Things I have been loving (at the moment): Vol.1


Hello my beauties, welcome back!! today i thought about sharing some inspiration with you, and tell about the things that i have been loving at the moment!!

starting with colors, because i’ve got a lot of colors that have been attracting me really hard lately!!



I have been loving taupes lately. because it’s a muted neutral color!! how amazing would it be! it can look really glamorous or raw and dirty and natural-looking!


WANT!!! ❤

taupe2 taupe3 taupe4


burgndy Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset burgndy9 burgndy6


camel camel2 camel3 pointed5

I’ve always considered Camel as “The perfect nude” for my skin tone (Olive).

Light Blues..//

(that includes: sky blues, light periwinkles, grey blues, etc..)

lightblue lightblue2

lightblue3 lightblue5 lightblue4 lightblue6



i want to dye my hair grey so BAD!!

grey grey2 grey4 grey5 grey6 grey7 grey9 grey10

Black & Gold..//

Basically black and gold are my spirit colors *hands in the air*

blkgld6 blkgld3 blkgld5 blkgld4 blkgld8 blkgld7 blkgld2 blkgld9 blkgldtaupe blkgldtaupe2

Black, Gold, & Taupe (how åsome!!)


khki khki3 khki5




I always dream about the perfect RED BANDAGE DRESS!!

rd2 rd10 rd3 rd5 rd4 rd5 ‫‬ rd8 redRed is such a powerful color, it represent so many intense, powerful, meaningful things, that are so important and attractive.

So, that is the end of my “things that i have been loving lately” Vol.1 make sure you keep your eyes peeled for Vol.2 and i will be hoping that you’ll like it, Thank you so much for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it and got some inspiration out of it. Have a wonderful life and i will surely, hopefully see you very soon.

Love, Shahad ..//


2 thoughts on “Things I have been loving (at the moment): Vol.1

    • Ikr!! They all inspire me in a way, sometimes, i go to the mall looking for somethings that looks like them.. Stay tuned for Vol.2 it might be more inspiring! Thank you for commenting lovely<3

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