Best of fashion 2015

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2015 has come to an end, and it’s time to reveal my favorite fashion trends, buys, etc.. that came out in 2015.. not going for a long intro so let’s get to the point..

starting with the trends that came out in 2015,



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Although henna is known in India and the Middle East centuries ago, but it became widely, globally known in 2015. plus it became a trend almost everyone is rocking, or trying to rock. It represents femininity and joy, celebration, everything good.

It’s like tattoo without the commitment.well, it only last for a week, if took care of it; 10 days.

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something similar to henna, but won’t take time to apply, also comes in a metallic shades, it was highly used and trending in the summer..

Flash Tattoos// 

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Flash tattoos come in so many shapes and designs, it’s crazy how many designs are available, but my personal favorite are the henna design, more than the geometrical shapes, such as the arrows and bows (although i’m a sucker for bows and arrows) but i personally prefer flash tattoos in the henna design, you know with out the full henna commitment (Do I have commitment issues?! that’s why i hardly ever cut my hair). you know the last time i did it, lasted me 2 days only.

Why was it so popular in the summer?.. maybe because people show more skin the summer, so it would be interesting to add something here and there; plus metallic shades are phenomenal on tan skin, it’s just unbelievable.

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This girl just knew how to use these flash tattoos right. work it GIRL!! 


and the last trend that popped out in 2015 is long tops..


I am a sucker for long tops, the first time i actually saw it, was a Turkish series one of the female lead was known to be fashionable & spoiled, so one time in the winter episodes she wore a long cardigan, and you guys; that outfit spoke to my soul right away (it was winter 2014) thank god that type of tops spread quickly and i found it, soon in the summer long tops became something known and i honestly love it.

I don’t like every trend that come out, but honestly this one is everything!!


And now, i wanna talk about fashion pieces (not necessarily trends)..

Statement Necklaces// 



Statement necklaces have been my life this year.  I don’t know what it is, but I’m just attracted to them in some way, like they change your whole entire outfit. onetime i had to go to a quick mini girls party; i wanted a comfy last minute outfit; denim, a simple blouse with interesting pattern on the fabric, statement necklace, with cute flats, and VOILA! you got yourself a cute outfit.. they just save your life sometimes.


Love Culture



The next fashion item i was lusting over (especially in the fall and winter)

Turtle Neck/ High Neck Tops// 

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When I was younger i HATED turtle neck tops, now i feel like i would love wearing them in every outfit. They’re just sophisticated, classy, fashionable, and they keep you warm also. turns out not only me who likes turtle necks this fall and winter, people have been wearing them a lot lately.

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The next fashion item i’ve been loving so much this year..

Stone Jewelry// 


As much as i love a good sophisticated and classy outfit, I adore something in life called bohemian jewelry, stone jewelry mostly represents the bohemian style, because they kind of feel earthy and “back to nature” kind of thing, which i absolutely LOVE!

so the next thing, also i’ve been loving for fall and winter,

Fur Vests// 


Fur, velvet, and diamonds; are the definition of GLAM !! I have been loving fur vests lately, i don’t know i just like them so much they seem to make an outfit winter-y and glamorous and sophisticated. adds a little oomph to the outfit.

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Now, my top fashion buys for 2015 are..

My Zara Khaki long top// 


2 things made me love this top, the color; and the fact that is long.

Michael Kors Jet Set Small Crossbody// 


I’ve been eyeing this beauty for so long, when i went to Paris and saw it; i just couldn’t resist!!

Steve Madden Stefano Sandals// 


these have been my favorite shoes EVER!! but everywhere i go i take off my shoes, i need somewhere to show them babies off !!

Indie + Harper Jewelry// 


I’ve had a hard time with the shipping and all, but i love them so much. but i’m not going to buy from them again, it’s just been too hard of an experience for me.

Adidas Originals Superstar Trainers//


These babies have been on my wishlist, and now they’re in my hands, dreams can come true ladies.

Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoes in Leather// 


I bought these from the outlet when I was in France. The color of them is breathtaking to me!

Nine West Booties// 


these are the fierce babies of them all. I only wore them once unfortunately, i just can’t find a place to wear my shoes to </3


other than that, i have the statement necklaces, and fur vest (see above). I love everything that i buy, but these are the once that i feel like they worth showing, because i just love them and i’ve been eyeing them for so long.

That was it for the 2015′ s best of fashion, hope you guys liked it, thank you for making 2015 a good year for me & Being SHAHAD.

