Guilty Pleasure Blogger: Angelica Blick.


Hello beauties, welcome back.., I’m starting a new series (as always!!) but, i’m going to talk about my favorite blogger. well, some of them are your favorite bloggers, but yeah you got the idea.

starting with a blogger who is so awesome, Angelica Blick..

Angelica in 22, was born in Linköping, currently living in Stockholm, she is so successful at a really young age, has won many awards, including “This Year’s Fashion Blog”, “This Year’s International Blog”.. and many other awards..

her blog’s main language is Swedish (which is her native), and written in English underneath.

her blog is probably well-known, no need for introduction, i love her style, hair, everything.

angelicablick_leaf5 angelicablick_w1 angieblick_bike burger8 greeen87 guldknappen_angelicablick9 nike_angie10 yoyo1 angelicablick_garage8 angelicablick_green1

That was it for this week’s post, i promise i will post more helpful posts soon, i just need time, because right now i’m so busy with school and stuff.. but i hope this will do for now.



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