Blush pots.

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Hello gorgeous people, welcome back.. I might say that i’m finally back on track at the blog, because i got some diy for you today..

now, someday i felt like cleaning up my makeup drawer, and i felt like some things are taking up too much space, plus i don’t really use them that much because they’re way in the back. just like the benefit go TROPI-CORAL blush set. and they had a mini CORALista blush, and coralista doesn’t really show on my skin at all. so, i thought of making a loose blush.

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The first thing i did is that, i crushed the blush with a mini cosmetic spatula, and “poured it” into a cosmetic container.

DSC_0440 (1024x681) (1024x681)DSC_0441 (1024x681) (1024x681)

And because the blush was a little too light for me, i added my bronzer (which was crushed already) to add a bronzy glow to the mix.

DSC_0442 (1024x681) (1024x681).jpg

and finally, adding MAC Rose pigment for an added rose gold sheen to the mix. Plus, adding a pink hint of color..

DSC_0444 (1024x681) (1024x681).jpg

And voila! that is the final look, after shaking it and crushing it with a spatula.

that is it to the post, i really hope you liked it and found it helpful, now i haven’t tried it yet, but if i tried it i’ll tell my thoughts.

Thank you so much for reading this post and i’ll see you next time, very soon.

So much love, Shahad..,//


Recent collective haul..

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Hello my beauties, welcome back, i really missed you and also the blog and i miss talking to you. I’m really sorry for just cutting off the blog, just because I’ve been really busy, my final exams and then my sister’s wedding right after and then i had something similar to the SATs and school started right after. and I, basically, couldn’t get a hold of my life.

So, i collected some of my recent buys and show it to you in case you liked something, it’s still available (hopefully!)

starting off with clothing,,

the first store i wanna talk about is H&M..

DSC_0405 (1024x681).jpg

now, my obsession grew for high neck/turtle neck tops during this winter, and this top is one of my absolute favorites, because the neck isn’t too high, plus the sleeve have a subtle bell-sleeve cut to it, which makes it more unique than my other turtle neck tops.

DSC_0417 (1024x681).jpg

and socks??! Yes, my mom bought them and they ended up running a little bit small for her feet. so yeah, i like those and they really help when you wanna keep yo self warm 🙂

DSC_0428 (1024x681).jpg

i love this necklace and i love the fact that you can change the charm or whatever, really excites me, plus i love the marble look on the charms, especially the white one.

DSC_0410 (1024x681)

and i got their masks, now i’ve heard a fashion blogger (beauty isn’t much her thing) talk about them, saying that they’re good and all, recommending these. and i ended up getting the hydrating and moisturizing one, as you can most likely to see.

now, the smell of them is really good, and they are hydrating clay masks, so i felt like it’s kind of off, because usually clarifying masks are usually the clay ones, but maybe they know something we don’t. but i tried them, and i didn’t see a lot of hydration (especially i’ve needing some hydration lately) but they do make the texture of your skin really nice, so i don’t know about these..

P.S. Now that i looked back, that blogger was using the clarifying ones, maybe the clarifying ones are much better than the hydrating ones.

and then i went to a store called Jennyfer. (with a Y)

DSC_0416 (1024x681).jpg

& and I only got this top; i liked the details on the side, and the fact that is a crop top but not too cropped, and it’s quite loose. plus, i love the color palette of it.

I also went for the first time and bought something from a store called Springfield..

DSC_0407 (1024x681).jpg

I don’t know why, but i love this top, i love the peachy colors and it all written in French, it kind reminds me of the French 70’s style, bangs, flowers, peachy color palette, freckles, and all that, and a really important thing, fringes..!

DSC_0419 (1024x681).jpg

and i also got these pants, but they ended up being too big for me (which is surprising tbh) but i’ve been loving to wear comfy trousers more than wearing jeans, i mean i’ve been loving comfy clothes, a lot.

