Eid Inspo Week: Androgyne Inspired.

بدون عنوان

So, this whole menswear trend, really captivates me, it gives femininity, chic, sexy a whole new definition.

Today, i got you something a little Androgyny, not manly, but a little of both worlds, a little feminine, a little masculine, but it’s inspired, so it’s less than Androgyny, a light color palette, geometrical shaped; gold jewelry, but with high heels to add that femininity and sophistication.

Okay, Outfit..

Androgyne Inspired

i made this outfit on Polyvore, based on the pieces i own, and i actually forgot to show you that i bought a Michael Kors bag from Paris, it’s the “Jet Set Small Cross Body” in the cream shade (just like in the set that i made, but i forgot to tell you about it, Sorry!)

anyways, some of the pieces in the set i don’t own, but i own identical items to them.

and i kind of wanted to go with the same idea as the picture below..

Margret Zhang for The Zoe Report

Margret Zhang for The Zoe Report

Although I loved the color combo (I would totally try it out one day!) but i wanted to for the exact same idea with the culotte and t-shirt.

& for Accessorize..

DSC_2712 (1024x681)

I wanted to go for gold to match the hardware on the bag, but also gold and nude hues and white look amazing together.

Inspired by the geometrical shapes, solid, but simple. & I looove layering necklaces at the moment.

Oh, and for the earrings (I picked the middle!)

Outfit Details:.

White T-Shirt: New Look.

Culotte: Zara.

Shoes: Forever 21.

Bag: Michael Kors.

Circle Necklace, Earrings: H&M.

Half Triangle Necklace, Ring: Accessorize.

Talking Hair..

0dcf0679154cafa4f57ab7ab9a380867 8178c34049048f6119669ea872779208

since my hair will be curled i thought about going for a low pony, since it’s so in right now, and it’s chic, sophisticated, and a little Androgyny, and i love my hair being all messy, so i would go for a face-framing, front pieces coming out.

Identical to the pictures.

It’s for the Makeup…!

959c28d1d5920f33c1563570ddf11d1e c2891ab1600e8fab38180fc9afa7e0c0 Moschino+Bks+Bis+Fall+2015+Backstage+Zw5V1NaCA3Qx

This look would definitely complete the androgyny theme, almost a no makeup makeup, but if you look closely, it’s all about the face, and brows. Bronze glow, and bold brows, and no eye make up, and a glossy clear gloss (or maybe lipbalm, or maybe nude!).

But.. i can’t go sans mascara for Eid, so maybe a shimmer wash on the eyelid, and a little mascara! but i looved this look from Moschino Fall 2015 Milan RTW Show. it gave the models a fresh faced look!

that was it for the second post of Eid Inspo Week, thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time!!

Love, Shahad..


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