Shahad’s Wishlist: Missguided Edition. .

بدون عنوان

Hello again beauties, if you’re reading this now, i’ll probably be on family Eid getaway for 3 days, and hopefully i’m having a good time, and i might do haul about it, maybe i’ll take photos of the trip, we’ll see what i can do..

anyways, so a little fact about me, i am obsessed with Missguided, it’s like my daily routine to log on their website, and see what they have on there, yet i never bought a thing from there… so, i happen to do a wishlist for you..


the first thing is this royal blue 2 piece set, i love royal blue so much, it is such a beautiful color, and i think it looks great on anyone, basically. (tap on the picture to take you to the shopping page)


another 2 piece set, but this time is in camel, i love, love, love camel colors, and i feel like it’s the perfect nude for women with olive, or dark, or even medium colors.. i am personally having a hard time finding the perfect nude of everything, and camel seems to be speaking to my soul. (tap on the picture to take to a similar shopping page)


I love capes, and this white cape dress just spoke to my soul, and i fell in love with it, if you a leftover tan, it will make it POP! (tap on the pic to take you to the shopping page)


this top, i saw the first time in the new arrivals section, and it’s just love at first sight to me, it’s just perfect; Burgundy, off-shoulder, flow-y, you know all the good stuff.


I dream about this skirt, every single day of my life, and it’s just the perfect skirt of life, and it looks quite short on the model because she’s mega tall, and i saw a girl on Instagram wearing it and she’s shorter than the model but taller than me, and i’m kinda short, so it won’t be as revealing on me, so thank god for being short for once, and i feel quite comfortable in conservative clothing that’s just who i am, plus i’m young, i still have time to reveal more skin in the future, but you need a little skin showing thru every now and then.


This style of shoes remind me so much of famous designer shoe, i don’t remember who it is, it’s a beautiful shoe, and i’m in love with it..


You know (maybe you don’t) that i’ve been wanting this style of sandal for so long, and i finally got a similar one from Steve Madden, and i totally love it, but i wanted it in white also, so this one as usual spoke to my soul right away..


These beauties caught my eye because of the chunky gold bar on the top of it all, instant love.


White with a gold chunky bar, ab absolute love for this clutch ❤


You probably know by now that i am obsessed with statement necklaces, and this one is so amazing, because it got the navy blue and royal blue rhinestones and the light pink and the white ones, and it’s just a beautiful combination of colors.

and that was it for my wishlist, Missguided edition, thank you so much for reading this post and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shd..//


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