Shahad’s Beauty Book: Beauty Products Expiration Guide.

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When we first buy a beauty product, and we spend time admiring the packaging from every angle, you usually notice a little numbers, letters, and most of the time, symbols. That usually means the expiration date, or sometimes tells you that you better use it before a certain day or something, and most of the time they give the amount of months you can use this product before it starts to hurt your skin, eyes, lips, whatever!

So, i’ve got for you a helpful post for you today, maybe it might help you in the future, maybe it won’t, but let’s hope the best..



Meaning: the date of production, and the numbers that comes after are the date of production.

Example: M 20.04.13 ; means that this product was made April 20th 2013. Sometimes it is written in another way,               M 1309411 ;means that this product was made in 2013, month of September, Day 4, line of production number 11. 

A13H25 .. 

Meaning : According to the English Alphabetical order, where the letter A is the first letter of the alphabet, which in this case it symbolizes the months, for example A for January, B for February, etc..

Example: as in A13H25 ; the number 13 stands for 2013, as for the letter “H” and the number “25” they symbolizes the day of production. so in this case “A13H25” can be read as this product was made January 25th, 2013. 


Meaning: Best Before/ Best Used Before a certain day and month.

Example: BBE 20.04.2013 ;means that it’s best used before April 20th 2013. 

1013LJ05 ..

Meaning: the first two numbers stands for the month, the second two numbers stands for the year, and the third pair of letters is the code of the makers and producers of the product, and the last two numbers stands for the day.

Example: 1013LF05 ;means the expiration date is October 5th 2013. 

a-3x-verticalMeaning: It’s the most common of all the beauty product expiration symbols. which in this case means the amount of months you can use the product. (after you opened the can)

Example: in this photo, means you can use the product for 12 months, meaning for a whole entire year. (after you opened the can) 

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that was it for today’s post, i really hope you liked it, and found it helpful.

Love, Shahad../


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