Mini Shoe & Makeup Haul ♥

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Hello my beauties, welcome back, as i will say, I’ve been SOOO busy with school work and stuff, i just finished a project (it was about the breast cancer awareness, you a day for that and all) and also, since i was so tired that i come back from school, i would sleep immediately ’til evening, and i need the sunlight for the photography.

so, most of the posts have been inspirational, doesn’t involve photography and anything helpful much.

but, i have a collective haul for you today, and i hope you’ll be pleased..!

starting with makeup products..

DSC_0160 (1024x681)

I was on the hunt for the perfect matte burgundy lipstick, and i came across the love of my life, ironically, it’s from a brand i dislike and certainly don’t trust </3 but i am now living happy with it, and there’s love between us two..

It’s the Max Factor LIPFINITY Color + Gloss in 550 Reflective Ruby, it’s a liquid lipstick on one side, and the other one is a matching gloss, i usually don’t wear lipgloss with dark lips, (cause basically dark matte lip is much more perfect) so yeah it’s absolutely amazing. and i swatched it in store and it took days for me to take it off properly, but on the lips it takes off easily. but it can get patchy a little if you didn’t use it in the right way.

and while i was on my way, i found a great colored pencil, that’s it’s actually a great way to wear color on your eyes if you’re not ready to go bold, since purple, works on all eye colors. It’s the NYX Slide on eye pencil in SL13 Jewel.

and i was happy to find out that the Rimmel ScandalEyes in Nude are finally available in the middle east, so got myself one.

DSC_0163 (1024x681)

the NYX pencil is less of blue toned purple in real life, since it’s more like a gold reflective purple. it’s almost like a plummy purple.

DSC_0167 (1024x681)

and here’s swatches for the lipstick…<3

and now moving on to the shoes..

DSC_0159 (1024x681)

I got these fierce beauties from Nine West, and i absolutely love them, i haven’t got the chance to wear them yet, but hopefully soon.DSC_0158 (1024x681)

& last but not least, the star of the show, the grand finale, the baby, THE Adidas Superstar trainers, and if you remember these babies from the Fashion wishlist, you know how much i wanted them and i finally got them, i got them from ASOS. and i am so glad that i did..

that was it for the haul really hope you liked it, and i’ll see you next time.,

Love, Shahad..//


Shahad’s Fashion Rack: The LBS (How to style The Fringed skirt)

DSC_2807 (1024x681)

Hello beauties ! welcome back, today i have a couple of outfits i made, so that it would be easy to style the fringed skirt, by the fact that it’s harder than the pencil and the faux leather to style.

i have some really glamorous outfits, and other that is more casual and laid-back.


I believe that fringes, fur, and bling, are the ultimate glamorous combo, i think that mixing neutrals, really helps to make any outfit glamorous.


I feel like this outfit is more of simple day, or even work outfit, for some reason, and i added a pop of color for something else.


I personally, feel like black, gold, and leather, are the ultimate classic combo for a night out, matching textures is something new to me personally, but i feel like it could work, and look chic.


this is probably the most casual of them all, but it’s my favorite.


this is like, really chic, fancy dinner type of outfit. with the white almost taking over, and the rose gold, with a little black and grey.


the last outfit is like, casual chic, it’s casual; but with a hint of glam to it, i like it, and i also added some khaki for a new neutral to add.

so that was it for today’s post, hope you liked it, thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.

and by the way right now, i’m celebrating my sister’s engagement party (probably!)

Love, Shahad..//

Shahad’s Fashion Rack:The LBS (Fringed)

DSC_2807 (1024x681)

Hello Loves, welcome back! so, i wanted to write something helpful since all of the post i’ve been posting are like inspiration boards and stuff.. so hopefully this is helpful for you.. 🙂


I believe that fringed mini skirt is quite the statement, and sometimes it’s quite hard to style, and i know that fringes is not everyone’s cup of tea, but i (personally) believe that fringes are awesome, if you wanna go slightly bolder than usually, a black mini fringed skirt is big baby step for going bolder.


fringes surprisingly can be good for a casual day outfit, but I’ve always thought that fringes are awesome for a night out with the girls, such a statement.

Imagine wearing the same top and skirt as the picture but with like sneakers or something… i think it would look so cool, for a casual outfit.

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I feel like an all-black outfit makes the fringes standout, because between the monochrome look, there’s a little movement to the outfit.


does feather count as fringed?! if it does, then this will make a bolder statement than the leather one.


mini skirt, and longer fringes, why didn’t think of this? this is the best idea ever, like this IS statement. i LOVE it.. !!!

So, that was it for the post, really hope you liked it, thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad..//

Run, Way

large (9)

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I’ve always been fascinated by the close up runway shots, there’s something alive about it, because the basic shot of a model walking down the runway is boring to death, the close up shot can be unusual, interesting, and mysterious; because you see the shot without knowing the model, kind of exciting in a way. and the photos themselves can be editorial-esk.

that was a quick post, i wrote it, because i’m bored and i wanted to update my blog + I’m still going to write a post tomorrow (as every Friday).

Thank you for reading and i’ll see you next time.


Shahad’s Wishlist: Fashion Edition, 2015..

بدون عنوان

Hello beauties, it’s been almost 12 days since i wrote my last post, which is not nice, i know. But the Eid days are over, and it’s time to go back to reality.. so school came up, and i had absolutely no time at all for anything. but i wanted to write a quick post you might like, you might not, (i’m still looking for time to post something might be helpful) but, i hope this will do it for now at least, like for example on Sunday i have an algebra test, and it freaks the shit out of me, but i gotta make time for everything if i wanna maintain my life the right way, AM I RIGHT?! CAN I GET AN AMEN??!!

i’m sorry, i just had so much to say, i’ll get to the point now..

Starting with things from 


The first thing is this camo utility jacket it’s from New Look on Asos, and it’s looks really similar to one from Nastygal except it’s much more affordable. an absolute love for this jacket.

image1xxl (1) large (3)

The next thing i’ve been eyeing for so long, it’s the Adidas Originals Superstar trainers, and it’s really hard to get it now, even online, so hopefully i can get one really soon.

moving on to Topshop..

02L02HWHT_2_large 44J41FBLK_2_large

It’s really hard to find Topshop now, in the east region, because it just does, and i llooovve Topshop jeans, and i only want like a black and a white ripped jeans, because i basically need them in my life, like RIGHT NOWW!!

so yeah, hopefully i will go somewhere sells Topshop really soon, who knows what the future hold..

*The black are the MOTO Jamie Jeans, and the white is no longer available on the site. 

Next move on The White Fox Boutique…


I love White fox boutique as much as i love Missguided, okay maybe less, but it is such an awesome, and since i don’t feel like writing anything, i’m just gonna insert the photos.. *Living the honest life*

_mg_6062 gillie_2

That was it for my wishlist for the 2015 fashion edition, it’s getting late, and i need to wake up early tomorrow to study algebra, thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time..

Love, Shd..//