Eid Inspo Week: Free Spirit.

بدون عنوان

Hello! I’M BACK!! sorry that i haven’t posted in days, it’s just you know Eid, and then i got sick, and you know the drill!

anyways, so after the whole formal days at the beginning of the holiday, comes the fun part, pool parties, outdoor things happening, you know all the fun and casual stuff going on, and i happen to be invited at family pool party, and man that was the best, i had a time of my life!!

so, talking hair first cause it’s the easiest.. ! 


I thought about leaving my hair natural with a french braid to keep my hair away from my face, you know the deal. since it’s quite hot, you know summer nights outdoors! yes!

moving on to makeup.. 


for face i went with almost nothing, just a little BB cream under the eyes, and a little cream blush on the cheeks in a neutral pink color (Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in #6 Powder Pink)

403dbacc8626cfa92368f43b4b94475bFor the eyes, i went with my go to look, going for a similar effect on the eyes, but instead i took a charcoal eyeshadow, and smudged it out, this look is so flattering on deep-set eyed females (i’m one of them) and mature women.


for lips, i went for something simple which is MAC Retro, which is a peachy muted brown-y color, and it’s absolutely beautiful and underrated.

Move on the outfit.. 


for the outfit, i wanted the focus to be theses beautiful comfy pants, and adding everything black with it, i went for a tank top, and long airy cardigan if it got a little chilly (but it never does in my country!) and these awesome holographic kicks that would complete the look.

DSC_2712 (1024x681)For jewelry, going for black and gold (spirit colorss!!) and adding a little casual details, like stones, wrap bracelets, and a half triangle.

Outfit Details:.

Trousers: Pull & Bear.

Tank Top: New Look.

Long Cardigan: Lindex.

Shoes: Asos.

Earrings: Astane (a local boutique!)

Necklaces: Accessorize.

Bracelet: Custom made by my sister.

and that was it thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad../


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