My Problem with Aphrodite.. (a Quick Post ♥)

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Hello my beauties, welcome back! so, today i have a little story for you, but it’s not necessarily a review, because i had to review this i’d say it’s a great product, but not for the purpose of creating it.

DSC_2375 (1024x681)

Now, this is the first product i tried from Sandine Zartaux, it’s a Grecian brand, and i think it’s a great brand, but i haven’t tried anything but this one product (only).

First of all, i’m not a fan of the whole firming-lotion-shit, i personally think it’s a sales gimmick, but i admit that there’s some really good firming lotions out there, for example, the Sodashi Spa Contouring Body Lotion, i personally haven’t tried it, but my sister did, and it worked on her.

Aside from that, i used this lotion (Sandine Zartaux one) for an amount of time, and then i left it a bit for a while, and then i came back to it and my whole entire body was flaming, and it turned to this bright red, that actually when i put an ice cube on it, it melted right away (seriously though!).

P.S. the date of the lotion expiration is 2016, so the whole “lotion might be expired thing” is not the deal.

DSC_2376 (1024x681)

that was it for today’s post, i know it’s a tiny post, but i have a lot of new ideas for you coming up.

but thank you so much for reading this post, i really hope you liked it, i hope you have a wonderful day, and i’ll talk to you again very soon.

Love, Shahad ..


7 thoughts on “My Problem with Aphrodite.. (a Quick Post ♥)

    • Now i feel bad for criticizing this product in a harsh, foul-mouthed way, you really did put me on silent :O Thank you so much for enlightening me, dear! ❤

    • I’m really sorry but I can’t help you, I’ve tried to google where you can get it in India, I couldn’t find any helpful results. Again, I apologize; but I can’t help you.
      Thank you so much for your comment. Take care..
      Love, Shahad..//

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