Beauty Blogger Awards


First of all, thank you Leoni123456789 (Teen Girl Paradise) for nominating me, you’re such a sweet heart!

The Rules:

-Start with who nominated you.

-Answer questions given.

-Tell 10 facts about you. 

-Nominate 10 beauty & fashion bloggers. 

-Make up 10 questions for the bloggers you nominated them. 

-Let the bloggers know you nominated them. 

Questions Given: 

1} How many people have you told about your blog in real life? Only 3 people, my mom, and 2 of my sisters.

2} How many foundations do you own? One and only Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation, because i’m not huge on foundation really!

3} What’s your favorite eyeshadow color? I simply love all eyeshadow colors, but my true favorite, will probably be Camel, Copper, and Olive.

4} How much time do you spend doing your makeup on a daily basis? Pretty much depends on my mood, sometimes 5 minutes; and sometimes 20 minutes. it all depends on the amount of makeup i want to wear that day.

5} Favorite makeup brush? Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush. Perfect for everything!

6} When you go to the drugstore which brand do look for first? Probably Revlon, Bourjois, and L’Oreal.

7} What’s your first makeup item? I think it was a lipgloss, it was the Rimmel Royal Gloss, which i traded it with my sister for another Rimmel lipgloss, it was the Stay Glossy, i used to wear it all the time! i don’t think they make those anymore, but yeah i’ve been a gloss junkie back then!!

8} Do you regularly, or ever have self-tanned? Never self-tanned ever! but that doesn’t mean i attempted to, i tried to make it with bronzer, cocoa powder, but i failed! i embrace my color now, which is not so far away from being tanned, basically i’m olive! and my climate doing its job basically!

9} How do you feel about overdrawn lip? I feel like it’s a hit or miss, if you’re good at it, you got yourself some Rosie Huntington-Whitley effect; but if you failed, you might look like you made out with a clown who lost his circus tent! but i personally don’t do it!

10} Do you contour on a daily basis? Even on special occasions, i don’t contour. Although my face is round, and sometimes i feel the need to, but that’s not my makeup style. My makeup style is all blended and almost no clean line.

10 Random Facts: 

-I have 3 siblings, one a half sister, and 2 full sisters.

-Never had a brother.

-I was born and raised is Saudi Arabia. 

I have an Indian Decent. 

I’ve had 2 blogs before this one, one had only 9 followers, and the other had none, one of them was about Stardoll, and the other was about fashion. 

-I am obsessed with Turkish TV shows, which is common in my country!

I’ve never been social, actually, i was anti-social for most of my life, i’m breaking out of my shell (or at least trying!) 

-I have fun doing face makeup more than eye makeup.

-I used to draw, and fashion design when i was younger, but i lost passion. 

-I’ve always wanted to go to Greece, and Spain. 



Dolls House Journal.

Mid Eastern Soul. 

Brooks Make-up.

Loving Food, Fashion, & Life.



Pretty Little Statement.

Modestly Hot.

Elle Kae.

and i want you to answer the same questions i got, because i’m not that creative with questions, so:

1) How many people have you told about your blog in real life?

2) How many foundations do you own?

3) What’s your favourite eyeshadow colour?

4) How much time do you spend doing your makeup on a daily basis

5) What’s your favourite makeup brush?

6) When you go to a drugstore what band do you look for first?

7) What was your first makeup item?

8) Do you reguraly or have ever self tanned?

9) How do you feel about overdrawn lips?

10) Do you contour on a daily basis?

and let me know about your responses beauties, thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.

Love Shahad../


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