Empties! : Will I Purchase These Again?.

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Hello my beauties! Welcome back! i’m so sorry that i haven’t been posting that lately! but it’s finals right now! I will be finishing next Wednesday. so excited to be finished with school!

Anyways, today is my first Empties post! this is really exciting to see what have i accomplished by finishing up some products! it’s really satisfying!

let’s start off with Make up cause it’s got less products. Shall we?

DSC_2618 (1024x681)

Starting off with Top Left to Bottom Right:-

1. Victoria’s Secret Lip pencil – Spice It Up: It was amazing! i’ve loved it, but it taste really bad, like i couldn’t take it. it was a bit creamy, but not that much. Will Purchase it again? maybe if i have finished my experience with Spice lip pencils.

2. Maybelline Falsies Volume Express – Black Drama: this is a cult favorite in my family, like everyone have had a lovely experience with this mascara! and i’m one of them. Will I purchase again? Too many makeup, Too little time.

3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss – Toast To Shine: this is one of the first glosses i got when i just started my make up addiction. my sister got a 4 lipgloss kit from Duty Free. i was using it all the time, i loved it so much, to me it was like the perfect nude for my skin! Will i purchase it again? No, i’ve had a pleasant experience, but i wouldn’t do it again.

4. Revlon Lip Butter – Peach Parfait: This color was a total win! it was crazy amazing! i used to wear it, and get mighty complement on it. but, the glittery chunks in it that use to cling everywhere, was bothering me. So, i won’t purchase it again.

5. (Sample size) Lancôme Hypnose Star Mascara: It was such a pleasure to use this mascara, even my mom loved it when i used it on her! i mean, it’s Lancôme, it’s gotta be good. so, i might purchase a full size of it one day! I am sure of that.

6. Nyx Mega Shine Lipgloss – La~La : this was my first product from Nyx, and my favorite!! like it use to make my skin GLOW! So, if you’ve got Olive Skin (I am Talking Bourjois 55, MAC NC30) you should GET IT GIRL! IT IS WORTH IT! but i won’t purchase it again because (Too Many Makeup, Too Little Time!) .

Moving onto the Skin Care:

DSC_2654 (1024x681)

(Sorry for the beat up container!)

Eskinol Avocado Facial Cleanser: It’s brilliant! like it’s great for your body too, it gets rid of odor, sometimes lightens dark spots, etc.. For the face: it’s great cause, it kind of works like a Bioderma, except don’t use this on your eyes, cause A.it won’t remove eye make up, and B.it will sting like a bitch! you will feel the burn!! but for the rest of your face, it could clean well, you it will make your skin feel fresh! i thought about repurchasing it, but ever since L’Oreal cleansing water came out, i’ve changed my mind! here is where you can find Eskinol Naturals if you are interested, i get mine at an herbalist though.

DSC_2656 (1024x681)

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser: This is the only cleanser that i’ve been using for years, and never had a problem with it. like, i have a Normal/Dry Skin, and it never dried my skin out, and it doesn’t burn if you get it inside your eyes, and i have always been cleaning my eyes with it. so i am absolutely sure that i will repurchase it.

DSC_2657 (1024x681)

L’Oreal Hydra-Total 5 Normal: this is a holy grail for me, i repurchased it again and i will repurchase it afterwards, and i even recommend it to my sisters and they absolutely loved it. because, if you got dry skin, your skin will be hydrated and plump, and if you got oily skin, you won’t feel greasy, because it’s a gel-cream formula, so it feels like water rather than oil on the skin. it’s a never fail moisturizer, that i’ll even recommend it to my children, and my grandchildren, and my great grand grand grandchildren.

DSC_2659 (1024x681)

VLCC Red Bearberry & Passion Fruit: First of all, i love this brand because it’s all-natural. VLCC is an Indian brand, that her product sort of under the name of “Natural Science” but i am assure you, it’s a great brand. Let’s talk about the cream, well it’s sort of a thick cream that is hard to blend, but it moisturizes, and it’s for face and body, so you can use it anywhere you want. the only thing i didn’t like, was the scent. it smells kind of cheap, which i hate to say. but that’s the truth! So, i won’t buy it again.

DSC_2661 (1024x681)

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturizer: So, i saw this near the cashier and it was for 15 SR and i thought i would interesting to try, and all i gotta say is DO NOT BUY IT! because i tried it once, and my face started flaking like i was a cockroach coming out of it old skin! (Yes, it was that disgusting!). So i would give it ¼ out of 10.

Let’s move on to perfumes, shall we?

DSC_2667 (1024x681)

Betsy Johnson TooToo: I opened this bottle back in June 2014, and i got it when i was in Kuwait, and i think it was 50% off, which was an amazing deal! so, it’s kind Love it or Hate it scent, i kind felt confused about it, some people loved it, some people didn’t, but most people complemented the packaging, since it was kind of unusual! overall i think it’s a great perfume. but i wouldn’t repurchase it, cause i need to branch out a bit.

DSC_2665 (1024x681)

The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Eau De Toilette: it’s definitely a clean scent, it’s very fresh, clean, watery in a way, so it’s more fresh than floral, and i use to wear it for school, since it had this light clean scent for the morning, i loved it, i think it’s an amazing morning, everyday scent. but i wouldn’t repurchase it either.

