La Vallée Village Haul


Hello lovelies welcome back! how are you today?! so, i had the amazing experience of shopping in the Paris Outlet La Vallée Village, of course i didn’t get to buy a lot of stuff (things were still expensive, even though there was a major part of the price have been cut off)

anyways, let’s get to the haul!

DSC_2652 (1024x681) image1

now, the first thing that i got is this Joe Rose Dress from L.K. Bennett, which got the boxy style, which i never actually had a dress with this particular cut, and i kind of like it! it’s very classy, but bold with the colors.

DSC_2651 (1024x681)

the second thing i got is something i’m so excited about, it’s a pair of Tod’s !! i’ve always wanted them in this particular color, and it’s finally mine! i couldn’t get it then because it’s hella expensive, but in the outlet it much less expensive!

So that was it for today’s post, i really hope you liked the haul, it’s simple, but i thought i needed to show you everything i did and got from Paris.

Thank you so much for reading this post, and i’ll see you next time.



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