Eid Trends 2016

f52e696182cb2a00095ce414687f88f9.jpgHello beautiful people! Welcome back! I know I said that i’ll be back with so many posts, and I just have so many post ideas in mind but I never find the time to shoot the products, edit them, and write a post, so I got you this short, sweet, picture-full post of some the Eid trends here in Saudi Arabia, now this is what have been trending here, I’m not saying that every single girl in Saudi Arabia is wearing these in Eid, every girl have her own fashion sense, but some of these trends I’ve been following; well, basically all of them I surprisingly have been inspired by them to create my own Eid outfits.

Okay, so these trends are made for the average girl, some of them are inspired by runway trends, some of them are not, so it will make it easier for the average girl to style, and wear it for every day.

One of the most popular and trusted stores are ZARA (which is world-widely trusted) and H&M , (also Topshop, Bershka, Stradivarius,..). So sometimes, these kind of stores adapt the runway trends to fit their customer’s everyday wear. & sometimes, they set their own trends.

1. Blue & White stripes..

Blue and White stripes are very well known in Zara, and people seem to like them, so now they have every shape and form in this kind of pattern. But I think it’s chic, and girly.




2. Off-Shoulder tops.. (And sometimes ruffles are in the mix) 

I LOVE Off-shoulder tops, they give such a feminine, elegant, gorgeous look. And sometimes, with the right cut and material, they can be bohemian, and I love anything bohemian for the summer.

balqees off sh

A bestseller in Zara..probably. (Balqees.. A well-known Yemeni singer)



This one combines the two trends.. Very summery




3. Culottes (and sometimes, ribbed) 

Okay, seriously, I am obsessed with culottes, even I wrote a post about it here.




hande culottes

Hande Erçel, Turkish Actress

4. Ribbed culotte jumpsuits..

This is an amazing combination, cause I love culottes and jumpsuits, so this is match made in heaven.


this is exactly what every store have; Probably the perfect piece, ribbed, culotte, and it’s a jumpsuit.


5. Long tops & outerwear…

You all know I love long tops (I should totally name this “my favorite Eid trends” )

e4641fd9702a531db0aaa4a6a3b127bcm long


6. Sleepwear Fashion.. 

From slip dresses, to silk pyjama sets, this trend is inspired by the runway.

I have seen so many sleepwear inspired clothes in stores for Eid, and I’m telling ya; not everyone is in love with this trend, it’s not something EVERYONE will like. but I have seen a woman wore this to a Mother’s Day event, party thing almost black tie (probably a white tie, not a black tie event) back in March, and I kind of liked it, I wouldn’t wear it a lot, but yeah it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. but I feel like they are really high fashion, and kind of editorial. so i kind of like it.



So, that was it for today’s post, I really hope you liked it, and found something new, and interesting and helpful, this is what I’ve been seeing in stores, and I am NOT saying that all Saudi Arabia girls wear the same, everyone got their own style and fashion sense. this is what have been trending on Instagram, clothing stores, runways, everywhere.

Thank you so much for reading this post, and I’ll talk to you next time.

Love,  Shahad..//