The Finals (a photo diary)!..

DSC_2297 (1024x681)I AM BACK!! and i am ready to make some noise (not really though!), but i have finished my finals (finally!) and it feels so good! i can’t to be blogging more and more for some reason, but i have to tell you, this week i am so busy that i only have to blog at midnight, but anywho, this week i will be posting everyday because i have so many things to keep you up to date with, but nothing too exciting (to be completely honest, you know!) i should start with the photos probably..

BTW, i’m warning you, there will be a food overload, because i couldn’t get out of the house because of my finals :\

DSC_2291 (1024x681)those rounded gorgeousness are The Red Velvet Cookies with Marshmallows stuffing ❤ DSC_2292 (1024x681)

these are the best homemade cinnamon rolls, and now i want them just by mentioning (ugh!)

DSC_2294 (1024x681)This might not look as appealing, but this is absolutely delicious, my cousin sent us this plate of goodies, and we all went crazy on it, you’ll have to try middle eastern cuisine, you will not regret it!

DSC_2301 (1024x681)now, here is something that is not related to food, it’s my bouquet!! my dad and my sisters got me for my birthday! (it was on January 11, if you wondered!) and i loved it so much. (fun fact: this is the first bouquet i have in my life, otherwise i occasionally get only one rose, and that is rare!)

so, that was it for today’s post, thank you so much for reading it, i really hope you liked my little photo diary there, i hope you have a wonderful life and i’ll talk to you again very soon.

Love, Shahad ..


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