Shahad’s Fashion Rack: Culottes.


Hello again beauties, Today I got you a mini fashion post, and i’m going to talk about one of my favorite clothing item; Culottes..

When I was searching for some photos on Pinterest, a pin came up saying it’s inspired by the 40’s, which i think it’s pretty cool to see a trend from an era that not a lot of people talking about (Fashion and beauty wise) it’s not as popular in fashion and beauty such as the 1920’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, and (recently) the 90’s. 30’s and 40’s seem to be a little forgotten from the industry, so it’s really nice to see something coming up from back then.

Okay, let’s keep talking culottes. so i don’t know if it’s not a trend anymore, but i don’t care, if i like something, i’ll talk about it no matter what.

anyways, so i got you some pictures today from Pinterest, Instagram, and I styled some from Polyvore.



Loved the all white look ❤

Dima alsheikhly.png

Dima Al Sheikhly in KhawlawRoadha (Instagram person) 


@TheRealFouz – a well known Instagram chick here in the Middle East (Love her!!) 

And I guess it’s time to show you what i styled on Polyvore..


most of them are casual chic, cause i’m currently in absolute LOVE with the any casual chic style..

and that was it for today’s post really hope you liked it, Thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you very soon.

Love, Shahad..//


Shahad’s Beauty Book: Special Occasion Face/.. Full Coverage Foundation.


Hello beauties welcome back to my blog, thank you for being patient with me and how busy i’ve been lately.

So, i’m finally writing this post, you know most of my posts lately haven’t been about makeup or beauty, it was all things that are related to fashion, or something doesn’t have to do with photography, because it’s been really hard to photograph lately.

anyways, back to the subject, so today, i’m going to show you my full coverage foundation routine, that i trust with my life. with all the tools, and why i love these products what i use them for, are they great, why are they so great to me. and all the stuff you need to know about a good foundation routine.

[Not to prime, is a CRIME ‘] 

Let’s start with priming.. 

DSC_2807 (1024x670)

So, to prime my face i use the Bare Minerals Prime Time Original, it’s not your pore filling primer, but it has that silicone-y feeling; it’s one of those silicone primers, the ones where they feel velvety but they’re not pore filling, they don’t dry out your skin, they just PRIME it for ya.  Now, i don’t have pores, nor my skin is oily or combination, so i don’t use the pore filling primers; actually, i have normal-dry skin, so pore filling primers would dry out my skin, revealing flakes almost everywhere (on a bad skin day)

for eye primer i use is The Body Shop Insta Blur Eye, it’s actually not mine, it’s my sister’s; she used it before, i liked it when it was her’s, but she gave it to me; only to know that it’s not that great actually. It works, but it’s not that great as i said. like, it keeps the eye shadow from creasing for approximately 6 hours before it creases badly (which is okay if you’re going out for dinner of 2 hours and going home and removing your makeup, but not for everyday 8-12 hours of the day).

Now, moving on to correcting.. 

DSC_0173 (1024x681)

Okay, so i have a problem concealing my dark circles due to how dark they are (they’re not that dark but they are considered as dark) anyways, i stumbled across this baby after a Saudi Instagram blogger said that it changed her life and i was like “maybe it will change mine too” so i got it and GUURRLL, that shit changed my soul not even my life *hands held together for a prayer* !!

it’s the best thing EVER!! it’s the Benefit Erase Paste, the thing about it that it’s salmon, not pure orange, because pure orange is used for heavy concealer, and i use a light in formula concealer. so salmon is great of a color, my shade is #2.

i apply it with a synthetic flat concealer brush from the Eco Tools kit, and blend it with the Micro Beauty Blenders. {The green ones} 

and since the corrector isn’t for showing, i apply it before foundation..

DSC_2809 (1024x681)

This is the star of the show, the one, the only, the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless  Foundation,,, *applause*

This is the foundation that i currently use and LOVE! it’s absolutely amazing, it’s semi-matte, but you feel like there’s a hydrating properties in it, it’s full coverage, but feels so light on the skin, it’s (uhm) watery, like really runny, and fluid. for example when i pump it into the back of my hand, as soon as it lands, it runs down, that’s how runny it is. but it’s definitely a winner.

As I said above, i have normal-dry skin; and this foundation works like magic on my skin, and my cousin have oily-combination skin, and it looked so good on her, so i feel like unless your skin is super-dry to dehydrated, you can use it.

because taking care of your skin is the key to foundation look good on you.

So, i apply this foundation with 2 steps:..

