Summer 2015 Make up Looks (Ideas!) : Look No.2

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Hellooo! welcome back to the second installment of the 2015 summer makeup ideas series!! (That’s a long name though!)

so, today’s look is pretty simple, semi-neutral look, it has got a statement lip, which makes this look timeless.

and basically this is just an idea. Product wise, it’s up to you.

DSC_2635 (1024x681)

so, for the face, everything is basically the same for all the posts this week (i will do a heavier face routine pretty soon, just need to get it together right now.)

“so, for the base, i’m basically using light products on my skin, bb cream (Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Medium) and a little concealer *if i happen to wear concealer!* (Garnier Roll-On in Medium, Banana colored powder for brightening under the eyes (Pale Yellow from Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit), with a translucent powder (TheBalm Sexy Mama Powder), and a bit of bronzer (The Body Shop Honey in 4 Deep Matte), finally, a glow to finish up the look (TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer) .

P.S. i don’t usually wear that much of a face make up. i only use the bb cream under my eyes with the banana powder.”

DSC_2639 (1024x681)


so, the look is a smudgy bronze liner, with a bright lip. why bronze, not brown? because the bronze would add an unexpected sparkle to the eyes, making the eye look effortlessly beautiful. and it’s a neutral color with a gleam. the picture represent the eye look amazingly, like i didn’t even think about it, like it’s the perfect eyeliner shape and color. and for the ip bright fuchsia color, it’s my favorite bright color ever, it’s so flattering and beautiful, and the formula is out of this world.

Products Mentioned:

-Rimmel ScandalEyes in Bronze.

-Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids in Vivid Rose.

DSC_2635 (1024x681) (2)

here’s the color palette for the look. i thought about going blush-free for this look, and only go for bronzer to warm it up, and for the glow going for TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer.

And that was it for today’s post, i really hope you like it. and can you PLEASE! comment and tell me if you like these or not, cause i’d like to know, should i make them next season, or whenever i’m bored and stuff, but not for a whole week though, that would be occasional!

Thank you so much for reading, and i hope you have an amazing day, and i’ll talk to you again, pretty soon.

Love, Shahad..//


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