And then onto Victoria’s Secret, mainly for this…

DSC_0411 (1024x681).jpg

Now, because during the days of my sister’s wedding, i’ve been doing my own makeup, so i’ve carrying my makeup in multiple small makeup bags, and it’s really frustrating; you lose things, everything gets messy and all. so i bought this baby, and it’s so beautiful and big, and leopard and fierce and gold, and i love this baby. DSC_0413 (1024x681)

it’s pretty wide on the inside and holds all the makeup, including palettes and big bottles and also brushes.

DSC_0414 (1024x681).jpg

and this pocket pouch thing, is  so helpful for Q-tips and cotton pads for emergencies; and also blotting papers. plus it comes with a hanger if you feel like hanging your makeup bag, for space.

and also went to Bath & Body Works..

DSC_0425 (1024x681).jpg

Personally, i believe that BBW had some terrible lotions, and i had problem with their scents lingering (just like everything else) but when they improved the formula, i honestly became really impressed. so i didn’t get this myself, my mom got this for herself, but she ended up finding out that she had the full size of it, and she gave it to me.

DSC_0424 (1024x681)

since they don’t have new scents at the store, we bought from the White Barn candles in Japanese Cherry Blossom & a small Mahogany Teakwood. now my sister said that she didn’t like the Mahogany Teakwood, because it smelled like a man, i mean i love the Mahogany Teakwood scent more than the Japanese Cherry Blossom, I mean i feel like there’s some manliness in the scent but not that much, i would definitely buy the Mahogany Teakwood Intense, cause i love the scent and the jar is black and gold.

and I went to MAC Cosmetics and got only one pigment..

DSC_0426 (1024x681).jpg

I got Vanilla pigment, I use it as mostly highlighter, like on my cheeks; sometimes inner corner, and so far so good. I love the white rose gold sheen it gives to the face.

and I went to Sephora and they had a gift for me, for reaching the 200 points in the black card membership..

DSC_0437 (1024x681)

and that included a box of Too Faced goodies..

-Bulletproof 24hr shadow liner in Dirtbag: beautiful bronze shade, and it works really well for effortless smudgy eyeshadow look.

-Perfect liner in Perfect Black: awesome pencil for tightlining, and also for smudging eyeliner because of the smudging tool on the other end, really helps with creating the slight wing.

-Better than Sex (written Love here): i feel like this is one of the mascaras that is so good when it’s a little dried up, because the first time i used it, it was too heavy to lift my eyelashes, but when it got dried up, it is BOMB darling, it is BOMB.


and i also got a couple of things for me,..

DSC_0431 (1024x681)DSC_0432 (1024x681)

and because i was doing my own makeup for my sister’s wedding, i needed a contour kit. and i didn’t want one with multiple shades, just one with a single highlight shade and a single contour shade. So, i got myself the Marc Jacobs #InstaMarc contour kit in 40Mirage Filter. and it is so great, the shade are on point, and they blend like a dream, and the yellow powder isn’t too bright and yellow-y. so it’s perfect to me.

DSC_0435 (1024x681).jpg

now, i’m probably the last person on earth to try this. but now i get why people have been raving about this for years; IT TAKES A VILLAGE to take this off of your eyes, it is so good. and i got the shade Eden; cause i wanted it to act a concealer for my eyelids, because they’re on the darker side.

DSC_0433 (1024x681)DSC_0434 (1024x681) and i had to get the Huda Beauty Mink Lashes, and i got them in Naomi, great for Halo eyeshadow looks, they’re long, fluffy and wispy.. i love these. plus they’re so light on the eyes.

and i went to this Korean Beauty inspired store called The Face Shop and i only got one thing..

DSC_0436 (1024x681).jpg

It’s the Rice Water Brightening Light Cleansing Oil. and it works. cleansing oils are known for being excellent makeup removers. and this one works this way..

you message the oil into your skin with your clean hands, until all the makeup dissolves.

and then you rinse it off with only warm water. and trust me, it does NOT leave an oily residue on the skin. it just leaves your skin so soft, and it removes almost all the makeup.

plus, the rice water is known for brightening, so overtime with using this. your skin will get even brighter.


so, i guess that was it for the haul, really hope you enjoyed it, hopefully i’ll get to write more, because i miss writing for the blog.

Thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.

So much love, Shahad..//