My Experience with Indie + Harper.


so, around the time of April/May, i discovered this jewelry website called Indie and Harper, i discovered it through Twitter, and i loved their jewelry. so i went there and i ordered some stuff, and some are for my sister.

Starting off with a little description of the brand..

it’s an Australian brand, started as a small boutique,  started around 8 months ago, and it ships worldwide, and it’s an absolute bohemian brand, most of their jewelry are handmade.

Let’s talk about the prices..

their prices are quite expensive, due to how newbie the brand is. they can go up 60 aud. so, keep that in mind if it all really worth it.

all prices are in Australian Dollars.

Speaking of shipping..

-this is where i had a really hard time, the thing is.. they didn’t ask to put a phone number; so i didn’t, because this is the first time i ever order online. but there is a note section, i think it’s really helpful to apply your phone number so the shipping company knows that they should let you know about the package arriving.

-although they will ask you about the address of your post office, if you got a delivery straight to your house add the address to it.

P.S. if you live in KSA, they will deliver it to the Saudi Post, i added SMSA Express address, but they didn’t deliver it to SMSA, so keep that in mind.

-also you better buy the international tracking, because i had a hard time finding the tracking number. it’s only 20.00 aud.

these were all the tips that i can give you about it.

how about we do some hauling now!..

DSC_2715 (1024x681)

Rings.. (from left to right)

-Navajo Feather Ring.

-Dainty Opal Navajo Ring.

those were part of the “Navajo” collection, made by a Navajo Artisan.

and for my sisters, a ring and a necklace..

-Crescent and Full Moon Ring.

-Raw Quartz Silver Dipped Necklace.

both of these purchases are a part of the “Bohemian” collection.

and here’s a story about what happened before they shipped the package to me, i wanted to order another necklace, which is this one.

Raw Quartz Pendant Necklace.

Raw Quartz Pendant Necklace.

but before the day they shipped it to me, they found out that this necklace is sold out, so they traded it with the one below, for free.

Raw Quartz Silver Dipped Necklace.

Raw Quartz Silver Dipped Necklace.

and there’s still one necklace that i’m waiting for, and it’s a stunner! it’s an amazing necklace, and i’m so excited to have it, but it has been sold out since May, and they promised that they will ship it to me once they have it back in stock.

it’s the ISLA Quartz Pendant Necklace. (pictured below)

ISLA Quartz Pendant Necklace.

ISLA Quartz Pendant Necklace.

and the best thing about this website, is that they give you free stuff along the way.

DSC_2716 (1024x681)

-Dream Catcher Metallic Temp Tattoo.

-Lotus Flower Necklace. (which is not available on the site anymore, but they got one similar)

and i gave the necklace to one of my sisters, and i kept the tattoo for me, because i’m so excited to put it on between my neck and back. metallic temp tattoo are my current obsession.

and that’s all i can give you of an advice and a little haul, because, i almost regretted buying from them, but in the end it’s all worth it.

you can check out their website here.

be careful who you buy from, especially when you’re a first timer.

Love, Shahad../


12 thoughts on “My Experience with Indie + Harper.

  1. I saw other really bad review saying that it is cheap and falls apart is this true? also does the ring change colors with water?

    • I don’t think it falls apart, because I had them for almost a year now; and they didn’t break, or maybe that’s because I take really good care of them, but they didn’t break. As for color changing with water, now I experienced some color changing but only the places where the ring is carved (For example:Navajo Feather ring ) but the only problem I’ve had with them is that they weren’t responsible enough with the shipping documents and the tracking isn’t free, so yeah they did cause me headaches and sleepless nights. So, I wouldn’t bother ordering from them again. Maybe now they’re more responsible, i mean; I’m talking almost a year ago.
      Love, Shahad..//

    • Avoid buying from this company! The so called silver ring actually smells like crude and rusty iron, the gold hue is more like golden plastic to me and most sinister part is that all jewelries encrusted or embellished on their rings do not reflect light as a proper crystal or gemstone should do, undoubtably, they are as fake as hell!

      • The jewelries aren’t bad but they definitely don’t deserve the price ☹️ But you are right, they’re not the best jewelry company.. there’s definitely some better out there .. but I don’t regret my purchases ..

  2. So this is real right? They won’t scam me?? It won’t let me sign in and it’s saying my sign in is wrong and when I ask to set a new password it says they don’t have an email of mine in their system and I’m really freaking out

    • Yeah I couldn’t sign in because they didn’t have a sign in section you just buy and they didn’t ask for a phone number too, just the email, plus when I contacted them they told me that they lost the documents and the tracking shipment is not free, but that was a couple of years ago, maybe now they have improved the site.
      Love, Shahad..

  3. Hi, i was wandering how you managed to understand the ring sizing chart as i am a uk V however i dont understand what size that is in the type of sizing used when you order a ring.

    • I just checked and they use the American and the Canadian sizing, cause the Australia and the UK have the same sizing.. you can go check in the website and measure your ring size; they have it at the far end of the page.
      Hope that helped xx
      Love, Shahad..

  4. I ordered a ring from this site, and not only did it take over 40 days to arrive, but the ring was SO thin and looked very cheap. The ring was so thin that the shape warped on day 1 with the heat from my finger. It was a wrap ring so it ended up warping so much I kept having to squish it together to stay on my finger. I ended up getting a refund for my item and I do NOT recommend this company to anyone.

    • As well as they never updated my shipping information and were a headache to deal with as far as locating where my item was.

      • That’s the thing that I hated the most, it was my first online shopping experience and it was the worst, I almost suffered from online shopping phobia because of them!

      • I also didn’t like how they kept calling me hun and sweetie when I was trying to solve my problems with them, I found it very annoying and unprofessional considering my item could have been lost. “Hi sweetie!! so sorry hun, our girls are trying to find your item” Like no, stop, you aren’t 13 anymore and are running a business. I’m bitter from the whole experience.

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