When you’re sick..

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Hello beautiful people! it’s a double post week!! here’s a fact, i’m a person who gets spring allergies way too fast, like as soon as the spring have arrived, i get sick! so, this post is dedicated to my kind of people who get spring allergies every year! no, it’s just some basic tips from my personal experience, that i thought it really helped when i was sick! let move on to the tips shall we?

1.Stay hydrated (in every way possible!)..

DSC_2624 (1024x681)basically, when you’re sick, your whole body is dry, not just you face skin, every part of your body will be dry. so here’s some more tips.

Body Hydration:

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A. Drink water like crazy! it will help nurture your inside, and it will affect positively on the outside!

B. Get Up! Take a shower! and moisturize your body, i promise you’ll feel much better! (and more flexible)

Face Hydration:

DSC_2632 (1024x681)

i basically use these 2 products by mixing them, i just love this L’Oreal moisturizer, and i mix it with an all natural mix to make my own hydrating serum. (i’ll write a quick post on it soon.) but it helps a lot, and make your skin glow forever!

DSC_2630 (1024x681)

Lip balms will save your life when you’re sick, apply them before you sleep and everything will be fine!

DSC_2631 (1024x681)

& Saving the best for last, Vaseline will be you savior also, because it is such a multitasking moisturizing product, you can use it on your lips, your lashes, hands, feet, flakes on your skin (from blowing the shit out of your nose!)

DSC_2626 (1024x681)

Since when we’re sick, we tend to blow our nose a lot, which can cause flaking, and i am going to show you how to stop your nose from flaking.

first thing to do is, i cut a cotton pad in half (calling for economy, people!!!) and wet it with a toner for dry and sensitive skin! and i just pat it (and not sweep it) on my nose (or any area got some flaking) and what the hydrating toner will do, it will balance the oil and dryness in that area making more hydrating by adding more hydrating properties (hopefully you understood what i’m saying!)

and next thing to do, is apply an eyecream, and what an eye cream will do, is it will renew the skin cells, since that what they do underneath your eyes to stop it from aging and getting wrinkles. and it will do the same for your nose.

Products mentioned: Nivea Soothing Toner + L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew/ Laser x3.

2. Keep a pack of tissues everywhere you go. 

DSC_2620 (1024x681)

I always keep a pack of Kleenex as soon as i feel like getting sick. cause it’s a long way down the stairs to get just one sheet of tissue, that you know you’ll get rid of it 5 minutes later. especially when you’re sick. and keep the small pocket tissue everywhere, if you happen to go out and run errands and things.

3.Hot drinks might save your life when your sick. 

DSC_2638 (1024x681)

Whether you love your tea, your coffee, anything that will make you happy, as long as it will keep you warm and relaxed. and since i’m more coffee, hot cocoa, milk drinker than tea; i will show you a recipe (it’s not a recipe, recipe is such big word!) anyways, how to make a hot chocolate milk, with a little caffine to wake you up!

DSC_2636 (1024x681)

so basically, you just boil some milk (i poured 3/4 of the cup) and wait until there’s a lot of bubbles (cause that’s how i roll!)

seriously, i don’t have a specific time for the milk to heat up, i just watch it!

and then i put:

1 ½ tbsp of Nesquick cocoa powder.

1/2 tbsp of Nescafé Red Mug coffee blend.

2 sachets of sweetner (personal preference)

and that’s it basically.

So,if you happen to go out (like you have to face the world!) 

4.Make up is unnecessary but if you want to you check this post here

5.put on some perfume.

DSC_2635 (1024x681)

It will definitely make you feel better about yourself and more confident. but you don’t have to go for the have perfumes, that will irritate your nose even more. you can go for lighter options like the eau du toilettes and body mists, if you want more cleaner scent i got The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus, and it’s so fresh and citrus-y, and if you like a sweeter scent, you got The Victoria’s Secret Love Spell, it’s more of fruity-floral scent.

6.Stay close to the ones you love.♥

it’s true though, when you’re with people that will keep you up and positive, you will always feel better, and when you’re with people you love. basically, the more positive you are, the faster you’ll heal, it’s all about meditation.

That was it for today’s post, i really hope you liked it, and thought it was helpful, and make sure you keep your eye out for tomorrow series of post that will go on the whole week! i am really excited for it. Thank you so much for reading and i’ll talk to you again very soon.

Love, Shahad..//


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