Shahad’s Fashion Rack: The LBS (Faux Leather Skater)

DSC_2807 (1024x681)

Hello fashionistas! welcome back to the blog !! so, today i have an introduction, for the faux leather skater skirt, this is the first type i’m going to talk about, and i’m really excited to, because i love the faux leather skirts..

large (4)

The Faux Leather Skater, represent multiple style, basically you shape them however you want, if you want a totally edgy style, you can do it, and if you want a cute, almost Tumblr-y kind of style, you can do it.

also, you can wear it for multiple occasions, make it casual or make it a little semi formal, you can totally do that !

large (5)

And what i also love about it, is that the fabric is most of the time quite light. So, you can get away with wearing it on a summer night or a winter day, by layering a couple of pieces together. 

I basically love wearing it all year round, because i basically love Black !


There’s multiple styles to the Black Faux Leather Skater, some of them are laser-cut at the bottom, some of them are laser-cut all over (pictured) and some of them are plain black, like the one we are talking about 🙂 

I wanted to talk about the plain black, because it’s plain and our job is to spice it up ! !

large (2)

In a time where i was looking for the faux leather black skater, i noticed that some stores have them online and others have them in store. some of the brands they sell them.. 


but it's not that pretty, but basically holds the same idea of it all.

but it’s not that pretty, but basically holds the same idea of it all.

and it’s 129 SAR, i think it’s way too much for that !



they have multiple versions of the faux leather skater,

13 23 56 98

and they have a longer version, which i found as the prettiest of them all..


which is part of the contemporary line.

I didn’t find any Faux Leather Skater on the NEW LOOK website, but i have one and i got it from they’re store, so you might find it in store of NEW LOOK. mine is part of the Cameo Rose (i think) sub-brand. 

large (6)

So, i got you three stores that are well-known internationally, because i have viewers from everywhere, so i need to add universal options, to please the majority.

that was it for today’s post, the introduction of the Faux Leather Skater, my next post will be about some fool-proof ways to style your Faux Leather Skater Skirt. until then.. see you next time.

Love, Shahad../


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