Things I have been loving (at the moment): Vol.2


Hello again darlings!! welcome back! So, i have been obsessed with blogging lately, not really sure why! but anyways, welcome back to second part of what i have been loving lately, as promised. So, let’s get this started..

Statement Necklaces..// 

now, that’s something you should all know about! i am totally addicted to statement necklaces, NO JOKE HONEY!!

statmntnecklce statmntncklce statmntncklce2 statmntncklce7 statmntncklce4 statmntncklce6

Pointed Toe-Heels..//

I have been eyeing so many pointed toe shoes. like, i might start saving more and more of my school money, for a “Louboutin So Kate Fund”, or i might ask my parents as a graduation present<<But that would take a hella long time (2 years more you guys!!) but anyways, pointed toes scream my name everywhere i go!

pointd pointd2 pointd6 pointd8 pointdtoe pointed5 ponitdtoe2

Long Nails..// (pointed in particular) 

although, i’ve got no time for nail care, but i love long, pointed nails! so, i think one day, if i got the chance and money, i would definitely put some fake ones on, because mainly “ain’t nobody got a time for that!”<< Long natural nails!

lngnails lngnails2 lngnails3 lngnails6 lngnails7 lngnails8 lngnails5 lngnails9 lngnails10

Kylie Jenner Makeup..// (particular photo) 

Now, i am not a huge Kylie Jenner fan, but this makeup have caught my eye like nothing else. it’s just the sparkle-y copper eye, with the nude lip, just pop-ed with the jet black hair (ugh! i miss having a black hair!!)


That was it for today’s post, i really hope you liked it and i’ll see you next time.

Love, Shahad..//


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