REVIEW: Fair & White Paris Exclusive.

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It’s finally here ! I’m finally writing it. so, this almost been like a pile on my shoulders, because I decided to review it the day that I started using it. while I might talk shit about it all the time, it’s just my opinion, and i’m here to tell you the things I didn’t like about it.

shall we start with the review? ..

so, today i’m going to review for you the “Exclusive”  range, and I’m only going to review the lotion and the Vitamin C serum.

i’m going to start with the lotion..

I got a photo from the internet, because i threw away the bottle when it got expired or rotten.

I got a photo from the internet, because i threw away the bottle when it got expired or rotten.

So, this is the Lait Corps Exclusive Whitenizer, which is basically a body lotion, to help rejuvenate the skin in order to make it lighter. and it’s suitable for all skin types.

so what it says on the bottle is that ” Developed with the utmost care by Labo.DERMA, the EXCLUSIVE Body Lotion ideally cares for pigmentary problems thanks to the enhanced performances of its ingredients. This EXCLUSIVE product rapidly diminishes unsightly spots and rapidly harmonizes your complexion. Its delicate fragrance, its rich and creamy texture give you a soft and nicely fruity skin. Apply regularly in the morning and evening on your clean skin.” 

Let’s compare between the size, and the shelf life of it.

Size: 500 ml / 17 fl.oz

Shelf life : 6 months from opening.

then it means this product will get expired before you finish it up, because for me it did.

talk consistency and scent.

the consistency of it, is quite runny (so, you’ll have to shake it with every use.) and when you shake it, the consistency gets thicker, and you kind of feel some texture into the mix.

the scent, is NOT pleasant at all, and in fact, it was almost the worst in the whole experience of it. so, it smells chemical, and if you’re sensitive to scents; i wouldn’t recommend it for you.

delivery system and application. 

DSC_2411 (1024x681) DSC_2412 (1024x681)

the delivery system isn’t my favorite, so i had to take it off, and when i took it off, it got easier.

the whole experience, did it cause any harm? did it do any good for me? 

now, some places in my body my skin tend to get sensitive around things, or maybe because those places were exposed to bacteria a lot, and it was closed off. tend to get some body acne, and some times i feel that this lotion was responsible of some of the body acne i got, because ever since i stopped using it, skin have been toned down with the acne a bit.

now, i’ve been using it for so long, and it didn’t do me a thing, like, i wanted to give it a second chance, but to be honest, Vaseline, Nivea, Jergens lotions are so much better than this.

so, i wouldn’t recommend this lotion.

Let’s talk about the serum.. Shall we?

DSC_2744 (1024x681) DSC_2745 (1024x681) DSC_2746 (1024x681)

Serum Exclusive Whitenizer with Vitamin C, a twofold efficacy (which i don’t know what it is!) and it’s suitable for all skin types.

So, what it says on the bottle and the website ” Its formula is richer in Vitamin C and aims at regulating melanin production and at clearing up your skin. This ultra-brightening care product illuminates your complexion, softens brown spots and refines your skin texture. Apply few drops morning and evening

comparing size and shelf life. 

Size : 30 ml / 1 fl.oz

Shelf life : 6 months

so, this is way too small now, (make up your mind FW Paris!) they both have the same shelf life, and one is 500 ml and the other is 30 ml. like that is really conflicted of them.

consistency and scent. 

it’s thicker than oil, but runnier than gel, so it was kind of pleasant to use.

as for the scent, it didn’t really have an obvious scent. but since it got Vitamin C in it, it had some orange hint in it.

delivery system and application. 

it got the same delivery system as the lotion, but i couldn’t take it off, due to the consistency differences, and the delivery system is much smaller on the serum.

the whole experience, did it do any harm? any good?

i gotta say, that i had much more pleasant experience with the serum than what i had with the lotion. at first i used it on my face, it was good, but then i felt like it was uncomfortable to use it on the face; so i used it on my body, it wasn’t bad either, but it didn’t do anything for me, at all, literally.

so, i liked it, it wasn’t all bad, but i think it didn’t do any good either.

that was all i had for the review, hope you found it informative, and helpful, and you liked it. so thank you for reading, i’m gonna go and throw away the bottles now. and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad../


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Fair & White Paris Exclusive.

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  2. Hello fair & white I want you to know that fair & white exclusive lotions are not working like before, especially the one on the market here in germany so please do something about it. Thank you

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