Shahad’s Wishlist: The Bank-Breaking Edition.

بدون عنوان

Hello Lovelies! welcome back!! so, today i thought about creating a mini series of my current wishlist.. and this is the bank-breaking edition and i’ll create different editions every once and a while.

so, i thought starting with the ones that are quite expensive hoping one day, i’ll buy one of them #agirlcandream !

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Christian Dior Cannage Cage Platform Heel Pump. 

This is such a beautiful pair of heels, and the color combo is exquisite, Nude Beige with Gold accents, so good.

they have them in Black and Silver. but it didn’t speak to my soul like this one.

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Christian Louboutin So Kate.

I want this as my graduation gift, maybe i’ll even keep a “Louboutin Fund” from now, when i happen to travel to Dubai or Paris or even Kuwait again.

I love it in Black, although i have been fantasized of the Nude color, but…

I’ve got an idea, why not ask for a So Kate in Black on a graduation, and save some money for a Nude Pigalle?!


I will definitely do this !

Moving on to the bags..


Hermès Birkin Bag.

I was searching the media about the price of this bag and i happen to read in Wikipedia, that it swings between £6,700 – £100.000 ($10,500 – $150,000) which is a total bank-breaker.

It is named after a British singer and actress Jane Birkin, and it’s a fashion symbol of wealth due to its high price !

“A girl can dream”

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Chanel Boy Bag.

This bag have captured my heart in so many ways, if i ever went to buy it, my life is almost complete, but i would love to get it in the Black and Gold, although the Burgundy and Gold are a total heart throb. i once saw a girl wearing it in the airport, when we were on our way to Paris. she had it in the Burgundy and gold color. it was beautiful.

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Saint Laurent Sac De Jour. 

In my humble opinion, this bag is kind of resembles The Hermès Birkin in a way, but much cheaper, but it is on the list for so long! !

and i think the Grey, Royal Blue colors are so beautiful on this bag, what do you think?!

752102e355c45a0cdf63a71a4ffba0e8 907119f8d6c01377a161663f06153733 c15ee843e1329bbdc9b32567c28cca4a tumblr_nod1kq8LVI1r13tieo1_1280 cba6a71b808ceec4cb48d9134840f283

Givenchy Antigona. 

This bag is giving me LIFE!! i wanted this bag for so long, but it’s not nice of me to buy it just like that! i wanted to have money, and make it a reward for myself. I’ve always wanted the black leather, but lately I’ve been eyeing the nude, camel color. which is phenomenal ! !

Last but not least, the love of my life, the ultimate reward to myself..

112782e389e3c0162ab3df42563b6f18 _8447048

Herve Leger Red Bandage Dress.

this have captured my heart ever since i saw that woman heading into the doors of the Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai, and man that is the best dress i’ve seen in my life !!!

i found it on Nordstrom, and i keep fantasizing about wearing it with the Black So Kates for Louboutin, and that Black and gold Chanel Boy Bag. it’s the perfect outfit ❤

that was it for today’s post, i thought about sharing my hopes and dreams with you, and i hope you liked the whole idea of Shahad’s Wishlist, because i have so many ideas for this section of posts.

Love, Shahad../


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