Bailly-Romainvilliers: Marriot Vacation Club

DSC_2822 (1024x681)

Hello my beauties welcome back! so, i wanted to talk to you about heaven.. Marriot Vacation Club, it’s an amazing place where they give you villa for your family, it’s an amazing place. we went there for DisneyLand for one day but ended up extending one extra day, to enjoy the place. i’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

DSC_2821 (1024x681)DSC_2823 (1024x681) DSC_2825 (1024x661)DSC_2826 (1024x665) DSC_2827 (1024x681) DSC_2830 (1024x681) DSC_2831 (1024x681) DSC_2832 (1024x681) DSC_2833 (1024x681) DSC_2835 (1024x681) DSC_2836 (545x1024) DSC_2838 (655x1024) DSC_2839 (1024x681) DSC_2840 (1024x681) DSC_2841 (1024x681) DSC_2842 (1024x681) DSC_2843 (1024x681) DSC_2844 (1024x681) DSC_2846 (1024x681) DSC_2847 (1024x651) DSC_2848 (1024x681) DSC_2849 (1024x681) DSC_2850 (1024x681) DSC_2851 (1024x658) DSC_2852 (1024x681) DSC_2853 (1024x681) DSC_2854 (1024x681) DSC_2855 (1024x681) DSC_2856 (1024x681) DSC_2857 (1024x681) DSC_2858 (1024x681) DSC_2859 (1024x681) DSC_2860 (1024x681) DSC_2861 (1024x681) DSC_2862 (1024x681) DSC_2863 (1024x661)

That was it for today’s post, thank you so much for reading it, and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad../


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