My “Curly-Natural” Hair Routine ..

large (499x258)Hello again, i’ve managed to post this week, which scares me because finals are around the corner, and i have time to post!! but, let’s be positive, it means that half of the journey about to finish!

Anyways, as i promised in my last post, that i will post about my curly-natural hair routine, because i rarely use heat on my hair. and it’s pretty simple steps on how keep it healthy, smooth, while giving it texture at once, let’s get to the point, shall we?

I have a naturally curly hair, but it’s unpredictable, and it can frizz and lose it shape at any second, so i try to maintain my mane, and also i have mighty split ends, so i need to manage my hair to have texture, but also keep it smooth and shiny.

So, after i get out of the shower, i usually leave my hair in a towel. While my hair is towel-drying, i would do my post-shower skin care routine (which is much more concentrated than my everyday skin care routine, since i would exfoliate, or use mask on my face). After i take off the towel i would apply a perfumed dry oil to my roots, and then work on the rest of my hair with the following products:

DSC_2131 (1024x681)

First thing first, Serum, it’s just like skin care, when you put serums first, then the moisturizer, i have the same concept with hair, this way it would give my hair a smooth base for our next products. (Garnier Fructis Split-Ends Bandage, and sometimes i would use L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil)

DSC_2129 (1024x681)

This product, is kind of like a leave-in conditioner for curly, dry hair, and it has a nutty scent if you are into that, i would put this product from underneath my ear and working it downwards, this will prevent frizz, and keep it smooth and in-shape.

(The Body Shop Brazil Nut Anti-Frizz Cream) 

DSC_2130 (1024x681)Sunsilk collaborates with hair experts to create their hair lines, this product is awesome because, it definitely moisturizes and gives texture. this product is from the obedient Curls line, that is in collaboration with Ouidad, i would definitely recommend this product. (Sunslik Co-Creations Expert Obedient Curls Leave-on Cream)

DSC_2132 (1024x681)Last but not least, i would give my hair a finishing touch (texture), with this awesome, strong hold mousse, scrunch my hair a little bit, but being careful of tangling. (Wella Pro Series Max Hold Mousse)

if i took a shower on the same day, and i have somewhere to go i would do a deep side part and leave my hair as it is, but if have somewhere to go on the next day, i would wait for it to air-dry ,braid it, and sleep.

How to maintain your curls until the next time you wash your hair?! 
to maintain your natural curls until the next wash, i would suggest to keep braiding it every night before you go to sleep.

And That conclude my sweet and short post, Thank you so much for reading, i really hope you liked it, and i’ll talk to you very soon.

Love, Shahad…


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