Shahad’s Beauty Book: Lip Balms.

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Hello beauties ! Let’s talk lip balms, you know when you go to the drugstore and you see a pretty lip balm, only to find out it does everything but BALMS your lips?! I’ve been there girl! and now, I’ve got you covered! and here’s the guide of lip balms serving all kinds of lip balms (except the pot one, i stopped using them for no reason!) .

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Matte Balms, Stick Form : Great for before makeup when you don’t want to ruin the finish of the lipstick. Especially this one “Labello Soft Rosé” is a cult favorite and it’s quite hydrating also, and it’s great before liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks in general, because it’s more hydrating than other matte lip balms.

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Glossy, Tube Form : works great if you wanted to add on top of a matte lip product. or any lip product in general if you wanted that glossy finish, plus this particular one “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, Dark Chocolate & Cherry” taste so good, which is always a winner. and it contains Vitamin E which got great hydrating properties.

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The Tinted Stick Form : you can go out, have fun, you got your face on, but in reality; you’re wearing a colored chapstick but, whatever. as long as it adds color to your life, you’re set for the night, day, whenever! “Maybelline Baby Lips” is a well known baby, need no intro.

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The “Almost” Dry Formula : this one is the absolute best for lip priming, because it’s kind of sticky (which is awesome for the lip product to stick) but not slippery, so you can line your lips with a lip pencil all the way, without it slipping and sliding. this one “Weleda Everon” got some beeswax in it, which explains the stickiness, and some natural Jojoba Oil, which soothes the lips, and the natural Shea Butter, which is known for the moisture and hydration, for it containing Vitamin E and other fatty acids and Carotene. and it’s an all natural lip balm.

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The Classic : Clear, basic hydration, non-glossy, tasteless, and scentless. works great if you’re at a place where you’re not allowed to wear makeup or color (My school for example) and also if you’re just sitting at home doing nothing, and for flights, actually this one “Rituals Lip Balm” was given to my mom at a plane going to Germany.

you can find this Lip Balm here

That was it for today’s post really hope you found it helpful,and liked it, thank you so much for reading.

Love, Shahad../


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