An Inspirational Pinboard “with a twist” (DIY)

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Hello my beauties.. Welcome back, I have missed you guys so much, I know I’ve been away for so long, like for months, and I wanna thank you for your continuous support for me and my blog, and I am so sorry for leaving the blog for months; but school work have been taking most of my time lately, and it sucks.

but; today I have something for you, that I think it’s creative of me, and it’s a DIY!! (I am not a diy kind of person, but this would be cool; since I’ve always wanted to something related with fashion on a pinboard with a new twist. hopefully you like it and try it..

What you need.. 

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So, everything in the pic is basically what you will need. Old magazines, small scissors (for making cutting papers much more precise), small flash tattoos (for making them fit and not overwhelm the board with stuff all over, hope you get me on that), and of course; pinboard and pins.

Let’s move on to the steps, shall we? 

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Obviously you need to cut your favorite fashion pics from the magazines, and here’s a tip for remembering what you like and what you don’t, make sure you mark the page by flipping the corners of it, and mark the item by putting a check anywhere near the item “not the item itself”.

DSC_0473 (1024x681)DSC_0474 (1024x681)

Also, another tip is ” make sure you leave some space anywhere around the item so you have space to put the tattoos without covering the item itself”. 

DSC_0477 (1024x681).jpg

So, after you’ve cut all your fashion picks, grab your flash tattoos (that you don’t need), and start getting creative with your life.

Now you probably think that the water will ruin the magazine paper, but I’ll show you a method that you can do, in a way that you don’t ruin the paper.


1. cut your desired tattoo(s) and place them where you want them to be.

2. grab a q-tip, dip it in some water.

3. squeeze the excess water out, by pressing the q-tip gently between your fingers.

4.roll your q-tip on the tattoo paper (DO NOT rub or swipe).

5. press the paper so the tattoo can stick.

6. take the tattoo paper off, carefully.

DSC_0482 (1024x681)

And you should get something like this! P.S. you might get some patchiness, like not the full tattoo will transfer, but it will small and unnoticeable. 

DSC_0484 (1024x681)

& you can be extra creative and cut the tattoos and play with the shapes and stuff.

DSC_0488 (1024x681)

and this is the finished look to the entire board, tell me what you think. ❤

So, that was it for today’s post, I really hope you liked it, again I’m so sorry for leaving the blog for so long, but now it’s summer, and I’m back for good. & again thank you so much for your continuous support, and also; thank you for reading this post and i’ll see you next time..

Love, Shahad..//