Shahad’s Fashion Rack : The LBS (The Pencil) .

DSC_2807 (1024x681)

Hello again, almost feel like long time, no see.. see, i’ve been busy with school and stuff, and things have been getting hectic with basically everything..

but i got journals (basically plain, cool looking notebooks) Just to write down my thoughts a bit…post ideas in a way.

If you want a photo of them i’ll give it to ya. but since i am not organized person, i have to organize at least a part of my life, even that, i have a hard time organizing it 🙂

But, it’s Eid days, means no school on holidays (Obviously) and now, i can write every other day, or even everyday.. ’til September 29th, then i’ll have to go back to school ’til December. the never ending school cycle 🙂









Let’s move on to the real stuff, the pencil skirt, you know pencil skirt is know for being formal and office appropriate, and for being classy, chic, sophisticated and all. basically, pencil skirts need no presentation..


The most fashionable for a fancy lunch ❤ 


Pencil & stripes, The classically beautiful office attire !


The denim adds a different texture to the look !



The thing about the pencil is that it can be in a multiple ways, High-waisted, shirt tucked in, pulled out, and it will look good.


Going plain with colors and statement necklaces..

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

since they’re form fitted, they look flattering with baggy sweaters for the winter.


amazing for parties ❤

See, Pencils can be worn casually, to work, to a fancy dinner/ lunch, and also parties..

and as i said before can be worn multiple ways.

so, that was the short unhelpful intro of the pencil skirt, and the next post will be about a fool proof way of styling the pencil skirt in a multiple ways, all occasions, all seasons.

Love, Shahad../


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