfy clothes, a lot.

And then onto Victoria’s Secret, mainly for this…

DSC_0411 (1024x681).jpg

Now, because during the days of my sister’s wedding, i’ve been doing my own makeup, so i’ve carrying my makeup in multiple small makeup bags, and it’s really frustrating; you lose things, everything gets messy and all. so i bought this baby, and it’s so beautiful and big, and leopard and fierce and gold, and i love this baby. DSC_0413 (1024x681)

it’s pretty wide on the inside and holds all the makeup, including palettes and big bottles and also brushes.

DSC_0414 (1024x681).jpg

and this pocket pouch thing, is  so helpful for Q-tips and cotton pads for emergencies; and also blotting papers. plus it comes with a hanger if you feel like hanging your makeup bag, for space.

and also went to Bath & Body Works..

DSC_0425 (1024x681).jpg

Personally, i believe that BBW had some terrible lotions, and i had problem with their scents lingering (just like everything else) but when they improved the formula, i honestly became really impressed. so i didn’t get this myself, my mom got this for herself, but she ended up finding out that she had the full size of it, and she gave it to me.

DSC_0424 (1024x681)

since they don’t have new scents at the store, we bought from the White Barn candles in Japanese Cherry Blossom & a small Mahogany Teakwood. now my sister said that she didn’t like the Mahogany Teakwood, because it smelled like a man, i mean i love the Mahogany Teakwood scent more than the Japanese Cherry Blossom, I mean i feel like there’s some manliness in the scent but not that much, i would definitely buy the Mahogany Teakwood Intense, cause i love the scent and the jar is black and gold.

and I went to MAC Cosmetics and got only one pigment..

DSC_0426 (1024x681).jpg

I got Vanilla pigment, I use it as mostly highlighter, like on my cheeks; sometimes inner corner, and so far so good. I love the white rose gold sheen it gives to the face.

and I went to Sephora and they had a gift for me, for reaching the 200 points in the black card membership..

DSC_0437 (1024x681)

and that included a box of Too Faced goodies..

-Bulletproof 24hr shadow liner in Dirtbag: beautiful bronze shade, and it works really well for effortless smudgy eyeshadow look.

-Perfect liner in Perfect Black: awesome pencil for tightlining, and also for smudging eyeliner because of the smudging tool on the other end, really helps with creating the slight wing.

-Better than Sex (written Love here): i feel like this is one of the mascaras that is so good when it’s a little dried up, because the first time i used it, it was too heavy to lift my eyelashes, but when it got dried up, it is BOMB darling, it is BOMB.


and i also got a couple of things for me,..

DSC_0431 (1024x681)DSC_0432 (1024x681)

and because i was doing my own makeup for my sister’s wedding, i needed a contour kit. and i didn’t want one with multiple shades, just one with a single highlight shade and a single contour shade. So, i got myself the Marc Jacobs #InstaMarc contour kit in 40Mirage Filter. and it is so great, the shade are on point, and they blend like a dream, and the yellow powder isn’t too bright and yellow-y. so it’s perfect to me.

DSC_0435 (1024x681).jpg

now, i’m probably the last person on earth to try this. but now i get why people have been raving about this for years; IT TAKES A VILLAGE to take this off of your eyes, it is so good. and i got the shade Eden; cause i wanted it to act a concealer for my eyelids, because they’re on the darker side.

DSC_0433 (1024x681)DSC_0434 (1024x681) and i had to get the Huda Beauty Mink Lashes, and i got them in Naomi, great for Halo eyeshadow looks, they’re long, fluffy and wispy.. i love these. plus they’re so light on the eyes.

and i went to this Korean Beauty inspired store called The Face Shop and i only got one thing..

DSC_0436 (1024x681).jpg

It’s the Rice Water Brightening Light Cleansing Oil. and it works. cleansing oils are known for being excellent makeup removers. and this one works this way..

you message the oil into your skin with your clean hands, until all the makeup dissolves.

and then you rinse it off with only warm water. and trust me, it does NOT leave an oily residue on the skin. it just leaves your skin so soft, and it removes almost all the makeup.

plus, the rice water is known for brightening, so overtime with using this. your skin will get even brighter.


so, i guess that was it for the haul, really hope you enjoyed it, hopefully i’ll get to write more, because i miss writing for the blog.

Thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.

So much love, Shahad..//