Eid Inspo Week: First Day♥

بدون عنوان

It’s that time of year again! when you plan everything, from what are you wearing to where are having breakfast on the joyful morning of Eid! i’ve got for you “what i’m planning to wear for Eid, but probably something will go wrong while i get ready like every year happened but i won’t stop planning because i love it”.

P.S. this is NOT dedicated to certain amount of people, or followers of a religion, this is just me sharing with you what i’ll be wearing for my own religious holiday!

Let’s start with the outfit. Shall we?


I made this set from polyvore, just so you see the whole idea and color palette of it all.

DSC_2712 (1024x681) DSC_2713 (1024x681)

since the dress the main focus of the top half of the body, i thought that keeping the bling on the hand will make things better.

i think that red, navy, and black; would pair amazingly with the rose gold. and you can see in the details of the dress, that some of the petals have rose-y golden highlights to them.

Outfit Details:.

Dress: L.K. Bennett (same here)

Shoes: New Look.

Watch: Michael Kors.

Bracelet: Tommy Hilfiger.

Rings: Aldo. 

Let’s talk hair..


I won’t do much special for the hair, i’m just gonna curl it, and since i have the same length hair, i thought why not share the idea with a pic!

Okay, fun part, talking makeup look inspo for this day!! (who would it be?!)


Most girls my age go for Kylie Jenner as their Eid makeup look inspo, but i think that this look is sophisticated yet festive enough to show that i care to look the best on the holidays.

i love to pair red lips, with rose gold jewelry, i think they give a high fashion, chic, harmonized feeling to my look.(from head to toe)

Well, i’m sorry that i couldn’t take photos of the products that i’ll be using! and it might be boring to some of you! i’m really sorry!

but until the next time..

Love, Shahad../


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