DSC_2663 (1024x681)

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre : You might remember this fragrance from my birthday haul, so i go through fragrances more than water when i’m in school. but it is such, fresh floral-y, and a hint of fruity scent, it’s beautiful mix. now, i was gifted this perfume, but i would happily purchase it myself.

Okay, moving on to Body Products:

DSC_2651 (1024x681)

Palmolive Aroma Therapy Morning Tonic Body Wash: Now, i love Palmolive, but when i got this, i thought it will have this energizing aroma with all the citrus-y scents in it. Actually, it smells like a dish washing soap. so, not gonna buy it again!

But i still love Palmolive as a brand.

DSC_2652 (1024x681)

(Left) Jergens Cooling Sensation Lotion: This stuff is brilliant for the summer, it definitely got a cooling sensation, and it got a hint of fresh scent to it, totally buying it again.

(Right) Jergens Foot Cream: This is the only foot cream that i trust, it’s amazing. you definitely feel the difference after a couple of uses, plus it’s affordable. and i have already repurchase it, and i’ll continue repurchasing it.

DSC_2653 (1024x681)

(Left) Creme 21 Crystal Diamonds Deodorant: I don’t have something to describe it with other than Ok! like it was a good deodorant, but didn’t really help on the days when i needed it the most, i use to mix it with other deodorant anyways. so i won’t buy it again.

(Middle) Rexona Women Shower Clean: This smells really clean, and i liked it but, it doesn’t really cover me up on the days that it needed to. so i won’t repurchase it again.

P.S. Another reason for me not to repurchase it is, I’m gradually starting to cut down aerosols, like those will be my last aerosol form deodorant. so i will basically exchange it with a stick form only. since i was using with sticks anyways.

(Right)Rexona Women Powder Dry: It’s awesome, i fell in love with Rexona’s sticks, they really stay put, and will last a really long time. but the Powder Dry scent, isn’t really pleasant, like you might hate this scent, it basically smells like a strong, intense baby powder scent. not a favorite. I might repurchase the stick but in the Shower Clean scent.

Moving on to the last portion of the empties, which is the mane!! (Hair)

DSC_2671 (1024x681)

Starting off with what you’ll use in the shower..

(Left) Wella Pro Series Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner *Not Pictured* : Wella Pro Series line, has basically changed my hair life. like seriously, it’s the ultimate shampoo and conditioner line that i will always go back to. the Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, it’s really moisturizing, but there is absolutely no difference between all shampoos from the same line. I will surely repurchase the Well Pro Series Shampoos and Conditioners, but not necessarily this one right here.

(Right) TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo *Not Pictured* & Conditioner : I love TRESemmé, it’s one of my favorite brand, i can’t rave enough about their split ends leave-in conditioner, and i love the Keratin Smooth line, i noticed almost a difference, but i feel like it haven’t done any magical stuff more than Wella. even my sisters loved it, it’s amazing. And i will repurchase it again.

DSC_2670 (1024x681)(Left) L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Oil Replacement: It so good! the scent, the feeling you get after you put it on, it’s multi tasking. BUT i am not a person who loves Oil replacement. If you are, I highly recommend you should give this a try! it’s amazing, but i wouldn’t repurchase it again, maybe i will if i changed my mind.

(Right) L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil: MY HOLY GRAIL!! i repurchased it, and i will repurchase ’til the end of time. It’s just so good, you can never go wrong with this! It’s smells great, lightweight, hydrating, life change (that was an exaggeration, but almost true though!) and it’s multi-tasking. you can use as a treatment before the shower, you can use it as a heat protector after the shower, you can use it as frizz control-product. I will rave about this FOREVER, and still won’t do its justice.

DSC_2673 (1024x681)

aerosols, as i told you i am trying to cut down aerosols, so i found it easy to replace the deodorants, and replace the dry shampoo with baby powder, but the hairspray is so hard to cut down (actually, it’s not that hard because, i RARELY do my hair with heat, like you count how many times i did my hair so easily. well, most of the times i straighten it, so i wouldn’t actually use a hairspray if i straighten my hair. let’s move to the products.

(Left) Batiste Dry Shampoo in Floral & Flirty Blush: it was good, the scent wasn’t my favorite, but it did its job!

(Right) L’Oreal Elnett Satin – Strong Hold (or that’s Supreme Hold?!) : it’s well-known hairspray, trying to cut it down, so if i didn’t do it, my sisters will.

DSC_2674 (1024x681)

Saving the best for last!!

Beauty Formulas Avocado Oil Treatment Wax: my eldest sister recommend it for us, and when we bought it, tried it, it’s AMAZING! i think this brand is so underrated, like from the first use ever! my hair was so silky smooth! i just love it so much. and i will keep buying it until the end of time!!

You can buy B e a u t y Formulas right here. or you could just go on Drammock-int.co.uk.

that was it for my empties, sorry for the messy schedule, but you know it’s finals.

Thank you so much for reading this post, hopefully it was helpful.

Love, Shahad..//


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