My Current Hair Care Routine (Color-treated + Dry hair type)♥


Hello my gorgeous friends, welcome back! Sorry for being away for so long after spring break! like i had to stay at my grandma’s house first school week back. 

Okay, so here’s something you don’t know about me, back in July i have cut my hair, but i kept it black. so on March i’ve cut it back (so basically, 8 months later.) but this time i have dyed it. 


so, i basically wanted to dye my hair Grey, but lots of people said that i would look really old, but i thought since i’m young, and i have a rounded face shape, i thought about going grey, but the hairdresser told me that i need to bleach my hair if i wanted a true grey color (i wasn’t going to be ruin my hair since it was my first time coloring my hair. but it turned like in the picture above (righty), to be honest, i am not happy with the way it looks, i still trying to grow it out, and so far so good, like my have grown around 5-6 mm (i can see my “pitch black” roots) because in house lights it looks like the picture above, but in spotlights or daylights it has an orange glow to it (i hate orange hair on my own complexion). and for the cut, i have same as the picture above, now when you curl it, it looks so gorgeous, but when i leave it natural it goes so frizzy that i don’t leave my hair down anymore, i  usually french braid it or put it in a bun. but IT GROWS BACK! 

Okay,let’s get started with les produits :-

DSC_2555 (1024x681)

As i told you before, the philosophy i live by when it comes to hair is “same as the skin care, serums first.” so i use my holy grail L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil, basically all over my hair. this stuff smells good, feels good, tastes good (I’m Just kidding!) 

DSC_2558 (1024x681)

Okay, now this stuff is LIFE!! i have tried it back when my hair was a bit longer, and it immediately made my ends feel like buttah (does ends feel like butter?!) but it’s absolutely incredible, it’s my new holy grail. It’s the TRESemmé Split Remedy Leave In Conditioner. 

DSC_2561 (1024x681)

now, i love Wella Pro Series line, and this is my favorite product of the line, i use it all over my hair also, this is the Wella Pro Series Frizz Control Leave-In Cream.

DSC_2562 (1024x681)

Now, since i have colored my hair i spray this balm all over my hair after applying all of those products. i don’t feel like it does anything in my hair, but we shall wait. this is the Wella Pro Series Colour Leave-In Balm.

These next steps are optional, i only use this when i heat style my hair:- 

DSC_2564 (1024x681)Heat protection, when i straighten my hair is the Syoss Heat-Protect Styling-Spray, and when the process is longer (as if i would blow dry my hair, and curl it) i would use the TRESemmé Care& Protect Heat Defence Styling Spray. 

DSC_2565 (681x1024)

and obviously for hairspray, i use the L’Oreal Elnett Satin (it’s a cult favorite, so no need to explain) 

So, That was it for today’s post, i really hope you like, thank you so much for reading it and i’ll see you soon.

Love, Shahad ..//


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