Dupe Alert: Benefit High Beam~The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter..

DSC_2231 (1024x681)Hello my friends!! today i have a quick post today, it’s been a long time since the last time i have posted!! and just so you know i might not post anything for the next 2-3 weeks, because i have my finals and it’s freaking me out!! i’ll tell you about that later on!

anyways, today i have a dupe for Benefit High Beam highlighter, which is The Body Shop Radiant highlighter..

DSC_2232 (1024x681)

Now, i have a sample size of High Beam, but now i have to compare for you both highlighters:

Size: the original size of High Beam is 0.45 oz and The Body Shop is 0.84 oz, so you’ll get a good amount of product in TBD higlighter.

Delivery System/Applicator: As you all know High Beam has a brush that looks like a nail polish brush, but The Body Shop one got a squeeze-y tube, which sometimes makes applying a bit harder, because you might put a bit too much of a product, whereas High Beam got a brush, that makes product placement really easy.

DSC_2233 (1024x681)Color: TBD is a bit more white, and High Beam a little bit more pink. but overall, i suggest both highlighter colors would work great on fair skintone, on me i didn’t work well, Sun Beam or Moon Beam from Benefit will definitely will work great on my skin tone.

Finish/Texture: Since the color of the highlighter didn’t work good on my skin, i’ve using it as glowing base, so TBD highlighter it doesn’t do much work as a highlighter as it does as an illuminating base. but High Beam is much more glow-y and works well as a spot-highlighter.

Finally, Price: Benefit High Beam is 26.00$

The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter is 15.00$

i can’t decide which one i prefer best, it’s a matter of point of view, which one of these matches to view of better quality makeup, or matches your needs in a highlighter, you decide what you want.

Thank you so much for reading this post, i really hope you like it, and hopefully i can talk to you soon because my finals are in a week! eeek!!

Again, Thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you next time!

Love, Shahad..


4 thoughts on “Dupe Alert: Benefit High Beam~The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter..

  1. I was really surprised to see this post because a friend gifted me The Body Shop’s highlighter! I didn’t even realize it could be a dupe for a highlighter I’ve had my eye on for a while. Thank you for this!

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