Eid Haul 2016

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Hello beautiful people welcome back!! Now I am really sorry for being away for most of Ramadan, but you know; getting ready for Eid, Ramadan stuff, like those things do take time! anyways, it’s that time of year again..where I will post an Eid Haul (yay!)

Okay, so all of these things are pretty collective, I’ve shopping for almost a month. And I also kind of shopped online this time (Only 2 sites) so, yeah! I’m just gonna go right into it, cause  I got nothing more to say..

Starting with clothes and accessories, moving on to beauty, and finally miscellaneous stuff.

Let’s start with things that I bought online..

Starting with Missguided..


So, I got this culotte jumpsuit for the first day of Eid, and I love this jumpsuit, it’s really chic. And I love that it has a vertical stripes which gives the illusion of added height (guys, I’m pretty short like “159 cm” short) So I definitely need some height. So yeah, I love everything about this jumpsuit, and it was a successful buy.


And I also got this choker top, and I love choker tops, but I can’t find store here where I live that could sell them. And they’re kind of in style right now. So I think this is an exclusive buy.

Okay, now onto Fashion Nova..

DSC_0021 (1024x681)DSC_0325_62533d9e-7b9f-4875-997b-521645f7d82e_1024x1024

I only got the Canopy jeans in Black and in White, and you guyssss, their jeans are to die for; The material is so soft, the fit is on point, and it’s just so good, they’re even better than Topshop (there, I said it..!). I highly recommend them. probably my go-to store for jeans from now on.

Okay, now onto real life stores..

Starting with Bershka..


I only got one thing from Bershka, and it is this long black top (I’m obsessed with long tops), with asymmetrical front to it. I think it’s a little unique having an asymmetrical front.

And then going to Jennyfer.. DSC_0012 (1024x681).jpg

And I only got a black crop top,  Jennyfer has the best basic, everyday, easy-to-style, easy-to-wear crop tops, my sister have this crop top in grey and peach. they run a little bigger, so you need to go a size down for a comfortable fit, not too tight, and not too big.

And I also went to Stradivarius..


I got this long crochet burgundy cardigan, and I know what you think “Isn’t it a little winter-y for July?” Well, I’m probably going to be indoors under the AC so no problem.


I also got this backpack in black, and I love the fringe details, and the gold hardware isn’t taking over much.

Next is H&M..


I got this (BEAUTIFUL) ribbed black cold shoulder top, and I am in love with it, I have so many outfits planned for this baby, and I can’t wait to wear it.

DSC_0024 (1024x681).jpg

And I got this top, which I also love so much, because it’s chill, but you can also dress it up to make it casual chic. so yea!

DSC_0025 (1024x681).jpg

Another chill top that I love, I don’t really have much things in this “RUST” color. So I thought why not.

DSC_0022 (1024x681).jpg

And for accessories, I got this awesome pair of round gold reflective sunglasses, I’ve never been into round sunglasses before, in fact I hated them, but now I’m really into them.

And  I also got a pair of silver rings, cause surprisingly (not-so-surprisingly for a girl who usually wear gold accessories) I don’t own any chic looking silver rings. Most of them are quite bohemian looking, so I needed to buy a pair chic looking, silver rings.

and I got a set of 3 rose gold earrings, cause i got none of rose gold earrings.

And finally I got a set of 9 pairs of silver, silver-crystal, and pearl earrings, cause (again!) I got none.

And finally for clothes and accessories, New Look..

DSC_0040 (681x1024).jpg

I only got these 2 pair of trousers from New Look, cause I love these trousers more than jeans, and I get the most wear out of them. I got them in 2 colors as you can see, khaki and a dusty rose kinda color. I may seem more of jeans kinda girl, but trust me; my closet is PACKED with this type of comfy trousers. and they’re kinda chic.I believe.

DSC_0038 (1024x681).jpg

And finally for clothes and accessories, I got this beautiful clutch, it’s fully packed with details (front and back!) and got some silver chain to hang it on your shoulder. LOVE!


OKAAAY, let’s move on to beauty products..

DSC_0033 (1024x681).jpg

The first thing i got is this Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Uber Beige.. I saw Amanda Ensing use this in a not-so-old tutorial, and I fell in love with the color, it looks almost as a true nude on my skin tone, but I bought it to pair it with a lip pencil, that’s why..


The next thing I got is the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow in Cosmic, I love, love, love the Urban Decay Moondust shadow, I have it in Space Cowboy, and this shade which is Cosmic, & I want it in the shade Diamond Dog & Solstice. But yeah, it’s an icy white color, with white and silver glitter (that’s what I personally see), and I feel like it got a slight pink to it, very slightly. And I’m VERY excited to use it.

DSC_0035 (1024x681).jpg

A swatch of the lipstick and the eyeshadow. 

DSC_0036 (1024x681).jpg

And finally for beauty, I got the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette. You guys, I’ve been looking for this everywhere, and one time I went to Sephora.com to check if it was discontinued or anything, and it turns out to limited edition (WHAT?!) and I felt like shit, and regretted every moment that I saw it and didn’t buy it (trust me, it happens!). But then finally, I found in one of the Sephoras near me. and so glad that I found it.

DSC_0029 (1024x681).jpg

I got the Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines, and Dew The Hoola, cause I wanted to have a bronze-y glow this Eid, cause it’s a summery Eid, and I wanted something washable, because like I’m only gonna use it in the places that I’d show. And what got me into being tan in the first place, Is an Indian-Australian actress; Lisa Haydon. Her skin is perfect, and so glow-y. And I feel like Indians and Aussie have such a beautiful glowing skin. although I’m Olive, and I owe it to my Indian-Arabic ancestry, but a little more bronze glow wouldn’t hurt anyone.

And then moving on to miscellaneous stuff..

DSC_0028 (1024x681).jpg

I got this LED lighting mirror, from a local makeup shop, and I really need this mirror, cause if one thing I  like it perfect in my life is; it’s my makeup. P.S. Sorry for the not-s0-clean mirror.

DSC_0026 (1024x681).jpg

And finally, I got 2 candles from H&M, Ambience (which is unscented), but I got it cause it’s rose gold and beautiful, and I have a DIY idea in mind using it. And I got the Mahogany, scented candle, which it smells great, the case or whatever is good looking.

So, that was it for Eid 2016 haul, hope you liked it, and also happy 2nd year anniversary, Being Shahad just turned 2 in June, thank you so much for sticking around since Day 1. and If you’re new, welcome to my blog, this is my baby, I love her, and I hope you love my blog as well.

Thank you so much for reading, have a nice and safe Eid if you celebrate it, and if not, have a nice and safe summer.

Love you all..

Love, Shahad..//


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