Paris Fashion Haul.

DSC_3000 (1024x681)

hello my beauties! welcome back! i promise this is the last Paris related post but i have to do this.

the reason i did this really late, is because one of the things i got the zipper was broken, so i had to get the zipper changed.

okay, now one of things on a girl bucket list is to shop in Paris, and i did it!!

let’s start with clothing and move on with accessorize.

the first store i went was Zara..

DSC_2703 (1024x681)

and the first thing that caught my eyes, is this Khaki long shirt, it’s chic, trendy, i love khaki colors, and it’s classy.

it was also available in White, Black, and i think Navy! but i had to get it in the khaki color.

DSC_2704 (1024x681)


Since i always get tops, dresses, i thought why not pick a bottom! so i got this culotte, i feel like i never had something like this, so i got it! and it’s a neutral color so it looks chic!

DSC_2705 (1024x681) image1

the last thing i got from Zara, is this top, which is great as an everyday wear. and i love some contrast and color block and mixing textures for my everyday tops.

and the next stop was H&M and i only got one thing, that i had to go up and down the store looking for it.

DSC_2706 (1024x681) (2) image1 ‫‬

it’s this top, as i was walking down the streets i saw it on a mannequin on a window, and i fell in LOVE! and i felt like “that top is mine!!” and i am so glad that i got it!!

moving on to accessorize..

and i got some stuff from H&M while i was there..

DSC_2706 (1024x681)

i love this necklace because it’s so versatile and i wear gold a lot, and i can layer it with anything.
DSC_2707 (1024x681)

this “each ear is different” type of earrings won my heart over! especially the arrow pair ❤

DSC_2708 (1024x681)and i need those are for school, (i already used one to section off my hair, and i lost it 😦 )

DSC_2705 (1024x681) (2)

and the last thing i got is this chevron, black, white, and (maybe mirror, maybe gold?!) phone case, and i love it,and it seems like everyone i meet likes it, since i get some compliments on it too.

and then i went to Accessorize.

DSC_2710 (1024x681)

and i got these lovely babies, aren’t they gorgeous?!! they’re mesmerizing!!
DSC_2711 (1024x681)

and i got this 2 pack necklaces, and it’s totally my style, stones and geometric-y shapes. and layering!

DSC_2713 (1024x681)and when i saw this i knew it was mine! a flash tattoo, that has henna shapes, like really?? i had to get this!! i’ve been obsessed with mandalas lately! i’m addicted!

Love, Shahad../


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