Mini Haul-H&M, Love Culture, & More.. (+ First Impression)

‫DSC_2449 (1024x681) - نسخة

Hello my beauties, hope you have a wonderful day so far!! anyways, last night i finally got the chance to go shopping at a “45 minutes away from my house mall” and got some (hopefully) cool stuff from there, it’s a collective mini haul. so, no biggy right?!

DSC_2446 (1024x681)

I LOVE Statement necklaces, it’s no joke, like i get attracted to them like crazy!! and as you can see it’s in my spirit color “Black & Gold” and of course, some sparkles!

it’s from Love Culture and i got it for 65 SR, which i guess it’s about 17 U.S Dollars, maybe. but i think that’s a lot for a necklace (in my humble opinion!). but i love it, i think it’s versatile and could make you feel like a million bucks when you wear jeans and t-shirt.

DSC_2444 (1024x681) DSC_2445 (1024x681)

Next stop was H&M. Man, i missed H&M so freaking much. you can’t imagine the joy i have had when i saw h&m in front of me. But unfortunately, i was kind of disappointed with the collection in store, so i got 2 blouses, and the first i got it because of course (it’s GREY!! duh?) and it got some textures and stuff, and the material of it is so light for a bulky sweatshirt! and the second, i thought it was cool because of the bold pattern, it’s just so eye-blinding and stuff, and it’s the kind of pattern that might give you a headache, i can be brave that far! and it’s my favorite material!! so, yeah. both H&M,

Sweatshirt is 79 SR, and the Top is 59 SR. i like the prices of H&M, they’re just so relieving (don’t you think!).

DSC_2449 (1024x681) DSC_2451 (1024x681)

and i’ve got this pair of beauties from H&M too, they are white loafers with little tassels that got gold accents on it (as you can probably see!) but i think they are gorgeous for the summer. i can’t wear them right now, because it’s raining where i live and the ground gets muddy each day! so, i’ll wear it when it’s sunny and dry (almost sounds like a horrible weather isn’t it?). They are also from H&M, 99 SR.

DSC_2452 (1024x681) DSC_2453 (1024x681)

The next day, we went to Sephora, i was mainly going because Sephora have invited me to the preview of the Benefit Roller Lash mascara before it launches in the region (Or maybe the Middle East! who knows?!) and i got a sample of it! but while i was going to the cashier, my sister ran into me and gave me a pair of Huda Beauty Lashes in #7 Samantha. now, you probably remember me using the Giselle pair, and they were heaven! so, i thought about going wild and wispy and get Samantha! i totally love them, but they’re quite heavy! but perfect for a night out, a special occasion, or anything fancy!

First Impression on Benefit Roller Lash mascara:-

(i’m not gonna comment on the packaging because it’s just a sample)

but the brush is amazing, it gets to every lash, and it’s small so it doesn’t go everywhere and it’s not messy or anything, plus the wand is curved, so it suites the shape of eyes better, and also coats every lash. as for the formula, it’s kind of in between, not wet, nor dry, it’s creamy if you know what i mean! and it’s really an eye-opening mascara. and today was the perfect day to try the quality of an eye-opening mascara,because my lids were heavy and my eyes were puffy as eff.

That was it for today’s post, i really hope you guys liked it, and thank you so much for reading this post, i hope got something useful out of and i’ll talk to you again very soon.

Love, Shahad.. //


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