Shahad’s Beauty Book: Personal Experience- Fluffy Eye Brush Guide. ♥

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Hello lovelies, i have made a promise that i would write a post every week and i did!! so, this is the personal experience posts are all about brushes, for some reason i wanna talk about my philosophy, and my perspective on brushes hoping to interest you, (and who knows, maybe we have the same brush-philosophy!). btw,not all of these are my brushes, considering i have a small makeup collection according to a blogger, but i don’t want to be like, a professional makeup blogger,because this blog is mainly about me, what i love, and what i would recommend, everything is from my experiences.

that was a long talk, let’s get started…

DSC_2402 (1024x681)

The Body Shop-Eyeshadow Blending:- i use this for highlighting the brow bone with a matte shadow, because it’s stiff, it depositing the color in it desired place and blend down the shadow, that’s why i would use it for brow bone matte highlight, because it highlights and blends.

DSC_2406 (1024x681)

Angled Fluffy brush:- it’s from a brand called Hala (i don’t think it exist anymore! it’s from 2010, but any angled fluffy brush will do!)   i use it for precise application in the crease, but what also great about this brush that you can create a decent cut-crease, because it’s angled, it will be easier to deposit the color in the right place. & because it’s fluffy, it blend the color at the same time! 

DSC_2405 (1024x681)

Dome, super fluffy brush! :- this is also by Hala, but i use this as the clean blending brush! and i always keep it clean with absolutely no shadows on it, and i use it to blend inside the eye look, rather than blending the edges, i do blen the edges with this brush a lot, but you get the idea 🙂

DSC_2404 (1024x681)

Inglot 6SS :- this brush is awesome, it gives the best control on the eyes when using darker colors on the edges of the eye look. because it’s tapered it allows you to get into the tiniest places and blend it at the same time. i can’t do enough justice for this brush.

DSC_2408 (1024x681)

MAC 217:- saving the best for last, this brush is well-loved, and i definitely see why, because it’s suitable for everything, i like using it in the crease and it’s amazing, because it’s flat and fluffy, you can use it as a one shadow look, you can apply and blend at the same time! a quick decent shadow look! i also can’t do this brush justice.

DSC_2399 (1024x681)

that concluded this week’s post, hope you liked it and found it interesting, and learned something today. because why not, we learn something every day!

DSC_2410 (1024x681)

BTW, what you think of this set up, i think it’s elegant, but it won’t last because the flowers were on their last leg during the shoot (obviously!) and now they’re dead! DSC_2398 (1024x681)

my mom got me these flowers as a surprise, for getting good grades at school, such a beautiful encouragement! don’t you just love your mom. go and kiss your mom’s forehead!

Thank you so much for reading this post and i’ll see soon ❤

Love, Shahad..


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