How To Clean Up Your False Lashes♥

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Hello my beauties! it feels like i haven’t posted in a long time, but i guess it’s been only 3 days i guess?! anywho, today’s post is about how to clean up your fake lashes, and since this is basically my first true set of lashes, i thought maybe i should take a good care of them.

What you will need..

DSC_2356 (1024x681)

Lashes (obviously!) i own the Huda Beauty Lashes in #1 Giselle, Q-tips (cotton buds, you name it!), Toilet Paper; it’s basically better because it’s thicker than the regular tissue paper (such as Kleenex) because if you pour any liquids; it’s basically won’t ruin you vanity, table, whatever you have, and finally a water-based make up remover; now the reason for using a water-based instead of oil-based is because it won’t ruin the lash.

DSC_2367 (1024x681)Now here’s something i wanna talk about, as for q-tips do not use the beauty ones that comes flat on one side and pointed on the other. instead, use the ones that you use for your ears (seriously though!).

 Cleaning up the band.

DSC_2364 (1024x681)

DSC_2358 (1024x681)

cleaning up the band has many different ways, you can use your fingers, or tweezers, or whatever! i personally like using what god gave me (fingers!!). because i think that i can pull it carefully without ruining the lash, while doing it quickly!

DSC_2360 (1024x681)

                                                            you can see the lash band is cleaner now!!

Cleaning up the lash hairs. 

DSC_2374 (1024x681)

Now, here’s the main part of the show, this where you’ll need all your tools and start working really carefully and precisely.

First, you’re going to wet one side of the q-tips with the water-based make up remover. ⇓

DSC_2370 (1024x681)

Important tip: make sure you squeeze the excess remover off the q-tip, so that it won’t ruin the lash. but, make sure you don’t squeeze it ’til it’s dry.

DSC_2371 (1024x681)

After soaking and squeezing off the excess of the q-tip, time to actually cleaning up the lash, the movement of the q-tip is basically depends on you finger’s movement, so make sure that you spin the q-tip outwards, so the lash won’t lose its curl and shape.

Voila! good as new lashes ♥

Thank you so much for reading this post, i hope you got something useful out of it, and liked it, have a wonderful day and i’ll talk to you again very soon ♥

Love, Shahad ..


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