Shahad’s Fashion Rack: The LBS “Little Black Skirt” (A new series)

DSC_2807 (1024x681)

So, I’m starting this new series of styling called (Shahad’s Fashion Rack) and it contains everything, from my personal style, to what’s trending, to how to style them.

Now, i’m not a stylist, i’m NOT going to give advice on how to dress your body type (Cause i personally don’t) because style one must possess and own what you wear, fashion have no rules for me (except for color coordinating!).

i’m starting with a sub-series called “The Little Black Skirt” 

But Black goes with everything?! 

No honey, it doesn’t !

i tried for sometime wearing a certain colors with black didn’t go well for me. (Ex: a coral  top doesn’t really go with a black bottom) 

I didn’t say that it will look ugly, it just won’t look as chic and sophisticated, coral would go beautifully with a navy color.

let me show you side by side ..


(On the left)

it looks good but it’s not as sophisticated, it almost acts a little clashy.

(On the right)

both colors blend to each other while making a beautiful statement for the outfit.


so, sometimes black doesn’t save your outfit, it almost breaks it.

let’s be real, sometimes you go for the black just to save time and outfit, and survive the color coordination disaster. ( I do that sometimes).

so, that what happens when you color coordinate coral & black in one outfit, it looks like you took the way-too-safe side at surviving the color coordinating disaster.

Why Skirts? 

Because most people don’t realize how skirts make a total statement to your look, sometimes more than the LBD itself.

Why Black? 

Cause black is a multi-tasker (not in a goes-with-everything way!) but it can change your style. it can be sophisticated, edgy, chic, sexy, casual, classy, basically any style you could think of! and black is a statement, even though it’s a neutral.


now, i’m not only going to style the pencil, or the skater, i’m gonna go deeply into every little black skirt, and talk about it,  also what styles does it represent, and also how to style it in the post after it.

and i’m not only gonna make sets, but i’m going to load some photos off Pinterest, We Heart It, and even sometimes; Google Images (can be helpful sometimes!)

What Shahad’s Fashion Rack contains other than that? 

sometimes, i will post some styling tips that interests me, and also some dupes for things if i could. some stuff that i liked, some styling. i might do other sub-series. a new trends that could be timeless, or how to make them timeless.

So, i hope you’re excited for that as much as I am. and i’ll see you soon..

Love, Shahad../


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