Blush pots.

DSC_0438 (1024x681) (1024x681)

Hello gorgeous people, welcome back.. I might say that i’m finally back on track at the blog, because i got some diy for you today..

now, someday i felt like cleaning up my makeup drawer, and i felt like some things are taking up too much space, plus i don’t really use them that much because they’re way in the back. just like the benefit go TROPI-CORAL blush set. and they had a mini CORALista blush, and coralista doesn’t really show on my skin at all. so, i thought of making a loose blush.

DSC_0439 (1024x681) (1024x681).jpg

The first thing i did is that, i crushed the blush with a mini cosmetic spatula, and “poured it” into a cosmetic container.

DSC_0440 (1024x681) (1024x681)DSC_0441 (1024x681) (1024x681)

And because the blush was a little too light for me, i added my bronzer (which was crushed already) to add a bronzy glow to the mix.

DSC_0442 (1024x681) (1024x681).jpg

and finally, adding MAC Rose pigment for an added rose gold sheen to the mix. Plus, adding a pink hint of color..

DSC_0444 (1024x681) (1024x681).jpg

And voila! that is the final look, after shaking it and crushing it with a spatula.

that is it to the post, i really hope you liked it and found it helpful, now i haven’t tried it yet, but if i tried it i’ll tell my thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading this post and i’ll see you next time, very soon.

So much love, Shahad..,//


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