DSC_0174 (1024x681)

Step 1:.. I apply the foundation off the back of my hands with a flat foundation brush from Eco Tools, and almost paint my face with it, this will give you a full coverage but there will streaking from “painting your face”.

to blend out the streaking, let’s go to step 2..

DSC_0175 (1024x681)

Step 2:.. I blend out the foundation with my damp white Beauty Blender (sorry for being too dirty, i wash it regularly) the white beauty blender is stiffer than the black or the pink one, i don’t know why it just does.

so, this way you got yourself a full coverage, streak free finish.

Now, it’s time for concealer..

DSC_0171 (1024x681)

For concealer, i don’t use a heavy concealer, i don’t know why, but instead i use the Garnier concealer roller or something, in the color light, just to add a little highlighting to my face, and to apply that i use the beloved micro beauty blenders.

that’s it actually for concealing i don’t do much.

to set all that in place, we have to powder..

DSC_2816 (1024x681)

To set the concealer underneath my eyes, i mix The Balm’s Sexy Mama Translucent powder with Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Finish powder in Pale Yellow. 

DSC_2817 (1024x681)

and i use this mini powder brush for that, because it can get to underneath my eyes, over my lids and crease, and place the highlight powder precisely.

DSC_2818 (1024x681)

and to set my entire face i use The Balm’s Sexy Mama Translucent powder alone, with this big kabuki brush, because it set the whole entire face at once.

I don’t contour, I bronze..

DSC_2819 (1024x681)DSC_2835 (1024x681)

as a base, i use The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in #4 to add dimension cause it’s matte, and since it’s crumbled; it becomes more pigmented, so i use that to add dimension to my face.

and to add that beautiful bronze glow to my face i use the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion in #151, to complete that glow, and since this bronzer got some golden shimmery particles it gives that golden goddess skin.

DSC_2820 (1024x681)

And I apply both with this Claire’s brush that my mom got me YEARS ago, and i’m throwing it out but..

*I need suggestion for a good bronzer brush. 

But this one is doing it for now 🙂

to complete the glow, we’ll add highlighter..

DSC_2826 (1024x681)

I have such deep love for The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer, it is absolutely something else. I love using it for everyday makeup, or even special occasion makeup, it’s always a winner, and i apply it with this magic wand by MAC the brush #184.

& finally to add color to the face, BLUSH..

Now, I don’t use any color for blush for special occasions, it has to be a sophisticated color, almost suits every dress, eye makeup, and lip  color. so i chose for 3 blushes for different price ranges, 2 powders and one cream (if you wanted a dewy look). not too pink, nor too peach, nor too bright, more muted, neutral, almost natural on the skin colors.

DSC_2821 (1024x681) DSC_2823 (1024x681)

[from top left] Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in #6 Powder Pink, NYX Powder Blush in Terracotta, Nars Dolce Vita. 

To me, these three are great for special occasions, i feel like these blushes i can rely on when i don’t want things to clash.

& here's some swatches for ya :)

& here’s some swatches for ya 🙂

DSC_2825 (1024x681)

And I apply this blush with The Body Shop Blush Brush ,and I love this brush because it’s flat, so it lays the color down on the cheeks, but fluffy at the top, so it blends out the excess color on the cheeks..

So, that was for today’s post, finally something involves explaining and photography and long posts, and not only photos from the internet.

Thank you so much for reading this post, really hope you liked it, and found it helpful, again thank you for reading and i’ll see you very soon..

Love, Shahad..//

Guilty Pleasure Blogger: Angelica Blick.


Hello beauties, welcome back.., I’m starting a new series (as always!!) but, i’m going to talk about my favorite blogger. well, some of them are your favorite bloggers, but yeah you got the idea.

starting with a blogger who is so awesome, Angelica Blick..

Angelica in 22, was born in Linköping, currently living in Stockholm, she is so successful at a really young age, has won many awards, including “This Year’s Fashion Blog”, “This Year’s International Blog”.. and many other awards..

her blog’s main language is Swedish (which is her native), and written in English underneath.

her blog is probably well-known, no need for introduction, i love her style, hair, everything.

angelicablick_leaf5 angelicablick_w1 angieblick_bike burger8 greeen87 guldknappen_angelicablick9 nike_angie10 yoyo1 angelicablick_garage8 angelicablick_green1

That was it for this week’s post, i promise i will post more helpful posts soon, i just need time, because right now i’m so busy with school and stuff.. but i hope this will do for now.