Birthday Haul ♥

DSC_2304 (1024x681)Hello again, as promised, i would write this week a lot, just to make it up for the finals week(s), and on January 11 (mark your calendars!) was birthday, (and also my maths final exam, oh well!). so i asked my mom, if i could have a birthday shopping and dinner (with her only!) and she said yes! it definitely was the best birthday ever!

DSC_2306 (1024x681)

The first place we went to is Sephora, and i was on the hunt for a perfume, so i thought about going for the Oh-La-La classic CHANEL Coco Noir, and i went for the smaller size because it’s cheaper! but i love the scent, and as the day goes along, the scent gets better and better. in fact this is the scent that my mom wore 20 years ago! she said that The Coco Mademoiselle doesn’t have the old signature scent anymore, and The Coco Noir has it.

DSC_2309 (1024x681)I had a list of all the nail polishes i wanted to buy, such as Dior 798 Spring, Yves Saint Laurent 22 Beige Leger, and Chanel Élixir 589, but the Dior one was limited edition, and they didn’t have the Yves Saint Laurent one, and finally, the Chanel one was sold out, a series of unfortunate events. so, i thought since i want to try something from Marc Jacobs Beauty, i thought about going to try their nail polishes, and it was a tie between this shade (106 Baby Jane) and Funny Girl, but the Baby Jane is much more opaque (one coat only, and BAM! you got yourself the most elegant nude nail polish!) because i’m always on the hunt for the perfect (nude nail polish, lipstick, shoes, bag, skirt, everything!). so, this is a total winning buy!

DSC_2311 (1024x681)Next was Forever 21, and i got the perfect statement necklace, and i am absolutely in love with it, and i have no more words for it, because it got some neutral shades in it, it look amazing with every single casual outfit, and would spice up any outfit, in my opinion.

DSC_2313 (1024x681)& I also got a baby blue sweater, because i’ve been loving blues and baby blues lately, and i also don’t have a baby blue in my closet, and i was so excited for pairing this sweater with the necklace above. i also got a pair of medium/dark wash jeans, and a huge light beige cardigan.

DSC_2303 (1024x681)& Finally, we went to L’Occitane and got the Amande Milk Concentrate, which is a beautiful cream, i am in love, plus the jar is heavy and luxurious feeling.

DSC_2310 (1024x681)The next day, i went to school, and one of my friends got me the Chance by Chanel Eau Tendre perfume, and it smells like heaven! i loved it so much, same as the Coco Noir one, as the day moves by, the scent gets better.

That was it for my birthday haul, i definitely felt loved, probably was my favorite birthday ever! and i know i got a few product but there’s a saying along the lines of  “buy less, but buy the best”. 

Thank you so much for reading this post, i really hope you liked it, and i’ll talk to you again very soon.

Love, Shahad..


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