Shahad’s Fashion Rack: The LBS (How to style The Pencil).

DSC_2807 (1024x681)

Hello again beauties,, welcome back,,.

In the previous post, i introduced the pencil skirt, the ways you can wear them, when you can wear them, and where..

so, this post, i will give you a fool proof ways you can style the pencil skirt.


This is probably one of my favorites, it’s amazing for work, and you can also wear it for a classy, fancy lunch. the the palette is quite simple and minimalistic, and the mix between the gold and silver accent will give you a hint of sophistication.


this is quite casual and perfect for the fall and winter, because the baggy sweater and black leggings will give warmth, and the shoes are quite comfy, so you can walk around all day, comfortable and girly.


this outfit i don’t know what to call it, it’s also great for fall and winter, and it’s all neutrals with a pop of blue to add something to the look. now the black leather jacket will give you a hint of edge, and pairing it with a light (not bulky like the previous outfit) will make it easy for you to wear, now the long hem at the back will give off a cool look similar to these..

c3954d5e7eba7f71cb7c2aada3018381 ee4051fdfced45f19c6364ef574a6545


let’s talk party looks, this is the ultimate bold party look, you can wear it to a party, a night out, anywhere that you feel like standing out..

the mix of black, white and gold, is the ultimate party color palette.. if you wanted an added bling go for a simple but sparkly earrings cause the top itself is a bling.

this outfit is definitely a statement.

ps5Now, i believe that this is the easiest outfit to recreate, because it contains the staples of every girl’s closet, the black bandeau, the black skirt, and the black cardigan.

you can wear the skirt with the bandeau alone, but i believe that it would look classier with the long cardigan, plus, it wouldn’t look as plain.

adding the body chain, will definitely add something interesting to your look.

the neon shoes, will add a pop of statement, instead of making it a plain, all black look.

the bag is white to break the color palette + matches the pump’s back and heel 🙂

that was it for today’s post, and the pencil; we still have a few skirts left to talk about, but until then..

Love, Shahad../


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