Summer 2015 Make up Looks (Ideas!) : Look No.1

‫646ac19da571f54989a9e3b63e7a6b2f - نسخة

Hello my beauties welcome back!!! so, i will upload a new post every day throughout this whole week, and it’s basically about 7 make up looks that are quite suitable for the summer ( and some of them are good for the winter too!) so, that’s the idea basically, hope you enjoyyy it!!

DSC_2635 (1024x681)

so, for the base, i’m basically using light products on my skin, bb cream (Maybelline Dream Fresh BB in Medium) and a little concealer *if i happen to wear concealer!* (Garnier Roll-On in Medium, Banana colored powder for brightening under the eyes (Pale Yellow from Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit), with a translucent powder (TheBalm Sexy Mama Powder), and a bit of bronzer (The Body Shop Honey in 4 Deep Matte), finally, a glow to finish up the look (TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer) .

P.S. i don’t usually wear that much of a face make up. i only use the bb cream under my eyes with the banana powder.

54eceafc923cee9a4e0a2efa868ba4e0 DSC_2638 (1024x681)

so, i wanted a picture that might represent what i really want to show, but my version is much lighter, and no eyeshadow involved (but of course, it’s a personal preference) so, line a thin wing with a brown gel liner (Maybelline Brown Gel liner) for a lighter look, and to add a pop of color to your make up look, just add a sparkly green pencil on your lower lash line, and since it’s a light green with sparkles, it will open up your eyes absolutely! (Urban Decay 24/7 in Graffiti)

DSC_2640 (1024x681)

so since, both the eyes and lips are quite colorful, adding a bronze-y, rose gold blush won’t compete with the rest of the look.. (Nyx Blush in Terra Cotta)

DSC_2641 (1024x681)

and finally for the lips, i wanted to go with bright, almost Barbie-Pink type of lip, i thought about going with a lip liner because it will stay longer, and the texture won’t compete with the gloss texture.

(Nyx Rose lip liner + Nyx Lip gloss in Ballerina Pink)

DSC_2642 (1024x681)

and here’s some swatches underneath natural lights and indoor lights together, and i added it just so you can see the color scheme and palette for yourself.

That was it for today’s post i really hope you enjoyed it, and thank you so much for reading and i’ll talk to you again very soon.

Love, Shahad..//


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