Hopefully, i could post the beauty version of this post around the next two days.

but thank you so much for reading this post, and I’ll see you soon.

Have a happy and healthy year xx (happiness and healthiness are fashionable)

Love, Shahad..//



Empties vol.2 : Will I purchase these again?!

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Hello beauties!! welcome back !! It has been two weeks since I posted something, I haven’t posted anything last Friday because it was my sister’s bachelor party, and let me tell ya, I had the time of my life!! It was fun as HELL !! anyways, let’s move onto the empties, so welcome to the second part of my empties, my first one was in May, and now it’s December, so it’s been like 7 months (OMG!!) this time the products are more, there’s around 30 products, so i have categorized them in the photos so i won’t hibernate after taking them.

So, I’m gonna start with cleansers..

DSC_0171 (1024x681).jpg

(from left to right) 

Nivea Gentle Face Cleanser: This is a cream cleanser for dry skinned people, it’s actually really good for hydrating your skin if you have dry skin, so i would actually recommend it, if you’re cream cleanser type of person.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser: I finished this and another sample bottle, I actually got a lot of Kiehl’s samples when i was in Paris. So, I really like this cleanser, it does the job well, but I won’t purchase the full size of it, cause there’s a lot better drugstore cleansers on the market.

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Brightening Cleanser: This one I  liked the most, because it definitely made my face feel so fresh, plus it got some sparkles inside the bottle, so I really like this cleanser, and it’s the type that I’ll repurchase.


Okay, moving on to other skin care products,..

DSC_0174 (1024x681).jpg

Garnier Makeup Remover Milk: This one is also for dry skin, and as it says on the bottle, it got rose extract, although i bought 2 bottles of this back in the day, i feel like now i didn’t like it that much, there was definitely much better products on the market, i didn’t repurchase, and i don’t think i will in the future.

L’Oreal Hydra Total 5 Gel-cream: This one is my second bottle, and i recommended it to my sister, and she loved it. If I didn’t bought another moisturizer, i would’ve bought it for the third time 🙂

Guerlain Orchidée Impériale: obviously won’t purchase the full size, cause i’m too young for that, but this is such a great serum for the face, plus it smells heavenly, and makes your skin looks and feels so good.

And since we still talking about the face, let’s talk makeup!! ..

DSC_0179 (1024x681)

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB: I got the shade Medium, and my thoughts on it would be “It’s ok” basically, it’s not bad, and it’s not great, i just didn’t like the fact that when you blend it out, it almost seems like nothing. the coverage didn’t really speak to my soul. and there’s definitely things better on the market, but that just my opinion.

Boutjois Healthy Mix Foundation: absolutely amazing foundation, I feel like if i’m done experimenting, i would probably go back to it, because it’s really good, it has been treating me well when i was using it, it’s satin-natural finish from what i tried, but it’s one of the best drugstore foundations, it’s actually my first foundation ever.

Victoria’s Secret Glossy Tint: I got this wayyy back in 2013 when the VSFS just aired and i was obsessed with their makeup look, and Candice Swanepoel. so i discovered that they used this in the show (the shade is Boudoir Pink) along with a color that  i don’t remember the shade’s name, but this is like a light, sheer everyday nude pink color, and i liked it, but i won’t repurchase it, actually it’s discontinue. so, thank god i don’t like it that much, and not many people go crazy for VS makeup.

L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim: I didn’t like it AT ALL!! like i only swatched it once, and it dried out completely, and i was carefully closing it, and try to keep it fresh and all, but it’s not great. although so many Youtube gurus recommend it, but i had a different experience with it. To me, it’s crap.

moving on to hair products, starting off with hair masks..

DSC_0175 (1024x681).jpg

these two hair masks are super affordable, especially here in SA. you can find them in supermarkets, herbalists, everywhere, and they’re not pricey at all.

Schwarzkopf Bonawell Apricot Oil & Pro Vitamin B5: this has been setting in my drawer for months, and i felt like it needs some love, so i tried it; i liked it, i recommend it, but i won’t repurchase it, maybe because i feel like there’s a whole lot better products on the market, but if you feel like trying something new without the risk, this one won’t let you down.

Silver Moon First Aid Doctor for Hair: this is such a great mask, i highly recommend it if you can find it, the consistency is thicker than the Beauty Formulas Avocado Oil treatment in my first empties post, but the result is the same, which i find it great.

it’s time for leave-in conditioners…

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Sunsilk x Ouidad Leave in conditioner: it’s really good, smells great, it’s the thickest leave in conditioner I’ve ever used consistency wise, and i really like it, and i highly recommend it for curly haired babes, cause it makes the curl less frizzy, shiny, and nourished.

