Mini Haul .

‫DSC_2749 (1024x681) - نسخة

So, i went shopping the other day for eid and upcoming things, and i got some stuff to show, from accessories to makeup, to nails, to clothing (basically everything!!)

and i can’t wait to show you..

starting with clothes because it’s only two things,

DSC_2752 (1024x681)

so, the first store i went to was Cache Cache, it’s a french clothing brand, and it got some of the most beautiful bohemian pieces, and i got this awesome top, and i don’t really know how to wear it, (i’ll just find a way to style it and post it for you)

but it almost looks like a Moroccan rug (you’ll know what i mean if you watched Shay M’s Morocco experience) which i think it’s so cool and unusual (’cause basically no one wants to wear a rug ?! ) but i like trying things people don’t usually wear.

and what i love about this top, is that the fabric is so light; so it’s amazing for the summer (even though we’re moving onto fall and winter) and it got fringes all around.

Again it’s from Cache Cache and it costs = 169,00 SAR / 29,99 €

DSC_2753 (1024x681)


Next, is this top from ZARA, and i just love it and i’ve never thought of wearing something similar.

but i really love this top, and i can’t wait to wear it, and basically bought it because it appealed to me when it was on

Carli Bybel, 602B4812

but hers was much of a crop top, mine is longer.

and it’s basic white, which is good, and it costs 199.00 SAR.

i basically have nothing to say about it.

Let’s move onto accessories…

DSC_2748 (1024x681)

the first accessories store i went to was this one called Parfois (i read it in a French way for no reason, as in par-foo-waa and it’s a Portuguese brand, I’ve always thought it was French!) anyways, and i think i’m falling in love with their jewelry, like everything is basically bohemian inspired in there. so, i got these two beauties and they are making me happy every time i look at them !

the first earring is like a mini statement earring, like it’s not big of a statement, but it will stand out for sure.

and the second one, is that type that goes from the front and the back, kind of going around the ear of something !

both of the are silver wear, i feel like i have too many gold earrings, which is good; since the gold goes well with my undertone.

DSC_2750 (1024x681) DSC_2749 (1024x681)

& then i went to Accessorize (my favorite jewelry store EVER!!) and i got 2 rings, one is a gold triangle and it got sparkly bits all over the triangle and it’s from the Z for Accessorize line, which seems pretty cool in my opinion, since i find the letter Z cool enough.

and i got this awesome sterling silver ring, which i LOVE!! and i can’t wait to wear it.

moving on to nail products ..

DSC_2744 (1024x681)

So, i went to The Body Shop, and i got some really simple, helpful stuff for my nails. i actually use to use my sister’s but now that i got mine it’s like i’m free.

Please comment if you want a nail care routine, i could really help you from what to eat to how to prevent breakage as possible. 

so, i got the Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil, with a cuticle pusher. and i got the nail buffer or as they named it “Nail Polishing Block”

DSC_2746 (1024x681)

and i got the OPI Natural Base Coat, because I’ve heard really great things about it. and i’m excited to use it.

and i also got the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat. and the reason i got this is for something i’ll explain in an upcoming post. (hopefully soon!)

move on to makeup, Shall we?

DSC_2742 (1024x681)

I only got 2 things, and they’re basically Lip liners from Makeup Forever. i went there in the first place because of the MUFE Lip liner in 8c “the red one” and i ended getting it with another color.

DSC_2741 (1024x681)

I ended up getting MUFE Aqua Lip Liners in 8c, which is the only red i use and it’s an absolute pain in the butt to remove.

and i also got the color 14c, an amazing dupe for MAC Soar, except i believe the MUFE is much more expensive.

but i’m happy with my purchases.

So, that was it for the mini haul, i really hope you liked it and i’ll talk to you next time.

Love, Shahad../



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