Shahad’s Fashion Rack:The LBS (Fringed)

DSC_2807 (1024x681)

Hello Loves, welcome back! so, i wanted to write something helpful since all of the post i’ve been posting are like inspiration boards and stuff.. so hopefully this is helpful for you.. 🙂


I believe that fringed mini skirt is quite the statement, and sometimes it’s quite hard to style, and i know that fringes is not everyone’s cup of tea, but i (personally) believe that fringes are awesome, if you wanna go slightly bolder than usually, a black mini fringed skirt is big baby step for going bolder.


fringes surprisingly can be good for a casual day outfit, but I’ve always thought that fringes are awesome for a night out with the girls, such a statement.

Imagine wearing the same top and skirt as the picture but with like sneakers or something… i think it would look so cool, for a casual outfit.

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I feel like an all-black outfit makes the fringes standout, because between the monochrome look, there’s a little movement to the outfit.


does feather count as fringed?! if it does, then this will make a bolder statement than the leather one.


mini skirt, and longer fringes, why didn’t think of this? this is the best idea ever, like this IS statement. i LOVE it.. !!!

So, that was it for the post, really hope you liked it, thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad..//


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