Dupe Alert:- Bioderma, Lancôme, L’Oreal.

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Hello angels, welcome back! Now, in the land of today, cleansing waters became widely known for being the best makeup remover that doesn’t irritate sensitive skins, and sensitive eyes, but some are better than some, and i’m here to show you, that not all some are actually better than some, and some are overrated. (that’s a lot of somes there!)

Now, each cleansing water i have tried is from a different price point, and i have tried it as a toner, and as makeup remover. and i’ll tell you about the prices for the packaging, the scent, the feeling, and everything i could possibly give about what a cleansing water could do for your skin. all tried the same method, with the same amount of makeup.

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starting off with the well-widely-known Bioderma, this has been a cult favorite since the invention of cleansing waters, and my sister raves about it all the time, saying that it is the only stuff she could use as a toner, and makeup remover, and she got a combination, acne-prone skin. i’ve normal-to-dry skin, and i am going to tell you with details by order.

Size:- 500 ml

Price Point:- Medium to expensive. (around 210 SAR for 500 ml)

How did it work?

As a Toner:- 

did it feel refreshing? Kind of, not much that it actually woke my skin up!

did it feel like my skin was clean? to be honest, Yes!

As a Make up remover? 

-did it take all of my make up off? There was a mascara leftovers. 

-did it feel like my skin was clean? No. 

P.S. this is just my personal experience, if you have been loving Bioderma for years, that’s awesome, you do you, i’m just telling people my experience, and what is my personal thoughts about it.

DSC_2589 (1024x681)

this is a luxurious find, it’s Lancôme Eau Micellaire Douceur, it’s just a sample, i never thought that Lancome had a cleansing water, because luxury skin care brands aren’t ma thing!!! it kind of got a perfume-y scent if you are sensitive to perfumes and stuff.

Size:- and i mean real size varies from 6.8 oz (201.1 ml) to 13.5 oz (399.2 ml)

Price:- for 6.8 oz – 153.27 SAR (38.00 $) & for 13.5 oz – 205.7 SAR (51.00 $)

How did it work? 

As a Toner:- 

-did it feel refreshing? YES! 

did it feel like my skin was clean? Plain YES! 

P.S. i had flakes underneath my eyes that day, didn’t hydrate them. 😦

As a make up remover:-

did it take all my make up off? ALL OF IT!!

did it feel refreshing? yes.

-did it feel like my skin was clean? yes. 

Bonus: it was quite hydrating. 

DSC_2588 (1024x681)

this probably what i would choose for the now, cause basically, you merge the good in Bioderma with the good in lancome put it in an affordable product and you got yourself heaven!! and actually, L’Oreal holds Lancome and brands like Bioderma (but not Bioderma!)

Size:- 200 ml

Price:- around £4.99 (it means around 28-30 and up SAR)

How did it work? 

As a Toner:- 

– did it feel refreshing? Yes. 

did it feel like my skin is clean? Yes. 

As a makeup remover:- 

did it take all of my makeup off? Yeah!! 

did it feel like my skin is clean? Yup! 

did it feel refreshing? Hell yeah! 


At the end, it all leaves to preference. personally, if would go for one it would be L’Oreal, and if i had a bit more money, i would treat myself one day with Lancome one. but both of them are the same, basically!

That was it for today’s post thank you so much for reading this post, really hope you liked it and i’ll see next time.

Love, Shahad..//


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