Shahad’s Fashion Rack: Khaki & Camo


Hello angels. Welcome back! Long time, no see. I’ve been really busy these past month that I couldn’t write a blog post. Plus, I felt unmotivated and uninspired to write one. and with school keeping me busy, I sort of neglected the blog; being a senior is hard lol.

So, In this blog post; I’m going talk about my favorite color, and now that is a trend, it’s my favorite trend I would say.

I LOVE earth tones in general. but the green-y earth tones are my favorite: Olive, khaki. And we could say the khaki contains a pattern that is camo. I love khaki and olive for all seasons.

You know what Khaki symbolizes to me? It symbolizes strength! and kind of makes me feel like a badass in a way, you know!


Khaki and Nude is a win win! 



Her coat is fiiirrree *insert fire emoji*


Love an all khaki outfit (obviously gotta add the camo!) 


This is something I would totally wear (it’s pretty basic but with the camo; it just added a badass touch to it) 


This set is life tho! 


This is super glam with the necklace and the bralet! 

large (1).jpg

I love khaki on men too! it’s just suitable for everyone

Khaki in beauty  As much as I love khaki in fashion, I love it in beauty too, khaki or olive eye makeup, khaki nail polish, khaki highlighter, EVERYTHING!

So that was it for my simple blog post hope you liked it, more blog posts coming your way inshallah! Just wish me luck to graduate with my mental health in place lol. Thank you so much for reading this post and I’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad.


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