Wella Pro Series Leave in balm for colored hair: it’s a spray form, didn’t do any harm or good for me, i didn’t like it, the fact that it’s a spray irritated me, so glad it’s over.

moving on to hair serums..

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L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil: finished my second bottle, and on my way finishing my third one. I just LOVE this serum.

Garnier Fructis Split-Ends Damage: it’s really good, but nothing replaces L’Oreal’s serum in my heart ❤

Okay, let’s talk body products..

DSC_0178 (1024x681).jpg

Victoria’s Secret Angel Dream Lotion: this lotion supposed to be my mom’s, but she gave it to me, and i was stuck with it until i finished it up. now the delivery system sucks, the cream itself way too runny, and the smell is not that great, i mean the perfume smelled really nice, but when it came to the lotion, i wouldn’t recommend it that much.

Fair & White Paris Serum Exclusive Whitenizer w/ Vitamin C: the whole review on it is right here .

L’Occitane Amande Milk Concentrate: Remember when i got this on my birthday back in January, and I showed it in a Birthday Haul. Well, now it’s empty, i would ABSOLUTELY repurchase, are you kidding me!! this is so good, and i love L’Occitane, this was a major success!! and i highly recommend it! !

Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss mini lotion: B&BW have definitely improved their products, formula and packaging, so i bought the Dark Kiss lotion, it smelled so yummy, but i won’t repurchase it again, because i like trying new scents (I used to be a signature scent type of girl, but i’m not anymore).

and then going for random but important things for the body..

DSC_0172 (1024x681)

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Body Wash: i felt like buying this was useless, because the scent didn’t linger on my skin, this is actually came in minis set of (body wash, lotion, and body mist) but i always had problem with body wash scents lingering on my body, so the idea of buying a body wash matching to my lotion, is a waste of money for me. would not repurchase it.

Rexona Women Cotton Dry deodorant stick: I love Rexona’s deodorant sticks, they really do the job, but the cotton scent wasn’t really great, so i discovered the Bamboo scent (the green one) it smells so good, i’m happy that i found the scent that i like in Rexona. because i really like the deodorants, but i hated the available scents, now i have something that i like.

Nivea Stress Protect deodorant roll-on: it’s ok, like it’s really liquid-y , so you need time before wearing something and i don’t really have much time in the morning, plus it doesn’t last for long, and i’m a “sweaty” girl. i need help most of the time. and this product doesn’t help as much as Rexona’s.

the last thing i’m going to talk about is perfumes, that i finished up..

DSC_0180 (1024x681).jpg

The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Body Mist: It smells fresh, and nice, i recommend it for a light, fresh, everyday, morning scent, but since i like trying new things, i won’t repurchase it.

Abdul Samad Al-Qurashi Hair Perfume: this is absolutely amazing for the hair, and it lingers, and it’s not harmful, plus it’s so luxurious. now, this little bottle lasted me 10 months and i used them almost every time i take a shower, meaning twice a week, plus my sisters used it with me. so this little bottle does last for long. not only you use it on your hair, but you can use it on your body by mixing it with your lotion. it’s custom scent, you choose what suits, i don’t remember the name, but i asked for a floral-y, french eau de parfum scent. I bought my second one recently.

Giorgio Armani Si: this is the cutest sample ever, i love samples that look exactly like the full bottle, and the scent is so yummy, and i may buy the full bottle, maybe not, who knows, but i really like it.

Acqua Di Parma Gelsomino Nobile eau de parfum: finished 2 samples of these, (although i got the full size one) but they gave me a whole bunch of samples when i was in Paris (check the full Paris beauty haul). and this scent is such a heavenly scent, i will repurchase it, and i highly recommend it to everyone, it smells the yummiest, and i got so many compliments when i wear this.

Acqua Di Parma Magnolia Nobile eau de parfum: this one smells really light and fresh, more fresh flower-y than the Gelsomino Nobile, but it’s really beautiful and i recommend it.

Acqua Di Parma Nobile Gelsomino eau de toilette: same great scent, but lighter, due it’s name eau de toilette.


Okay, finally; it took 2 weeks to finish it, sorry i’ll be away for a bit, cause i finals the next 2 weeks, and they will be hectic.

I really hope you liked this post, thank you so much for reading, and i’ll see you hopefully very soon..

Love, Shahad..//