Eid Inspo Week: Sleeping in The Garden.

بدون عنوان

So, i’m sorry for being away for 2 days, it’s just i couldn’t keep up with the schedule because my room was locked for 2 days, and the air conditioner went a little crazy, so i had to wait to get it fixed.

Okay, now i’ve got nothing to yalk about other than that, so let’s start with the look..!

As always, starting off with the Outfit..

DSC_2713 (681x1024)

Now, for the clothing, my mom got this dress (That is so not my style!) from Germany, but it’s different from what i normally wear, and i decided to own it! it’s all floral-y and colored details, but the background is this light blushing nude color. i thought pairing it with a camel-colored loafers to add more casual, neutral feel to the look.

DSC_2720 (1024x681)

for jewelry, i wanted to go for stones, sterling silver, handmade jewelry, with a little leather, to add that casual feel again.

with a little color too, as you can tell most of the colors the jewelry had, are matching to somewhere on the dress.

this is probably my favorite outfit jewelry so far.

Outfit Details:. 

Dress: Primark.

Shoes: Tod’s .

Rings: Indie + Harper.

Earrings: from a Silver Factory in Bali (since 2011)

Bracelets: Teal one/ custom made from my sister, Brown Leather/ a Boutique from Jubail (the city i used to live in)

and the Blush one/ an old one for my sister, but i took it from her.

Let’s talk the Hurrrr..! 


Since most of the time i might have a second day curls or maybe a 3rd day curls, so i wanted to go for a braided hair look. a little side braid never hurt nobody.

Makeup Talk.. 

This is where things get complicated so, let’s start with the skin.


For the skin, i wanted to go for a summer glow, bronze skin, absolutely lit skin, like i’ve been out on the sun all week.

going for the ultimately highlighted skin ever! !

this is where things get REALLY complicated, so stay with me…


for the upper lashline , i’m going for a shimmering teal eyeliner, (Using Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Junkie) but i’m not gonna do it that way, maybe a little flick at the end. but you just need to get the idea.


for the lower lashline , i’m going for a shimmering green eye pencil (Using Urban Decay 24/7 in Graffiti)  and kind of lining the inner rim, and smudging it downwards.

and finally for the lips..


going for a light pink with a pinky mauve outline, using (MAC Soar Lip pencil) and a light dusty rose pink lipstick (Nars Audacious Lipstick in Anita) for a lovely, winning lip combo! *round of applause*

That was it for today’s post, thank you so much for reading, and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad../


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