Hello my beauties, welcome back! so, remember about 2 Fridays ago, i wrote about what to do when you’re sick, right? well, of course, the sickness have to come to an end (THANK GOD!!) and it’s time to go and get your superhero suit on and continue your life wherever it had stopped! like, really, it’s time to get up! the nightmare is over!



This is the first step, to be refreshed, happy, and full of energy. just get in and relax and clean yourself, scrub away the dead skin, wash your body with a yummy scent to it, massage your hair with shampoo, apply deep conditioner. just relax and GET CLEAN.

2.Do Your Nails. 


Go get some manicure, pedicure, cut them, shape them, do anything that make you feel satisfied about your nails, but most importantly, clean them up. I usually cut my nails after shower, cause your nails will be weaker post-shower. so, cutting them will make me feel clean again, and neat. but you do you.

3. Apply a Face Mask. 

DSC_2639 (1024x681)

This particular mask is so good for your skin! it’s my favorite, The Body Shop Honey & Oat Mask. the honey will moisturize your skin, and the oat beads will kind of exfoliate your face, getting rid of any flakes of dead skin, and sometimes removes the excess oil from any pimples that may have popped out while you’re sick.


DSC_2303 (1024x681)

Moisturize every inch of skin you have. This will not only replenish your skin after the war it have been through, but also will make your skin glowing. i personally love this cream from L’Occitane. it’s from the AMANDE range, it’s the Almond Milk Concentrate. it smells so yummy! and it moisturizes like nothing else.

5.Change Your Bedding. 


Obviously, when you’re sick, you’re always in bed, and dead cells fall off everyday while we’re asleep. and bacteria and gross stuff come out, so in order to get everything clean, change your bedding, i promise you’ll feel fresh, and happy, and you won’t be sick afterwards (unless it’s the flu season again!). so, changing your bedding really helps.

6.Be Thankful.. 


Being thankful, won’t let you take life for granted. seriously, when you’re thankful, the sun will rise again, when you’re thankful, the world will smile again, when you’re thankful, life will open its arms for you… so, be thankful.

Love, Shahad..//


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