Paris Cafés & Restaurants Guide for Muslims +1

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Hello lovelies welcome back! so today, i thought i’d post something (hopefully!) useful for you.

As you all know, Muslims don’t really eat everything due to religious instructions, such as pork, alcoholic drinks..

also, Paris is known for its fine wine and all. so, it’s kind of hard for Muslims to find something to eat! although Paris also full of restaurants that follow the Islamic Instructions. and i have a good list from Cafés for breakfast, to restaurants for lunch & dinner. and i have one restaurants for when you’re in Bailly Romainvilliers.

And not necessarily Muslims go there, i made this list for everyone, these are just the places i went to when i visited France. anyone, can go anywhere.

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there are plenty of Cafés in Paris, basically in every step you take.. and i’m gonna list to you some of the places i went to.

i wasn’t big on breakfast back there, but if you are, i know these will be good for you.

La Pain Quotedien : this is an entirely organic café, and some of my favorite picks were; Blueberry Muffin, Orange Juice, And Pain Au Chocolat (When in France, try Pain Au Chocolat!).

La Grand Opéra : this one has that 20’s vibe to it, and i loved the tables in there, we only went there two times. my picks were; Choclate Crepe, Croissant, and Orange Juice.

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Noura : this is a Lebanese restaurant, they have the most amazing shawarma, and it’s all Halal.

Le Madeleine : I can’t really rate this restaurant, but they have the best Pesto Pasta, and with Parmesan Cheese; it’s heaven!

Café di Roma : we went there by accident, and we got hooked! it’s basically a pizzaria, but they have the best pizza ever, you should totally try the Halal pizza they have, it’s the best! and try the Arrabiata Tagliatelle! Ahhmazing!

Melodie : It’s a turkish restaurant, only tried it once, not my favorite, but it’s Halal!

Al-Ajami : It’s this fancy, schmancy, Arabic restaurant, but it’s so good, Muslim or not, try it! you’ll love it!!

Restaurant in Bailly Romainvilliers../

we only stayed like 2 days, one we had lunch at Disney Land, and the other day we went to another restaurant.

Warsi : it’s an Indian restaurant, but the food, oh the food! so delicious! you have to visit it, if you ever went to Bailly Romainvilliers!

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That was it for today’s post, really hope it was helpful for you! Thank you so much for reading and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad../


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